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  1. Thank you I will. It is for one of the Croatia itineraries and only gty was open to book during the 20 percent sail when I booked it.
  2. Thank you. We are on the infinity which is a smaller older ship as I understand. Assuming it is an s class? If it does not matter, we will keep the cabin assigned as the location does not matter much other than if the connecting rooms bleed noise like they do on princess.
  3. Hi all. We will be sailing celebrity for the first time next fall. Only gty cabins were available to book when we did so. We have now been assigned a level 3 concierge cabin which is what we booked. I noticed the room was a connecting cabin and know on princess that the sound travels between the connecting rooms. On princess you can call and request a cabin change once your cabin is assigned as long as you stay in the same category. I emailed my cruise consultant to see about getting a non connecting room and she told me since I booked a gty, I can not change even to a cabin in the same category. Is that true? Does not seem to make sense. Not asking for an upgrade, just a change.
  4. We had prebookedfor the sept 5 majestic Alaska cruise. It was not honored. However, we were given a free specialty night dining and a refund of the 100 on our account. The ship said that home office knows the ships are not honoring due to covid as the crew can not be in a cabin for longer than 15 mins when a guest is in the room. However, they keep selling the prebooking and leave the ship to deal with it.
  5. When are you sailing her? Beautiful ship. Just did Alaska and heading back on her Oct 9 for the coastal cruise.
  6. There are five multi game poker machines that have keno on them.
  7. Yes, fully aft of the ship on 17 has chairs, covered and has waiter service. Promenade deck 7 aft starboard side, nice loungers. No indoor smoking areas unless you are actively playing slots in the designated area. See photos below.
  8. I found the ship passenger services people to be quite open to to the documentation I gave them - they know there are issues with the app, so if you have screen shots and your CC receipt - you should be perfectly fine. When I explained that the reservations were not showing, the first thing he asked me for was the CC receipt. Taking the screen shot of the reservation is a smart idea -- cause one I had booked through the app - disappeared. But I think that one was due to doing a cabin upsell and the passenger services person found the reservation still attached to my old cabin number and just transferred it over.
  9. I had the same info with me, an email from princess customer services that I had prepaid. They honored that. I also had my credit card receipts that princess emails to you. You should be fine.
  10. There was a question earlier about mask being required in hot tub. See pic😁
  11. Agree on bistro. Was excellent. Crown grill still our fav. Ate there four nightd, food and service outstanding. Pics from bistro le mer. Lemon meringue desert was excellent. Very light.
  12. Today was glacier bay. Very foggy but still beautiful. We had the ultimate balcony breakfast today. It was a gift from princess for the mess they made of our dining reservations. All I can say is glad it was free. We have had it before and it was wonderful. This time, food was stone cold and poor. The amount of food was about half of what they used to serve. Which would have been ok if it tasted good and hot stuff was at least warm. The pastries and salmon brioche buns we’re child sized like big petit fours. Only two slices of very cold bacon per person. Coffee was Luke warm. Quiche was tiny and did not taste good and was also cold. Instead of a carafe of orange juice to go with the champagne as we got before, got two small juice glasses only. Could not make a decent mimosa from that. Fruit plate was thin shavings of about two regular slices of cantaloupe instead of a half cantaloupe and only one plate, I thought last time we got two. Oh well, we did not pay for it or I would have returned it and gotten $$ back. Will mention this in survey as they should not be charging for this level quality. Must say only bad food we have had so far.
  13. We went to the buffet for lunch today and agree not as many options as in the past. However, the food was excellent. Pork spare ribs were better than any I have had in princess before tender and not as fatty as usual. OMG the chicken tikka masala was out of this world, and I consider myself a good judge of masala!
  14. The mussels were still okay they just had a strong taste to me so probably not as fresh as I like. The wine sauces was excellent! So maybe I just got a not as good batch. They were expertly cooked. My hubby also loves the garlic fries. Always a bonus for me too.
  15. Yes, the Turkish hamamm area was between 110 and 120 per the sign and I can only stay in about 10 mins. Stone seats were quite hot. Not blistering, but pretty hot. Stone loungers in the pool area were just barely warm though. Like them a little hotter.
  16. Stayed on board in Juneau as have been many times. Had the enclave to myself. A few pics.
  17. Tried some different things in crown grill tonight. The mussels had a strong fish taste, more than usual for mussels, maybe they were old as have never seen anyone order them before. Garlic bread in the wine sauce was fantastic. Would not order again though. Also shrimp bisque, spiney lobster cake, and triple chocolate decadence with the apple and rhubarb cobbler.
  18. Correct sign outside the gym that says masks required. Can get a pic if needed. However I have been the only one wearing one. Not a lot of people In there when I go and everyone keeps their distance so not really an issue.
  19. We are in c426 and it has full height table
  20. I am actually very disappointed in the casino machine options. Hate those newer slots. There are only six reel machines in the nonsmoking section three are quarter and three are dollar. Ten coins per max spin. Lost 100 in a few minutes n the dollar reel cause I was not paying attention. Thank goodness hubby won the 1000. Just waiting for them to send my the chocolate covered strawberries so hubby can figure out how much I have lost😁
  21. Theee are six regular multi poker machines like the one in my pic. One is disabled. So really five. There are also four spin poker machines that are three draw or more. That is it!
  22. Agree. Us too. Regardless they are not doing them. I think it is more to do with staffing then COVID.
  23. There were not very many people smoking though and they did not have ashtrays out every where. Pit boss told me there may be a few other machines on the non smoking side but I could not find them. It was worth it this morning for us😁 so today will be our only day of playing, as that was the only decent payout and lost quite a bit of it at three card later in the day. Dealers and put boss were quite friendly, even bought a round of drinks for the table. That does not mean much when you have the drink package though😁
  24. Treats from international cafe. Yes love food, that’s why I spend 90 mins in the gym in the early morning. If I take photos of the food there are no calories… so trying that instead of ordering them all
  25. Wait you may be right. It is right past the library. What ever side the library is on.
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