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  1. Paulinda

    Mobile passport app at Port Everglades?

    Last year when we returned the customs lady asked me if I only had one shirt. ???? Seems the shirt I was wearing that morning was the same shirt I had on when they took my passport picture. WOW! Great catch!
  2. Paulinda

    Cruise Docs Are Ready!!!!!

    We printed ours last Thursday. No problems with the new website. Now it seems like we should start packing.
  3. Paulinda

    Did the FLL Taxi Driver Rip Me Off?

    Last Feb. we took a taxi from FLL to ES. The fare was $15 plus tip. The driver was a total grump and we felt very unwelcome in the filthy cab we were in. Windows didn't work, smelled like you know what and cabbie was a crabbie. We will never use taxi's again from FLL. Uber or Lyft are the way to go.
  4. Did you ever consider a European River Cruise? Spring time to late Fall are prime times for them. Expensive but very exclusive with only a couple hundred others on board.
  5. Paulinda

    November Southwest Airfare BWI (or nearby) to FLL?

    I've never flown BWI to FLL but I guess the cost might depend on how you are booking - Business, Anytime, Wanna get away, Senior. I would think November flights are pricier than Sept flights. You may find out here if your lucky otherwise it will probably be around May before they start showing prices. JMHO
  6. Paulinda

    Cost of WIFI package on NS

    What's the difference between Premium and Surf? We will be on the NS soon.
  7. Can anybody that sailed on NS recently report the cost of a WIFI package? TIA
  8. Definitely do the Luggage Direct program. It will make disembarking a lot easier for you. If your airline allows you to use it you put your bags out the night before and you don't see your bags again till you arrive at your home airport. Easy peasy and no stress. Love that program. 11:55 am is certainly doable.
  9. Paulinda

    HAL newbies with kids

    HAL does have a kids club area but couldn't tell you much about it. We've seen the 'clubhouse' and it looked nice but never been inside of it. Demographics for HAL is usually an older crowd but that doesn't mean that younger families don't go on it too. Be patient waiting for your replies. You'll get a lot of opinions soon.
  10. There are the Harbor shops right around the corner from the ES. I know there is a 5 Guys burger joint there plus a number of other eating places. There is also a grocery store that you could stock up with snacks and healthy fruit. Check out the SunTrolley dot com website . There is a trolley connection that you could use to get to the beach. We've never done that but I am planning on this spring when we are there. Sounds like a great time for your family.
  11. Wow is right! Do you have a backup plan if you miss your flight? Your flight will probably start boarding at 9am or so. What time is the ship scheduled to reach port and when are you scheduled to disembark? Good luck to you if you are going to do this! Not the type of return fllight I would want to do.
  12. If you are concerned about missing a flight I would skip the shuttles and use Uber/Lyft or a taxi. You can ask for a car that accommodates the car seats.
  13. AFJB - we have a grandson who has sensory issues too so we do understand the problem. He's 5 yrs old and now in kindergarten. He is also very picky about what he eats and only eats about a dozen different things. Being in school now....he is finally watching what other kids are eating and is at least sampling the things they eat. I honestly don't know how he is growing based on his diet. HAL does offer a great variety of foods and if there is something in particular that he likes you could make arrangements with them before you leave. I wish you well on your cruise and hope he develops a taste for other foods.
  14. Paulinda

    Fort Lauderdale things to do

    I found that you can save quite a bit if you have a Costco Card or Sams Club Card and go thru their online travel depts. I recently rented a car using Costco. Initially I rented a car using the airline website that we were flying on. My wife suggested one of sites above and much to my surprise they were offering an upgraded car at a much lower rate. Just a suggestion if you haven't thought about it. The savings on this one transaction paid for our membership fee.
  15. Paulinda

    Port Everglades Uber Question

    thanks johnindc. appreciate the response