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  1. It is weird huh LOL.. But I've grown up down here in FL so I don't really identify with the New England/Connecticut connection very much.


    Well, I'm terrible.. just terrible. Zazzle sent an email about their "goneinaflash" 33% off promo today and I saved 50 bucks ordering stamps, envelopes and save the dates... so I pulled the trigger already. I figured.. why not? :) One thing done and off the list.

  2. Ill share what Im 99% sure we are doing. Havent ordered them yet... Im leaving all the info on our website, hoping people that are interested actually go to it and just enough to make them go look. Weve talked to a lot of people through word of mouth so I think they will. I already have 5 cabins booked two years out before the save the dates have even been sent!! Whoo hoo!


  3. Yes, we told our families back in December so they could start thinking about it now since we live pretty far from Florida. New England for my side, Washington/Montana for his side. They were pretty understanding and excited for us. I think giving them such a heads up in advance, doesn't allow for much upset. We're thinking a 4-5 day cruise so people won't have to take too much time off work.


    Lol thats funny... my FH was born in Montana and raised in Washinton state. (And my family is from New England, even though a lot of us are in FL now) We have a couple people we are inviting from Montana, one of them being his dad who lives in Great Falls. A round trip between Ft Myers, FL and Great Falls MT was nearly 800 bucks a person when we went up there last summer....YIKES!


    It was hard for me to spend that knowing I could go on a 7 or 8 day cruise for that. Airfare stinks..... get them started searching for airfare steals early and often!!!

  4. Wow... an 11 day cruise! Thats awesome!! We actually didnt have much choice on number of days and ship size out of Tampa, so we ended up with a 5 day. I felt the price point was better for those who wanted to come along too. Can I ask what the pricing looks like for that cruise?


    I personally think you should do what makes YOU happy for your wedding. I can understand some family being perturbed but if they cant come it is what it is. I went to Vegas for my first wedding to my ex.... I got backlash from friends for that and a lot of negative comments. Didnt let it get me down though because I did what I wanted.


    Kinda happy Im doing this one a little more the right way....it all feels more real and right.


    Let me know if you find anything good on zazzle...Im attaching what I think we are going to do for ours... we kinda have the whole anchor thing going. Basically because of the cruise but also because he was a Navy Chief. :)


  5. When did you guys send out your save the dates and invites to give everyone plenty of time to book? I'm trying to figure out a good timeline for that... one that will also accomodate those that aren't cruising and just attending the wedding...

    is a "reminder of the date" card type thing rude for those who are not cruising?

  6. Congrats to the both of you. I will be right along with you. I'm booked on NCL March 6th 2018. Our wedding will be in St Thomas through Island Bliss. I know 2 years seems so far, but I have this feeling it's going to fly by. Have either of you told friends and family yet? If so, how were their reactions?

    <3 Crystal


    Hi Crystal! We actually just finally booked our wedding through the cruise line. It was nice to do it early to make sure we got what we wanted, including the DJ (carnival). I'm excited right now so I'm trying to get as much done while I have the bug because I know I will get sick of it and ignore stuff for months.


    Yes, I told my family, they actually helped with the booking costs which was nice. We aren't doing anything huge and it will be on board on embarkation day. The Port of Tampa is an hour and a half from where we live and nonsailing guests can come so I can't really say I've had a negative reaction at all. Then again, we are keeping it smaller with only close friends and family. I think if we chose to do a destination wedding in a port it would be a different story with the reactions. My family would go, but his mother couldn't due to medical issues and I would feel terrible about that. :( How has your family reacted?


    Really hoping that as you said, it goes by fast. Thinking about when we should send out save the dates and invites right now, and thinking maybe a in about 6 months (a year and half out) so people can start booking if they want to cruise. Man, I found some nice boarding pass save the dates on zazzle.com.. just throwing that out there...

  7. Congratulations on your engagement! I will also be a 2018 bride. I've been exploring these boards to get ideas since Dec but I still have a long wayssss to go as well since our cruise dates aren't even posted yet lol. I'll be drifting around the board in the meantime and hopefully this time next year my cruise & wedding will be booked :)


    I think I got lucky that our current "dating" anniversary is the same day we are getting married and it was already posted through April... We thought about postponing until summer and then I'd be waiting with you. I've had a lot of fun reading the previous years and have taken some good ideas from them.. It's hard not to start planning it all right now because i want too... and I have to keep reminding myself it's a long ways away LOL


    Congrats on your engagement too and welcome to the wait with me!

  8. Thank you! I'm super excited and happy :) We booked the cruise but still haven't booked the wedding... hopefully next week. I'm thinking with how far out we are we should have no problem getting the Time to Celebrate BIG and the DJ :) unless someone else out there is a over planner who started super early too! Really excited about the stress free aspect of this.. I only have to worry about things I actually care about!

  9. I feel weird starting this so early, but it is what it is. I just got engaged last week on board the Carnival Fantasy and we just booked a Grand Suite last night on the Carnival Paradise on 4/28/2018 for our wedding cruise! I really wanted to do a bigger ship but we live near Tampa and it just made sense.


    I know I have over 2 years to wait and plan... But I can't help myself... Found some awesome "message in a bottle" invites already I ordered samples of. Sigh...such a long wait... I hope I'm not the only one waiting so long.

  10. I dont really find any Carnival sales to be that great. Just book early saver far in advance and watch the prices and youll always get the best deal. That said, I will pay 20 dollars extra to get 50 dollars on board credit! I dont understand why people would book Deal #1 or deal #3. We booked deal #2 last night for the ship we are having our wedding on! So excited!

  11. Yes!!! Last night we booked a Grand Suite on the Paradise for our wedding cruise... and I get on cruise critic and see this today! Cant wait to find out.... Ive been in suites a few times and the perks were lacking


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  12. Doesn't seem like it.




    How to check: Once you're in the "Reedem Points" for Rewards for Good, look to the very top and you'll see "Account". Click on your account and you should see a transaction, the click, View Details and it will show your order.



    :/ no transaction listed.... Sigh, now I guess I get to figure out how to get my money back... This stinks

  13. I am new to this aarp thing and need help. This morning at 5 am I got online and saw the 100 dollars ones were available and snagged two. (Showing sold out now) Paid for them but didnt get a confirmation page, instead it took me back to the beginning of the purchase process. Is that normal? I also notice that no points have been deducted from my account yet.... Normal?


    I almost paid for them again but checked my bank account and saw the money taken out.... when do I get a confirmation they got it?


    How long does it take it get them?

    so excited I found some anyway!

  14. Carrie Underwood is a super-famous country singer who along with being the first American Idol winner also sang the opening theme song to NBC's Sunday Night Football.




    Everything she does brings lots of press coverage and will help keep this worthwhile project in the news cycle forefront. Good choice by CCL.




    Thank you to all that served !!!!



    Kelly Clarkson won the first season, but love Carrie Underwood as a choice for this event. With my boyfriend being retired military I think this is really awesome they are recognizing our military personnel and veterans. He will be glad to hear this and we back any company who is involved in supporting our military. Good for you Carnival.

  15. I gotta tell ya, when you are in your stateroom winding down for the night and find yourself thirsty there is nothing like having something to quench that thirst in the cabin. I've brought on a 12 pack just to have that before bed drink since I'm addicted to diet coke. Why not just buy a small 6 pk of mini cans in your carry on so you have something. Running to a bar and waiting your turn for a soda is no fun.

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