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  1. Here’s the thing: I fear they’re just getting started. Just think of the investment involved in their current/future fleet. It wasn’t a plugged toilet, it was greed - choosing to maximize revenue over p1ssing off a customer who, by the way, has prepaid likely without any recourse other than sail or lose the money! And it wasn’t the person in the cabin assignment office either, that person was following policies set on the top floor. Do you truly believe Royal just innocently ran out of the guaranteed cabins? Yes I love Royal. Started in 1986 on the Song of Norway. You’re never safer on the water than when sailing with Norwegians.
  2. Excellent find! “You’re always guaranteed a room in your category” right there for all to see. Two words: ALWAYS, and GUARANTEED. Unambiguous, and I don’t give a d*mn about some pdf somewhere. Royal sells guarantees at a discount to give itself flexibility. You give up choice for some money. Its an agreement. Royal (who I love) has decided they want BOTH the flexibility AND full price for the cabin you guaranteed. “Yes, we sold you the guarantee but John and Mary are here now and will pay full price for that last cabin. Shouldn’t have trusted us, we have way too many MBA’s around here. “ C’mon, even the RCCL cheerleaders here should see that.
  3. Lousy of RCI, who I love BTW. I don’t care WHAT’S on page 27 of some pdf buried online, when you book a guarantee that says “guarantee this category or higher” not delivering it is deception. Overbooking is greed and mismanagement with a cost the carrier accepts. I call BS.
  4. You’re not! This is great stuff - don’t stop now (we sail in 3 wks)!
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