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  1. Hey guys, just checking in. I think now that the initial excitement has calmed down for me Im just biding my time now.... and it still seems so far away :) I told my FH this last night and hes like "well, we can always elope" but after discussion that was a big no. Lol I will be patient. Havent fone too much wedding planning except bedazzling a cake topper to bring. It gave me something to do during the excitement anyway... :)



  2. I read the first part of your review like "this sounds just like my story so far!" My future husband has a son whos going to be the best man, we also got the Big package with the DJ, and we got a grand suite and family already booked! :) Congrats on your awesome wedding... so happy it seems your day went well :D Ive been on the Victory twice and love that ship

  3. Has your fiance asked about possibly getting an exemption on waiting to get vacation approved? My fiances is the same way and he was able to ask early because it was his wedding. You are going to have to be super flexible on dates with no time for others to plan on coming/cruising if you cant book beforehand. You will be left with whats left over

  4. April, that sounds amazing. Those are definitely going to be invitations to remember. You have some very clever ideas. I'm afraid I have so much time to plan that I'm going I change my idea a gazillion times.


    <3 Crystal


    I've wondered about that also, but I doubt I will.. I'm kinda in love with all the ideas we've had so far. The one thing I'm not deciding on for quite some time is a dress though... I don't want dress remorse.

  5. The casino sent me steakhouse selections a couple of nights (so no charge to me).


    We got free steakhouse selections on our last cruise too... but not because of the casino. We both ordered the surf and turf and they brought my FH's steak out cooked with part of the plastic wrapper still around it from when they cut it. Other then that, I agree I MUCH prefer the steakhouse lobster tail and steaks.


    Have yet to cruise with these new menus and I'm kinda excited too try it.

  6. Hi Ashley, the message in a bottle are amazing. Are you planning to do them are your own? They are actually boarding pass invites they come in really cute envelopes and response cards. I did see an option to buy the template for about 20-50 bucks and then I would have to print them out myself, but I have no clue where to even begin with that. I found them on etsy and attached them. On zazzle I didn't see matching response cards, I'm guessing buy time I added all the additional items I'll probably be at, at least 6 bucks per set.


    Oh wow, those are pretty!!!! Love the envelope/boarding pass holder thing you've got going there. I can see why they are so pricey....


    We are doing large wine size bottles for message in a bottle and doing it all ourselves. I've priced it out... I can get 12 empty wine bottles for 10 bucks. Corks for 49 cents each... a few things of twine, some free beach sand (and I live near a beach with powder white sand), and I bought some 8X11 parchment paper that we are just going to print the invite on, roll it up tie it and put a piece of string through it so it's easy to pull out of the bottle... a few bags of mini shells at Michaels, some brown rope thread around the top and maybe a seashell/sandollar/cheap anchor charm, and we are good to go.... it seems like a lot but really with free sand and finding cheap bottles it's not gonna be that much.


    I did do the RSVP's separately on zazzle and they will have to accompany the bottle somehow, but the cards aren't that much... in the end it's lucky for us we only need 25 invitations.



    ETA: a good portion of these will be hand delivered because we simply don't want to pay for shipping but I doubt it will make a huge difference to those we hand deliver too (family)

  7. Kesia... I dont blame you for wanting to have a good honeymoon! :) Im getting married on the ship before it leaves port so family can come to the ceremony on board even if they dont cruise. The price was actually really good and when we figured out everything at home it all began to add up quickly! What is up with weddings being sooooo expensive! I just wanna wear a pretty dress, marry my love, and cruise lol. Do they do alaskan cruises during the winter. You may want to look into it but I thought they only ran during the summer due to temperatures. I cant wait to do Alaska one year... its on my list

  8. Congratulations! I too am getting married in 2018! I have been waiting patiently for summer cruises to be released. It will help with wedding plans. I am constantly looking at RCL reviews because I am hoping to have a honeymoon on Harmony of the Seas or Oasis of the Seas. I am so excited even though yes it is two years away!!! I am also from central florida. So hey! Suncoast for the win! It will be our first time cruising so I am excited and nervous. AHHHH! Can't wait!


    Congrats!!! Are you looking for just the honeymoon then? Cruises are great!! :) so stress free and a different cool port every day. I think Id like to try Oasis when I get around to Royal too one day. I hope they release them soon for you!!!

  9. Congrats, by the way it's never too early lol. Why not get prepared now while you wait for your dates. This will eliminate some of the stress during the process. Your proactive that's all 😄. I am in love with the boarding pass invites as well, however I was unable to find them under $7.00 each and I need about 60. I'm not sure I'm willing to spend over $400 for them. Then again I hear people spending thousands on their invitations, so maybe this is a bargain!


    <3 Crystal


    Hey Crystal, did you mean passport invites or boarding pass? They have boarding pass ones on zazzle for like 2 dollars each. Im guessing you meant passport. I think those are mad cute but seem like a lot of work. Then again, Im doing message in a bottle so I cant talk... its a little extensive too

  10. Beautiful!!! I love the passport invites and wanted to do that! Unfortunately my FH is very set on message in a bottle invites. Thanks for the timeline... Im gonna do STDs a lil further out and invites about the same time...4-5 months

  11. I didn't even think about using the carnival registry for the photographs!!! My fiancé and I actually already did the scanning/registry thing and now we are rethinking it. I don't think we will have a bridal shower and we already have everything we need for our house.


    LOL.. does it sound wrong to say that the thought of registering for a serving bowl I already have a pile off seems more rude than what I'm doing? If I were a guest at a wedding I'd want to get someone something they truly wanted, not something they felt obligated to register for because girls on a website told them they had too even though they already had it.


    That said, I did have to talk my FH down from a Best Buy registry... registering for a 73 inch TV and new Apple computer touchpad just didn't seem right :) We will probably do another registry on Amazon with a couple off the wall things... I do need a zester and a better can opener...

  12. How long is your wedding cruise? Ours is only 4 nights and 2 ports and any gifts through the honeyfund would go towards the one day of excursions and onboard expenses. So I'm hesitant if that's even worth it.


    Ours is 5 nights and two ports. But with excursions and alcohol and pictures etc I would say anything will help. I also registered for a couples massage on board or an upgrade for dinner... so it wasn't just money specific. That said, if you are a younger bride and need stuff for a life together, your best bet may be to grab the scanner!


    You can check out the registry if you like... I haven't added any others to the site yet, but will be.


  13. I really think it depends on the couple and their circumstances. For example, my fiance and I live in Australia. We've been together 7 years, (almost 8 by the time we get married) and have been living together for 4 years, own 2 houses and both are pretty well established.


    Our wedding is in Vegas and the last thing we want to have to haul gifts halfway across the world, excess luggage is expensive! LOL


    Also, by the time we get married I'll be 37 and he'll be 40.


    If I was in my 20s, it would be totally different, Give me that scan gun!! LOL




    As a 37 year old working on my second marriage and we live together.... I agree with this ^^^^

  14. Just don't post honeyfunds on wedding wire forums. You'll get eaten alive. We aren't doing a registry now and probably not a cruise fund either.


    O.M.G. hahahahahaahaha They do eat people alive over there for that!!! Some of it is a lil bit uncalled for. Personally I've already set one up on Carnivals and attached it to my webpage, which also says "we have everything we need, but for the traditional gift giver" and will have other options for registries to chose from.

    I agree with them about not putting it on invites or anything... but a link in the registry section of my webpage is not a big deal to me, and if they think so they can pound sand.. if someone wants to get their gift there for us.. have at it.. if they chose to give nothing.. that is fine too.


    I happen to be inviting a lot of avid cruisers to my wedding also, who I personally think would think it was pretty cool they could do this in lieu of a gift if they choose... so I will choose not to listen to a bunch of young girls with zero life experience who think their wedding day is the "biggest" day of their lives. LOL They do make me laugh though.

  15. Yikes... do you have the dress right now? a 6 inch gap is huge... when I went to try on dresses I was told that wedding dresses run small.. like 2 sizes small. IDK how true that is, but you may be trying to fit into something that is 4 sizes smaller. Do you think you're able to lose more weight? If not you may need to hit up a seamstress to help you a bit. They will be to be creative for 6 inches though.

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