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  1. Noreen 411 I really enjoyed reading your review. I am suppose to be on a cruise in January of 2021, but who knows what will happen. Will I have to cancel or will it be done for me. Loved the "Food Porn" pictures if I get the chance I would love to try the pork belly. Stay safe and here's to hoping we will all be on the high seas again.
  2. What a blast I would do it in a 'Heart Beat"! Looks awesome!
  3. Our must try dessert was the Crepe Balloon Rouge. Husband loved it!
  4. I was on the Reflection January 20 sailing which included Cartagena and booked with "Dora" and had a fantastic tour. Our guide Wil was great. I would reccomend highly.
  5. Deladane, FABULOUS report I have been once to Paris and your report makes me want to go back.
  6. Barbrox I agree with you on the less traveled ports. I booked this cruise to Cuba with friends as that is what we wanted to see. I was really looking forward to it.
  7. I brought a skirt/pant hanger that held 6 pairs of pants. Worked very well.
  8. Austrailia08, thank you for the information re Havana tours. It is next year and who knows if it will still be offered.
  9. looking to book in 2020 for Cultural Cuba, can anyone tell me what the cost is for the full day tour to Havana?
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