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  1. Your photos are amazing, and I am really enjoying your travelogue. Circle South America is going to be my big post-retirement cruise, but that is still a few years away. You are really giving me a lot to look forward to! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Okay, I was thinking we were able to do that with Princess@Sea, but I can’t find a way to do it now in the JourneyView. But I am glad to see from Daniel A’s post above that I should be able to see events listed before I get onboard. Right now I do see a nightly dance party and morning suduko challenge listed every day, and if I click on them I can bookmark them. I expect there will be a more complete schedule listed closer to sail date, although I also understand from previous posts that schedules may change and some events won’t be listed ahead of time.
  3. My first MedallionClass™ Cruise is in May, so I’m playing around with the app on my iPad. I really like the idea of being able to view the events schedule once I’m on board, and presumably being able to flag events I’m interested in (like every karaoke session!) But I wondered if there’s been any talk of enhancing the app so that you could add your own personal events, like meeting friends for drinks or onshore reservations that aren’t Princess excursions (I assume purchased Princess excursions will appear in the JourneyView). Is Princess actively collecting input and suggestions? Maybe just as part of the post-cruise survey? Because there are other features I’d love to see 🙂
  4. Cruised on the Golden Princess last summer with two vegans. They had lunch most days at the buffet. The chefs helped identify vegan items. They ate a lot of Indian food, which they both love, and enjoyed the salad bar and fresh fruit. They also enjoyed oatmeal with plenty of dried fruit and nuts added at breakfast. In the MDR they met with the head waiter each night to review the next day’s menu and he would help them find options that could be prepared vegan. They didn’t get much variety in desserts; lots of fruit and sorbets. (TBH they cheated with non-vegan desserts in the buffet!) There was no vegan ice cream available and I don’t think there was almond or coconut milk available- maybe soy? So they either drank coffee black or cheated with cream. All in all, they had plenty to eat and it was all good. But a couple years ago we cruised NCL and they had amazing vegan meals prepared for them every night, including a great variety of desserts. Don’t know if we just lucked out with a great head waiter and chef on NCL and a less accommodating team on Princess, or if this is typical for both lines.
  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to post your review. I’m sailing on the Conquest in December - my first time on a Carnival ship! I love singing karaoke when I cruise, and since you mentioned hearing “Frank Sinatra” sing, could you share your thoughts on the Conquest karaoke scene? Was it offered most nights and did there seem to be a good variety of songs? thanks, Mo
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