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  1. I’ve cruised solo several times and have received double OBC whenever it is part of a sale. As others noted, I pay double for the cabin but only pay for one person for port fees and gratuities. I am US-based. If you do a mock booking it will show how much OBC you will get.
  2. My May 17 cruise was cancelled in Phase 2; I took the default option - FCC plus 25% of fare in bonus FCC, which showed up in my Circle Savings Account on July 7 (I don’t think I received an email notice). On July 23 the refund for airfare, taxes/fees and transfers/hotel was credited back to my credit card. I never contacted Princess to check on the status; I was curious to see how long it would take, but planned to call if it took more than 60 days. Since the default option kicked in on May 31, I consider that to be the day the clock started on my refund. Since I received the refun
  3. I think I am going to steal this as my standard response to all social media disagreements from now on 🙂 It’s good advice!
  4. I enjoyed the session as a fun interaction with some folks from the Princess team to help us feel connected with a brand we love while we aren’t able to sail. Yes, it was a “rah rah” session, but that’s what I was expecting. Princess does need to address our concerns about sailing in a COVID world, and I believe that is the purpose of the upcoming global scientific summit that Carnival Corporation is hosting on July 28, which Jan talked about at the end of today’s session. Different events for different purposes. I know some people in the zoom room were disappointed not
  5. Yup, I’m booked on one of the LA to Mexico cruises that haven’t been cancelled yet. I check to see if it’s been cancelled pretty frequently and won’t be surprised when it is, but I am just curious about whether Princess is moving ahead with planned updates on Emerald. They have to put the ship somewhere, so if there’s a spot reserved for her in dry dock they may move ahead, especially if they’re contractually committed to having the work done. On the other hand, upgrading a cruise ship may not be considered “essential work” so the shipyard may not be able to do it. Thinking about s
  6. Wondering if anyone has heard any scuttlebutt around Emerald’s Medallion upgrade that was scheduled to be completed August 16, 2020. I’m booked on an October 2020 Mexico cruise, and it doesn’t show up in my Medallion app. I have 2021 cruises booked on Caribbean and Sky, which both show up in the app (along with a cancelled May 2020 Sky sailing, which is gone from my personalizer, but lives on in the app). I know the chances of this October sailing actually taking place are slim to none, and I’m not sure I’ll be ready to cruise even if it isn’t cancelled, but just wondered if anyon
  7. May 17, 2020 cruise cancelled by Princess in phase 2, after final payment. Yesterday 7/7/2020 FCC for full amount of fare plus second line item of the promised 25% extra FCC showed up in my Princess account. I have not yet seen the expected refund to my CC of port fees, insurance, flight, hotel and transfer (all booked through Princess). I never called or emailed, as the FCC with 25% bonus was the default option and I was in no hurry and I plan to do this exact same cruise next year. I’ll keep checking the CC account for another week or so and then will call for a status on the re
  8. I’ve sailed on Caribbean Princess twice and I like the ship a lot. I don’t recall having any issues with getting seated in the dining room or bars, but it was definitely a ship where you had to get to the theater at least 45 minutes before showtime to get a seat. I think this is the case on many of the larger Princess ships. I would absolutely sail on her again - in fact I have a 2021 sailing booked on her.
  9. I hope they include you guys when they are able to have the grand finale! That is such a cool idea, and there have been many truly great singers in the competitions I’ve seen.
  10. I’ve been impressed with both Arnold Donald and Jan Swartz throughout this crisis. I feel that both Princess and its parent company are run by smart, thoughtful people who are working hard to navigate their way through this unprecedented event.
  11. They’ll create a new loyalty level for folks who come back to Princess after going through the ordeal of quarantine. Let’s call it Fortitude level 🙂 What fun perks could they offer to Fortitude level passengers?
  12. Nice! They definitely are being generous with upgrades on Sky. I booked an interior for a Baltic cruise, got upgraded to an obstructed view balcony on Emerald deck, then about a week later got upgraded again to a deluxe balcony on Dolphin. I’m scheduled to sail on May 17, so hoping things are up and running by then so that I can actually enjoy my fabulous accommodations.
  13. Oooh that chocolate and wine pairing sounds devine!
  14. I had the same problem with my booking number already claimed. I called Princess and the rep had to submit a ticket to IT to get it fixed. They had me change my password and were able to resolve the problem. I’m guessing it’s a known issue because it didn’t take them long to fix it for me.
  15. Your photos are amazing, and I am really enjoying your travelogue. Circle South America is going to be my big post-retirement cruise, but that is still a few years away. You are really giving me a lot to look forward to! Thanks for sharing.
  16. Okay, I was thinking we were able to do that with Princess@Sea, but I can’t find a way to do it now in the JourneyView. But I am glad to see from Daniel A’s post above that I should be able to see events listed before I get onboard. Right now I do see a nightly dance party and morning suduko challenge listed every day, and if I click on them I can bookmark them. I expect there will be a more complete schedule listed closer to sail date, although I also understand from previous posts that schedules may change and some events won’t be listed ahead of time.
  17. My first MedallionClass™ Cruise is in May, so I’m playing around with the app on my iPad. I really like the idea of being able to view the events schedule once I’m on board, and presumably being able to flag events I’m interested in (like every karaoke session!) But I wondered if there’s been any talk of enhancing the app so that you could add your own personal events, like meeting friends for drinks or onshore reservations that aren’t Princess excursions (I assume purchased Princess excursions will appear in the JourneyView). Is Princess actively collecting input and suggestions?
  18. Cruised on the Golden Princess last summer with two vegans. They had lunch most days at the buffet. The chefs helped identify vegan items. They ate a lot of Indian food, which they both love, and enjoyed the salad bar and fresh fruit. They also enjoyed oatmeal with plenty of dried fruit and nuts added at breakfast. In the MDR they met with the head waiter each night to review the next day’s menu and he would help them find options that could be prepared vegan. They didn’t get much variety in desserts; lots of fruit and sorbets. (TBH they cheated with non-vegan desserts in the buffe
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