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  1. I wouldn't count Maho as a beach stop. It was pure chaos and we were the only cruise shop in town. We went to Grand Case for about an hour. The tour is nice for an overview of the island. Have fun.
  2. I am just curious, if your cruise was extended due to Hurricane Dorian and you purchased any package, internet, cheers, etc. Were you charged for the extra days? Were additional daily gratuities added? I am just thinking of those passengers that paid cash and do not have a credit card.
  3. The instructions that were on the CC forum were very helpful in finding Bernard’s. “A Guide to Getting to Bernards Tours By GottaRequalify, June 10.” We were early and our tour left a few minutes early because everyone was there. I think they were taking credit cards but I paid in cash. There was a light rain. Our driver was DJ and he had his son with him. We stopped at the Border crossing but it is only a sign. We did not get out of the van. He narrated as he drove. He pointed out the national flower, etc. We went to an overlook point which was OK. This one had a sma
  4. Yesterday I I contacted Bernard's who I am taking a tour with in July, 2019 & he confirmed that Sarafina's is open at the new location at Marina Port La Royale, Marigot. If you take Bernards's tour (I booked #2) then you will stop in Marigot & can walk to Sarafina's.
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