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  1. Thanks Prescottbob! That was a well spend 1/2 watching that clip. We probably wouldn't have been able to afford a trip on the QE back then but we are so happy with the memories we've had on HAL on other lines. I hope we will soon be able to create new cruising memories. Thanks again!
  2. Don't know if you saw this but this is a bit of sunshine for cruising IMO. https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/05/11/why-carnivals-bookings-jumped-600-and-what-analyst.aspx
  3. When the cruise industry starts up again be prepared to pay much more for your cabin. Alas, our cruising days may be over.
  4. I think electronic muster drills is a great idea except cruisers should be obligated to visit their lifeboat stations on embarkation day. Maybe somehow check in when they get there.
  5. Well Father, it's a very risky investment right now. Hopefully a covid 19 vaccine will be developed soon. warmer weather will lessen the number of new covid 19 cases and a cure for those suffering from the affects of the illness will be found. Those factors will determine if and when CCL is a good stock to own. Best wishes
  6. I wouldn't be too anxious about booking a cruise until after a vaccine is developed and people are thoroughly inoculated. When they start will probably be a different time frame, probably much earlier. We are more concerned about a 'safe' carefree cruise. Safe travels if you go in May.
  7. Ick! Hope you didn't bring any new pets home. Don't want to panic you but I would now check the mattresses at home and also your luggage. Don't know if bed bugs or hair lice on grand kids is worse.
  8. Not saying it couldn't be the O but did you stay in a hotel/motel before or after your cruise? We've always found the beds on HAL to be very clean and first thing we do when on board or in a hotel is check the bedding for bed bugs
  9. We are so grateful that our cruise on the NA ended on 2/22/20 It seems like the corona virus erupted shortly there after We've discussed future cruises but I don't think we will do another cruise until a reliable vaccine is available This illness is really scary and being prone to lung issues we don't want to chance it We look forward to cruising again someday, til then good luck to all who have current plans
  10. Agreed! Darn good pea soup and they have some pretty fantastic pastries too. They have one pastry that sort of looks like an éclair that was heavenly. Love the Dutch Café
  11. Thanks rkacruiser. That sounds easy-peasy! If it's changed any we will post back!
  12. I guess that would help. Port Everglades on Saturday. Just wondering about security. Thanks
  13. My daughter volunteered to drop us off at our embarkation terminal. What ID do we need to provide at port to drive in? Also I would imagine she will pick us up. Same ID? How much of a hassle would this be? Usually we take a shuttle from the hotel or airport but now she lives down there Lucky us!
  14. Any recent cruisers remember if there are corkscrews in the cabins. We will be on the NA next week and hoping I don't have to pack extra items.
  15. OH no! I just did a paid upgrade that my PCC said was a really good deal. If the 1/28-1/31 deal is better can I ask for that better deal or am I out of luck? I'm okay with what I got but we are always looking for the best deal.
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