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  1. I tested my pouch at home - filled it with tissues and plunged it in the sink 🙂 as long as you get a good quality one it will be waterproof. I do wear it in the water. I wear it around my neck, so need to be mindful it doesn’t slip off when swimming. I bring my phone for taking pictures and to keep track of time. But if you don’t bring a phone and you have a waterproof watch (never want to cut it too close getting back on board!) your cards would be fine getting wet, so you could just wear swim shorts with a pocket.
  2. On the ship I don’t worry about it. On the off chance someone stole your card, I am sure passenger services would reverse any unauthorised charges. At the beach I use a waterproof pouch that can hold my phone, cruise card, credit card and a bit of cash. Google “waterproof phone pouch” and you’ll find lots of options.
  3. I love sailing with Princess, but small ships are not their focus so Azamara looks like a great option for anyone wanting that smaller ship experience. I’m sure you guys will enjoy your cruise on the Quest. Oddly, I was never interested in sailing on Pacific Princess, because it seemed too small. But I’ve recently read trip reports from people who sailed with Azamara, and it sounds absolutely wonderful. So now I’m looking at Azamara, and could eventually end up on this very same ship that didn’t appeal to me when it was part of the Princess fleet!
  4. I know there’s a lot going on at Princess right now, but it seems odd that they haven’t posted anything on the site to let customers know there are currently some technical difficulties with logging in. They should provide an ETA for the fix, as well as offer the alternative that has been shared here to access with your booking number. that said, I am really glad I found the alternative way to access my booking in this thread, because the flight for my November cruise has surprisingly dropped $30. Not a lot, but worth the two minutes it took to rebook.
  5. I haven’t been on a super long cruise yet, and this is one of the things I’ve been wondering about, so I appreciate the ideas being shared. But every time I see the title of this thread “hair, nails”, I hear Lizzo singing “I do my hair toss, check my nails. Baby how you feeling?” And that song always makes me happy 🙂
  6. I love your floating head picture, Mike! In my family we’ve made a bit of a game out of taking terrible selfies. Here I am in Barcelona - dark circles courtesy of my red eye flight and messy hair courtesy of the rainy weather. But I had a blast exploring Barcelona on my own pre-cruise!
  7. Directly from Princess (I bolded the relevant sentence): https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cruise-health/covid-19-guest-protocols/ COVID-19 Guest Protocols Updated March 4, 2021 Princess Cruises is in the process of finalizing all required COVID-19 protocols for guests. Below are the measures currently planned, which are subject to change as further details are established. They will be updated in accordance with guidance from public health authorities. Personal Hygiene Guests will be encouraged to use the hand-washing sinks and han
  8. Oh, I love the idea of an embarkation day pedicure! Nothing like a bit of spa pampering to set the tone for a relaxing and refreshing time onboard.
  9. In the past when I’ve sailed solo, I’ve avoided the ship’s photographers. I didn’t think I’d want to buy photos of just me standing alone or posed next to a costumed staff member. But I’ve realized that I’ve come home from my solo trips with lots of pictures of beautiful places and interesting things, but very few photos of myself experiencing those places and things. So I’ve decided that on my next solo sailing, I am going to take advantage of every photo opportunity available, and I am going to do it with gusto. I will pose with whatever character or creature awaits at the end of t
  10. I’ve had the beds together in the past, but on my next solo cruise have decided to go with the two twin configuration. I’ve always found the twin bed comfy and roomy enough when sharing a cabin. And I like the idea of having the second bed for staging my clothing and gear for the next morning, especially on a port-intensive itinerary.
  11. This thread is wonderful and torturous all in one - I miss cruising soooo muuuuch. Anyway, my “can’t miss” recommendation is for anyone who enjoys singing - audition for Voice of the Ocean. I am at best a mediocre singer, but 3 out of 4 times that I auditioned I was selected as one of the 6 or 8 finalist (the number seems to vary by ship) and it was an unbelievable experience. You get to interact with two of the production singers, rehearse with the band and perform on stage in the Princess Theater. The people you’re travelling with will love you no matter what, and you’ll never see
  12. Hey, Paddy Anne, I’ve cruised solo with Princess several times. I like it because there are a lot of activities where you can easily join up with other people if you want to - lots of trivia and other games. I usually find at least two groups that Invite me to join their team. I also love karaoke and find the karaoke crowd to be very welcoming, and there’s karaoke almost every night 🙂 The cruise director’s staff are generally very friendly, so if you attend many activities you will get to know them. Same way with bar tenders and wait staff - I’ve never felt awkward sitting alone i
  13. Yes, exact same thing has been happening to me, and others have mentioned it on the pinned Medallion thread.
  14. I bring the bare minimum, and use one of those waterproof-around-the-neck things to hold my cell phone (if I don’t leave it in cabin), room key, ID and whatever bit of cash or credit card I bring ashore. Don’t care if it looks silly - better than missing out on a swim or worrying about things being stolen. If someone steals my coverup, flip flops, hat etc. it would be inconvenient but not a big deal. That said, I’ve never had anything stolen in my many solo travels. I'm also super nearsighted, so generally wear my prescription sunglasses with a croakie when I swim. If I’m going to
  15. Tom, the exact same thing has been happening to me - I enter my shipping address, then at the next screen I get booted out of the app. My cruise isn’t until 2022, so I don’t think I could actually order my medallion yet, but getting bumped out of the app is annoying.
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