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  1. I wouldn't count Maho as a beach stop. It was pure chaos and we were the only cruise shop in town. We went to Grand Case for about an hour. The tour is nice for an overview of the island. Have fun.
  2. I am just curious, if your cruise was extended due to Hurricane Dorian and you purchased any package, internet, cheers, etc. Were you charged for the extra days? Were additional daily gratuities added? I am just thinking of those passengers that paid cash and do not have a credit card.
  3. Djptcp How did you find this review? Since the CC upgrade I can't figure out ow to search the cabin thread.
  4. I have searched all the cruise sites I am familiar with and I can't get any info on this cabin 5183. It is listed as obstructed. Has anyone been in this cabin & if so can you provide info and photos?
  5. The instructions that were on the CC forum were very helpful in finding Bernard’s. “A Guide to Getting to Bernards Tours By GottaRequalify, June 10.” We were early and our tour left a few minutes early because everyone was there. I think they were taking credit cards but I paid in cash. There was a light rain. Our driver was DJ and he had his son with him. We stopped at the Border crossing but it is only a sign. We did not get out of the van. He narrated as he drove. He pointed out the national flower, etc. We went to an overlook point which was OK. This one had a small parking area. We got out for about 5 mins. There was trash strewn in the rocks. DJ pointed out that the cleanup had been slow and we could see wreckage in the harbor. The Dutch were more responsive than the French in funds to rebuild. Plus the French side received more damage. We got to the Rainbow café about 10:30 which was our beach stop. It was too early to eat and it there was still a light rain. We rented 2 chairs for $15. The water was crystal clear. The sun peeked out as we were leaving. If you want to change clothes there is an outside shower and you have to change in the single bathroom which can be a wait. The iguana stop is just a group of trees and a small area to pull off the road. They were not out as it was early in the day & the sun wasn’t really shining yet. We were bummed. We went to a second overlook point which was nice it was overlooking Marigot and Simpson bay. This one had a small parking area. He was going to leave but we asked to get out for photos. We got out for about 5 mins. Next stop was the French market at about 12:15. This stop needs to be more than 30 mins. We only had time to walk the area, not really do much shopping. We asked about Serafina’s and DJ said he didn’t know if it had re-opened or not. I did not have time to walk to the new site and check it out. DJ suggested we go to the one nearby with was L'Express on the corner by the parking lot near the local market. It was a disappointment. The brownie did not have much flavor & we actually threw it away. The croissant was excellent the other items we purchased were not tasty at all. The staff was not very friendly. DJ continued to tell us about the Island as he drove. He was interesting even to my 18 yo Granddaughter. Maho Beach stop was about 45 mins and we got there about 13:45. Sunset grill said that it would be longer than that for food. We were starving. We walked to the rocks & watched a 737 take off and the people by the fence were being blown away from the fence. We saw another plane preparing for takeoff & so we ran over to the fence area. WARNING. You must hold onto the fence extremely tightly. Do not try and take a photo. After we left DJ said that a lady was killed last year, she lost her grip & was blown on the rocks & it her head. We drove back to the ship and were back before 15:00. On the drive back there as a nice view of the ship & DJ stopped so we could take photos from the van. DJ gave a great narration of St. Martin. He did lots of talking about the 2 governments and how everything was different on the 2 sides of the Island. For example on the Dutch side if you get arrested you get put in jail there on the Island. On the French side if you get arrested then you are sent to Guadalupe. Any questions, please ask.
  6. I am writing a review and will post it under a separate post titled Bernard's review.
  7. I was in St. Martin last week. I took Bernard's tour #2. I inquired about Sarafina's and was told the driver didn't know if it was open or not & suggested that we go to L'Express on the corner by the parking lot near the local market. We only had about 30 mins at this stop. The croissant was very good. The other items we purchased were so so. The brownie was pretty but not much taste. A huge disappointment. I would suggest you Google Sarafina's & call them, I think they are on Facebook.
  8. How was it? Were any shops open in old San Juan? We are there next week.
  9. This is why I booked an excursion. I have spent a few weeks in St. Martin in the past and know it has changed. I am confident in Bernard.
  10. He just called me. Grand Case beach and it is lunch time. So anyone have any dining suggestions for Grand Case?
  11. I have left him a VM already but thought I'd ask here as well. In addition I am hoping for feedback on the lunch stop.
  12. I am posting here because the St. Martin forum is not very active. How long is the beach stop? Is this when you eat lunch or is this an additional stop? Just wondering if you have time to get in the water & do we need a change of clothes. Thanks on advance, I promise to post a review when we return.
  13. I have searched many threads and can't find the price of a can of coke or for a bottle of water. Please help.
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