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  1. We also used Treviso car service for our family of seven. We were going the opposite direction (airport to cruise port) - the price was 70 euros for a comfortable van that held all of us as well as all our luggage. Very personable driver. Highly recommend.
  2. We usually do not buy the packages since we don't drink enough to justify, but we have a family cruise coming up on Celebrity, so out of curiosity I checked to see what their prices are. Three different packages priced at $49/$59/$69 per person per day plus an added 20% service charge. Of course, keep in mind that Celebrity also does NOT offer free water, soft drinks or specialty coffee drinks. They also have packages for those priced at $22/$18/$16/$9 per person per day plus the 20%. I was surprised to see that the one at $16 was for water!!! It is premium water, but still seems a little high for water!!
  3. When I requested a price adjustment on our upcoming cruise, I was "charged" the $50/person fee. However, I was given a $50/person OBC to offset the charge. I felt that was fair.
  4. Short answer - yes, you can take them with you. Longer answer - I prefer my own mask & snorkel, so I pack them. I put things in the mask and around it - doesn't weigh much and doesn't take up much room. I then check out snorkel fins from the ship, I'm not as picky about fins and they can take up a lot of room and weight.
  5. Received a bag once early on (1st or 2nd WS cruise), but it didn't have much in it, just the tags to put on for boarding the ship and maybe our docs. It wasn't that memorable. Have not received one since.
  6. I, actually, do not have a problem with a non-compete clause by cruise lines for a vendor. It is the vendor's business decision on whether to sign the agreement or not. Here is what can happen (my personal experience) if there is no non-compete clause. Morocco port, Windstar cruise - probably the one and only time I will ever get to visit. Did a lot of research, found a highly rated tour guide and booked him in September for our April cruise. Had another couple (from Australia) who were going to join us. Verified the booking was OK about two weeks prior to cruise. Got off the ship and found the guide with our name on a sign. It was someone different! Was told that our tour guide was requested by Windstar at the last minute and would be doing one of their bus tours. OK - we are go with the flow people, disappointed but did not make a fuss. Morning part of the tour was great - started to fall apart at lunch. He tried to charge us extra for lunch, fortunately we had the emails that clearly stated lunch was included. Then he began parading us through various stores and vendors - again we showed him the emails where we had stated we did not want any shopping. At this point he became angry, threatened to just leave us until we pointed out that our backpacks were in his van. When we asked about the three other places we were supposed to visit, he told us the tour was over. Upon our return home, I emailed the guide we were supposed to be with. It was only then that I found out he had a contract with Windstar and did all their tours! He knew in advance when he took our booking that he would not be our guide since he knew we were on Windstar, but led us to believe he would be conducting our tour. This was extremely deceptive and had I known I might have taken the tour offered by Windstar. We received no refund, only a promise that should we ever come to Morocco again, he would give us a free tour. So, this is the flip-side story of what can happen if a vendor does not have a non-compete agreement with Windstar. I would have been just fine with him saying he could not accept our booking - I would have then tried to find someone else or just do the tour through Windstar.
  7. You can find the 7 for 7 Specials by going to the Windstar website and clicking on the Specials tab. Almost (sometimes they have another promotion) every Thursday they post 7 cruises on sale for 7 days. You can also sign up for promotional emails - except I have found they are not very consistent in sending those out.
  8. Also, don't forget to monitor prices - if they drop, take advantage of the price guarantee policy. Especially, check the 7 for 7 specials that are advertised almost every Thursday.
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