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  1. Received full refund (albeit paid as two separate amounts a week apart) for cruise booked for 8 May on Reflection. Money paid to travel agent who then credited my account last week.
  2. We had two cruises booked (one with Oceania from Buenos Aires to Lisbon on 4 April and the second Dublin/Dublin with Celebrity at the beginning of May). Our travel agent received full refunds from both companies about a week ago and the money has been put into our bank account (we had paid with cash rather than a credit card). Still waiting for refunds from Air New Zealand, KLM and Singapore Airlines.
  3. Today Travel Agent received full rebate for our 4 April Marina cruise from Buenos Aires to Lisbon. Much better service from Oceania than Celebrity who are still returning refunds in dribs and drabs.
  4. We're due to fly in to there on 1 April to pick-up Oceania cruise. Haven't heard anything yet from our airline (Air New Zealand). Barring a miracle we are going to cancel.
  5. Thanks for the link. We are booked with Singapore Airlines SQ323 Amsterdam to Singapore on 20 May and SQ288 Singapore to Sydney on 23 May. So far these flights are still okay. Fingers crossed they remain so. Josie
  6. begagirl

    Dress Code

    Thank you very much for your support.
  7. begagirl

    Dress Code

    In response to some of your replies to my query: "not being allowed to mingle"; "please do not try to lower that level"; "casino will be happy to take your money under dressed"; "why miss out on this experience for the sake of 100 pounds"; "if this is a statement thing" - I find these answers rather insulting. My original question was whether my husband wearing a jacket, dress shirt and tie would be suitably attired for dinner in the main dining room on non-formal nights. We would certainly not be so gauche as to attend a formal dinner dressed inappropriately and would have had dinner at the buffet on those evenings but would still expect to be able to access other areas of the ship (not the casino!) without offending other passengers. We could bring formal wear from home but as we are on a three months round-the-world holiday we really don't want to have to bring clothes we would wear only a few times. Buying a cheap 100 pounds polyester suit or hiring ill-fitting outfits on the ship is not an option we would consider. The only reason we looked at the Cunard cruise was that it was a relatively inexpensive option to fill-in a few spare weeks we have between cruising to and from Europe. It was definitely not going to be a "cruise of a lifetime" experience. If some of the people who have replied to my query are any indication of the type of passenger Cunard attracts then I agree, it is not a cruise line for us. We have, therefore, made a reservation on Seabourn Ovation.
  8. begagirl

    Dress Code

    My husband and I are considering a seven-day cruise from Southampton on the Queen Victoria. We will have just disembarked from an Oceania cruise from Buenos Aires where the dress code is "Country Club Casual" and my husband will have a jacket and tie to wear some evenings and I will have "after five" but not "formal" outfits. I have read the Dress Code for Cunard and that on Formal Nights we would have to eat in the buffet and be "advised to stay from other areas on the ship out of respect for fellow travellers". Is this really the case (especially the "staying away from other areas of the ship - we would hardly be getting around in shorts/jeans/t-shirts etc)?
  9. I didn't realise that staff were penalised if they didn't receive a perfect 10. To me, this score is only given if service is above and beyond what is expected. An 8 or 9 should represent normal excellent service. Given what seems to be happening on Celebrity (and I imagine other cruise lines) what is the point of offering a choice of scores between 1 and 10 or even having a survey?
  10. Hi Ray, I thought that you lost $100 of your deposit for each booking and could transfer the balance to a new cruise. We are thinking of cancelling a Trans-Pacific b2b cruise and booking another b2b to Asia/Europe instead so I'll follow this up before we do so as our total deposit for the two legs was $1600. Regards Josie
  11. I agree. I know in Australia once you board, that's it. I think New Zealand might be the same. I would definitely check before making any plans.
  12. Totally agree. We ate there once on our Infinity trans-Atlantic cruise in May. The food was very average, definitely not up to the standard of the other specialty restaurants and although the novelty aspect was good as a one-off experience we certainly wouldn't go there again. Probably most suited to family groups.
  13. I also think it must only be for US citizens. We are Elite level and have done quite a few cruises with Celebrity including two of 25+ days and have never even had a thank-you note. We do, however, get acknowledgement when we sail with Oceania.
  14. We did a Trans-Atlantic on Infinity earlier this year and took up an offer of 50% discount for dinner at Le Petit Chef. While it was a novelty and fun, the food was good but not outstanding and I'm glad we didn't pay the full price. It was a one-off experience and wouldn't do it again.
  15. We just ask our cabin steward to change it for a bottle or red or white. No problem and quite drinkable.
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