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  1. Check to see if your ship has a nursery. Some don’t and the min age for kids club is 3 and fully potty trained.
  2. It may have sold out. I have UDP for my Freedom sailing on Friday. It is no longer offered on the cruise planner.
  3. Royal doesn’t provide child care beyond age 11. The teens club starts at age 12 and it’s optional. If the kids participate, they can come and go as they please.
  4. I don’t think it matters when you check in because the arrival times fluctuate until your sail date. For example, my initial check in time was 1 pm. I checked a month later and I was able to change it to noon. I sail in 5 days and I just changed it again to 11:30 am.
  5. I can confirm this. My husband is the primary account holder for our Gold card. His offer is $350 off $1,00 and my offer is $500 off $1,500. We both can use the offer. Whoop!
  6. The small print says booking made online, over the phone, or through travel agent. I don’t think the offer applies to cruise planner purchases. The credit is applied up to 90 days after 12/31/21 once Royal confirms the purchase was valid. The terms are unique based on other offers I’ve redeemed. PS I have the Gold card and my offer was $500 off $1500
  7. My offer is $500 back for $1,500 thanks for the heads up!
  8. It’s expensive. I booked at that rate in the summer and then the prices were slashed recently. I ended up getting the club for $85 each on our sailing next week.
  9. In the app I clicked on view set sail pass and added the passes to my Apple Wallet on my iPhone.
  10. Mine looks like this and I was assigned 7524
  11. Pre-Covid, in my experience at the beach club, it was never over sold. It was full but not to the point where we didn’t have chairs or good service. You’re going at a low time plus likely reduced limits due to COVID. I wouldn’t worry about it.
  12. So interestingly enough there is a trick on the electronic boarding pass. My cabin was assigned about 4 days after I booked the GTY during the WOW sail this summer. I found out by looking at the barcode. The last 4 digits was the room number. Royal officially assigned the room to me on 10/2, so 2 weeks before sailing.
  13. We were assigned a forward 4b spacious ocean view balcony for our Freedom sailing in two weeks. Not something I would have picked myself but not awful. I have three royal ups in so fingers crossed!
  14. I didn’t see a texting post so my apologies if this is a duplicate. I’m assuming the four of you are purchasing WiFi. iPhone users who put their phone on airplane mode and signed into WiFi can text each other through iMessage. It’s WiFi texting. iPhones won’t be able to text an android through iMessage, so texting your normal way won’t work. All 4 of you could download a free texting app like what’s app so you can text each other over WiFi. edit to say I did miss where the OP said her SIL and BIL have no electronics, so this won’t apply. I’ll leave it in case it helps someone else 🙂
  15. We decided on Ovation and the Alaska Experience route. We’ve never been to Alaska either and we’re a family of four. My kids are 13. We’ve sailed on Radiance and Serenade before. Both are beautiful ships and honestly I love all the glass. The smaller ships are great and probably have the best intimate service of the fleet. I would not hesitate to book either. The experience you have will differ between a small ship and mega ship. Both have pros and cons. I would lean towards what’s most important for your family- the destination or activities available. Personally I would price out flights too, but that’s just me! We chose Ovation for the many activities available (we’re a very active family) and the new ship design for us. We would have chosen either Ovation or Odyssey but the Ovation had the best date for our schedule and lower price for a J3. Hubby and I will likely cruise Alaska again in the future when the kids are in college, so we’re okay with not seeing everything this trip.
  16. Interested as well. While my March Mainer cruise is a while off I don’t expect the situation to change.
  17. It’s been discussed and others have confirmed the credit is good for each visit. For example, if you go and get lunch, you can come back later that day and have snacks after dinner, etc. You can not redeem multiple credits for yourself at one time. You can use others credits in your party towards your bill if they dine with you. So a family of 4 with UDP will have $80 to spend at one sitting. Yes, you can share the food if you make friends but they don’t have UDP, at least in playmakers.
  18. I typically buy the refreshment package at the lowest cost I can get 🙂 In MY opinion, The included coffee is not good. The flavored water is alright Iced/hot tea is decent Since the ‘jammer is closed for dinner, I would be stuck with tea, water, or the very tart lemonade in the MDR. I much prefer espressos drinks vs normal coffee. I like the Free Style machines for flavored Dasani water. The mock-tails are decent but pretty sugary for me. Not a huge liquor drinker so I don’t mind them without the alcohol. I can handle a glass or two of wine a day, so makes sense to buy as a go if I want it. You can bring a case of soda or water on with you and two 750 ml bottles of wine. The mini fridge is not cold. It’s more of a cooler and keeps cold items cold. At least on my June cruise, no free adult beverage options that I paid attention to. I didn’t realize I had diamond coupons or I probably would have had more wine! Ha! I go through 3-5 bottles of water a day, 2 espresso drinks (fat free latte with sugar free vanilla!), and about 2-3 cups of cherry flavored Dasani water. I might have a glass of wine at the show or while watching live music.
  19. That’s my son’s favorite. He also orders this every night.
  20. Oh goodness! I could only imagine the noise there. Surprisingly it was pretty noisy on adventure. I had a hard time hearing the chef.
  21. Our head waiter from MDR saw me wondering through the Windjammer one morning. I must have had a puzzled look on my face. I was looking for plain Greek yogurt. I love it with honey and blueberries. My go-to breakfast. He asks me what I was looking for and I told him. He told me to sit down and about 10 mins later he comes up to my table with my request. Every morning, no matter where I ate breakfast, the waiter brought me my special breakfast. I felt so special.
  22. We’ve done it once. Glad to have the opportunity but probably won’t do it again unless the menu changes. It’s a lot of food and I was satisfied tasting each dish. There is no way I could eat an entire serving of each item. I didn’t like the location on Adventure. I’m sure the newer ships with their own room is nicer. The wine was awesome!
  23. My three bids say up to 3 hours before departure too. What a mess for the cabin stewards if the guests pre-purchased decorations or other deliveries. I have a balcony guarantee on my 10/15 Freedom cruise. I bid on a JS, 1 bed GS, and 2 bed GS. No cabin assignment yet and all three bids still show pending.
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