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  1. Yes, I know. I was the one who resurrected it. Not the original poster. They posted this issue 3 years ago (almost 4!) and I searched for "lost and found" threads. I brought it up again, and added my own lament. I can concede and see that we should move on and chalk this up in the "our fault" column. 🤷‍♀️ Earlier today, in my frustration I was searching for people who have had similar experiences to ours. I came across many not just the one on this message board. It was just so irritating to me that an item that I knew exactly where it was that was labeled with
  2. Good points. Although, a bartender has less responsibility to the contents on the bar than a stateroom attendant to a passengers belongings in the room. I also don't teach my children "finder's keepers." I teach them to return items to proper owners.
  3. I don't think it's pulling up a 3 year old situation. It's a compilation for people who have had issues. Take it as a warning, or to find people in the same boat. Or, to praise the system and prove it works. My issue wasn't 3 years ago.
  4. I figured usually when people start their own threads they are advised to search for existing threads. Just thought another experience could be added to the mix for anyone who was searching. I think the staff know that left items are free game and that is the larger problem, more so than reimbursement. I'm shocked as I read more how many people do NOT recover lost items on Royal. It seems to be standard procedure. I'm aware it's "our fault" but the recovery rate should be much higher for a respectable cruise line. I'm glad to hear Princess recovered an item, that is encouraging. I
  5. That's the exact link we used. And received "we're still looking" emails every 5 days for a month. Nice to hear that Princess found your headset - that's the exact headset my husband left on Freedom of the Seas. We realize it's gone. We are baffled by the ineptitude and dishonesty all around. My children have lost things at school, and other kids just bring them home. Whenever I find an item, I try to find the owner rather than "turn it in" because I know how rarely that makes it to the original owner.
  6. I'm replying to this topic because I don't seen anything more recent -but I will look! We are having a TERRIBLE experience with Lost and Found. Within 90 minutes of getting off the ship, we filled out the online form. I know think that doesn't get looked at right away. I wish I had called the port, or something else! We got the obligatory emails of getting our request, 5 days later still searching etc. for weeks. I finally contacted customer service and got told "Sorry." This item was a set of headphones, with the business card in the case. Yes, as a pers
  7. Latest update said swells would reach Windward isles. Any more accurate updates?
  8. Pretty much right after it was announced we couldn’t go to Cuba. We also hadn’t paid in full yet.
  9. Update from port of Galveston. UPDATE - Due to heavy rain, road flooding is occurring around Galveston. The OFFICIAL Port of Galveston parking lots are being monitored. As of this morning there is no flooding in the cruise parking lots or the garage. Here is a list of impassable roads from the City’s of Galveston's dispatch center. Please note this list is not comprehensive. Use caution when traveling around the island and avoid any areas with standing water. 19th St./ Ave J Broadway Ave from 46th St to 49th St. Westbound Avenue F from 33rd St to 35th St 59th St
  10. Statement from Royal Caribbean https://www.padf.org/hurricane-dorian-royal?fbclid=IwAR0-rCbYhJ-WCEBz7MbauQJ0aDOPuj5XXY-n0UVTfx--OpLccYcE-3c3aoM "The Bahamas has been our partner for nearly five decades and our thoughts are with them in Hurricane Dorian’s aftermath. We have partnered with the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) to providing disaster relief to our Bahamian neighbors and friends in this time of need and will match all donated funds up to $500,000. PADF is launching an immediate fundraising campaign to help Bahamian communities recover fr
  11. I found this site this morning - For those of you in Florida who stocked up on supplies, but didn't end up needing them - Miami is gathering emergency supplies for the Bahamas. I'm sure other Florida towns will do similar drives once they are out of harms way. https://www.miamigov.com/Government/BAHAMASTRONG
  12. You are replying to the person who also was questioning the original post. You'll read where they say 'Silly decisions? Care to elaborate?" Just making sure you aren't calling out John&LaLa. They would agree with you! (as would I!)
  13. 🤷‍♀️ It was called an "Eastern Caribbean Cruise" so that was what I was referring to...
  14. CocoCay - my kids were wrapped in their beach towels on shore. (Texas kids... I wasn't cold, but it wasn't warm) Windy that day. We had wind most of the time, but our St. Thomas and St.Martin days were nice. They also couldn't swim on sea days, very choppy and pools were shut down most days.
  15. Maybe because people have different lifestyles and preferences? Obviously they sell cruises during those months, so people go on them! We have an October anniversary, and it's typically a good time to leave our kids with my parents (depends on marching band - but currently we only have a middle school student!) My husband also likes a warm vacation, we've done January, March, April and May Caribbean cruise - and honestly, it was too cool in the Eastern Caribbean in March some days, and windy. We had rain in January, but overall it was nice weather. We don't escape cold weather, we
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