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  1. My crazy must packs:


    -First aid kit (with meds)

    -large insulated cups with lids

    -ALL my usual toiletries (including MY shampoo and conditioner)

    -a hoodie (even in the warm Caribbean... it's cold in the theatre and other places in the ship)

    -All our documents go in a sealed baggie to be protected from elements

  2. I could probably do a 3 or 4 day cruise without much guilt and I'm sure I would enjoy myself because I'd be able to do things DH wouldn't normally want to do so I skip. The husband wouldn't normally want to go on a short Bahamas jaunt anyway....


    However, no way I would do any longer then that. DH LOVES cruising and I WOULD feel guilt cruising any longer then that without him. He's my cruise partner and it wouldn't be the same without him anyway...

  3. Hi Everyone.. OP here...


    Yes, Yes, Yes... this was exactly my intention!!


    I got home from a long day at work today and my DH says... "Oh Boy, are YOU IN TROUBLE on CC!!". :eek: Holy cow, your responses are brutal!!


    I realize after over 10 years here that I need to be VERY careful in my dry humor... and I read it back now and realize how it could be taken the wrong way.


    So much for being cute.:rolleyes:


    And.... BTW>>> the Angry Bird Review was one of the best ones I have ever read. I may not "GET" the whole entire stuffed animal thing... but I was NEVER complaining about it. I was actually looking for the people to tell the stories of why they bring their mascots!!




    holy mcmoly macaroni and cheese.... I did NOT get that out of the wording on your post. The smileys, yes, but the wording... no way! Luckily it did turn into a thread about just that though, and I've seen some good ones.

  4. It had never really bothered me one way or the other and I really couldn't care UNTIL....we were sailing on Costa and sitting next to us in the dining room was a woman with a monkey puppet. The kind with the string. She only talked through the puppet and it was super annoying and she would get in your face with that thing. I had to tell her that it freaked me out. I have CLL and I don't want that germ infested thing any where near my face. I'm glad she thinks it's fun but respect my boundaries and move away....the more she drank the worse it became and she ALWAYS wanted you to pose with pictures with her and her monkey....


    The stuffed animals, gnomes, blow up dolls/animals whatever cool beans just don't talk to me with them!;)


    Ok, yeah... that IS creepy and weird... and a bit annoying. LOL I would have to change my table if she was persistent with that thing. Big difference between taking pictures and forcing a creepy monkey puppet on everyone!

  5. Does anyone have a link to the angry bird review? I missed it.



    :) the Angry Birds review is in my signature next to the Liberty cruise...


    Thank you to everyone who said they liked it! You have restored my faith in mankind! It was a ton of fun to do, and the bird was not a problem taking anywhere with us. I'm not a professional photographer at all, but I like to take pictures so posing the bird was good fun!!! Plus the bird is more photogenic then I am....


    In any case.. we will be on the Liberty (Western) again next month and the Angry Bird will be staging his attacks on the evil Red Frogs and Blue Iguanas... I suggest those that do not get it avoid that thread! :)

  6. We do it to have fun.. and since this thread opened up the door. I just can't understand why people worry about what other people do!







    and as the poster of the original Angry Bird thread I say.... lighten the heck up! Is it hurting you? Is it offending you somehow? I'm not really sure why you HAVE to get it..... If you don't get it, move on, and make your plans for your on board bridge tournament and participate in the moaning and arguing in the next smoking thread.


    But to start a whole topic about not getting something...really?

  7. It depends on what we do. We hook our Sign and Sail to our debit card (never a problem with that) so all we need is spending and tipping money. Last time we only took $150.00 with us and it was perfect... At the end of the cruse I had $14.00 left over. A porter helped us collect our luggage and brought it all out to car to load it in the parking garage so I gave him the rest.


    On our upcoming cruise we are taking more because we have to pay for taxi fare in Cozumel and pay off our day at Nachi Cocum so we are taking about $300. Excursions are already paid for in the other ports. We don't purchase a ton of souvenirs, we tip those who do a good job nicely at the end. We eat our lunches when in port on the ship. What you bring is up to you and your spending preferences.

  8. When my kids were young, as an Aussie we dreamt of WDW and the like and finally realised our dream a few years ago. So I do "get" the idea of watching my kids wrapped as their TV heroes came to life. And I did everything I could to get them the best experience.


    But that doesnt mean that children have more right to experience these things than adults.


    Even in Australia our TA's direct us to the RCL site to finish off their selections. Hell, if they know about it then everyone must.


    It just seems fairer to all paying customers that it is a first come first served system. Even if they only allowed families with children to book, then there will still be families that miss out.



    I agree...


    and I also want to add to everyone that looks down on adults that are interested in going...that it's unfortunate that it's a Dreamworks cruise... I wouldn't even have chimed in on this conversation if it was about a Disney character breakfast, an It's a small world ride, or most other cheesy kiddie stuff. I would have no interest at all...


    I have to wonder if they have even watched these movies, because they are cartoons but they are also very adult oriented. Many jokes and situations on them are over kids heads and thats what makes them so great. I would absolutely want to do a Dreamsworks character breakfast for the fun of it, but all the other kids stuff ehhhhhhhh... I live in Florida and I actually really dislike Disney.


    It actually makes me a little sad.. I'm unable to have kids... and I would love to attend. I guess I'm only allowed to enjoy that stuff if I was able too... at least to many here.

  9. I'm not looking back though all 8 pages.. it took long enough to read the first time.. LOL I do know someone said they booked all three and I believe I must have been confused about who it was. I apologize for that... All 3, if it is limited does seem a big much... BUT on the same token I don't want to be denied the experience if it's something I enjoy just because I don't have kids. Several people here stated that kids should get first crack... maybe they should have one breakfast like that... but not all of them.


    On that note, I still stand by what I said... even if the characters don't visit AO (What a waste)... and I'm ok with it because I've also never pushed a kid out of the way to get to Santa ;):D :rolleyes:

  10. So riddle me this; you are on the ship and have attended 2 of the 3 character breakfasts. You are waiting to get into the 3rd breakfast and you overhear a family with two small children, ages 6 and 8 years old turned away because the event is sold out. You would have no qualms sitting down knowing that there are a couple of kids that will not have the opportunity to experience this at all....even though you have seen two different shows and you know they have seen none? Really, there is nothing wrong with that? Shame on you for thinking that way. I can't for the life of me imagine going into a venue that I had been to twice already ....knowing there were children outside that were being denied. Your logic says that since you can't participate in the 'tons of kids activities' and the kids can't go to the casino or drink... then it is a level playing field?


    I don't think that the person you quoted said anything about going to all 3...


    Wow... I just came over because we were talking about booking the Oasis or Allure and honestly.. I'm wondering if I should pass too. Maybe pass on RCCL all together. We have no children and we LOVE the Shrek movies... we've been talking about the new Puss in Boots movie and look forward to seeing it too. Basically you are telling me that because I am an adult I should not be able to go with my husband to one of the breakfasts unless there is room after all the kids..... on a cruise that I paid for.


    I work hard all year, I make the money that pays for my bills, and I will pay for my cruise as a way to relax, have fun and participate in what there is for me and what I feel like. If it's open to me, yes, I would book this breakfast, and as a person with responsibilities and bills to pay I wouldn't feel badly in the least relaxing, unwinding and having fun on vacation.


    The kids seriously don't have access to these characters in the kids camps at all? I absolutely have trouble believing that. Here's a level playing field... adults can't go to the kids camps (not that I'd want too), kids can't go to the casino or drink..... The breakfasts sound like they are for everyone to enjoy, with or without kids. And no, if the breakfast was my only chance to enjoy the characters, get picture etc, and the kids have other chances... no, I wouldn't feel badly.

  11. Hope it's not too late to add my 2 cents....


    I have been to both sites... neither on the Carnival excursions though. I was in Belize in 96 and 97 on mission trips with the private high school I attended, and I can give pretty awesome reviews for Belize as those were experiences I will never forget. The people there are truly amazing, and I still have a little ceramic picture frame a little girl gave me with her picture in it before we left.. it brings back some great memories of the people i met there. It really is a beautiful country when you look past the poverty.


    Anyway, the first year we went to Xunantunich, and it was spectacular! Climbing to the top of the large temple was amazing and absolutely impressive. The view was gorgeous, and I got some excellent pictures. I was so throughly in love with my experience!


    The second year I went to Altun Ha, and I guess I expected the same thing... but I have to tell you... I felt kinda let down. Altun Ha is a series of smaller ruins, the largest of which felt to be an eigth of the size of the large temple at Xunantunich. It was not nearly as impressive to me.


    We are going on the Valor in May, and my husband wants to do ruins in Belize. I have to tell you... that River Wallace thing is the ONLY THING that would make me even consider going to Altun Ha honestly. I wanted my husband to be as impressed with the trip as I was 14 years ago, so we are going to end up booking Xunantunich. I am not looking forward to the bus trip... but it seems really worth it to me to return there.

    I do wish Carnival offered Lamanai though... as I would love to see something different and from what I hear those are quite impressive and interesting.


    On a side note.. even with the price difference I would not book these excursions that take all day outside of Carnival. You are taking a huge risk.... chances are it will be ok.. but there is also a decent chance that something will go wrong... break down, flat tire... etc. and you will already be cutting time close.... I like the piece of mind that I will not be left behind.

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