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  1. If you booked through Cosmos (Globus subsidiary?) maybe you can check with them. I wasn't aware that Cosmos used HAL but that's good to know. Have a safe trip. We've done land tours with them in the past through Europe and loved them.
  2. You do not both have to be members for the free breakfast. When you arrive for check-in you tell the desk clerk and provide the member number. That's all we did. I don't remember if he gave us tickets or if the hostess just checked us off. I remember we were very early and they hadn't set the hot foods out yet. So we had some coffee and other items and then went back. It was interesting that there were several airline pilots and crew having breakfast. It's not the best breakfast but it's OK. Enjoy your stay.
  3. Since my daughter moved to Fr. Meyers we've used RSW for a few pre/post cruise stays. The airport can be super busy during high season with long lines for TSA check in. Lots of snowbirds coming and going. SW does offer direct flights to RSW but they might be a tad more. I agree that it is much cheaper to fly to/from RSW vs FLL . I think we saved about $150 on our last flight. We just flew back last month and RSW wasn't as busy as a few months earlier. The airport kind of reminds me of MKE...either busy or dead. FYI - I think there may be a bus service at RSW that goes to other Florida airports. You'd have to check that out as it may be less expensive than renting a car or taking uber. You could then uber to port or on your return back to FLL.
  4. That's a pretty good deal. Are you saying the shuttle to the terminal is free? When we stayed this past March they used a 3rd party shuttle to the pier that cost $8 or $9 PP. Also the free breakfast we had included some eggs (not to order but scrambled), sausage/bacon. Buffet style....make your own toast/bagel/eggo's , fruit, cereal, potatoes, etc.
  5. I guess my gut feel is to just stay with the VT reservation. I did call HP before we left to confirm a room at that particular location. It wouldn't hurt to call them and see if you could request a room on a specific floor. We did like the location so convenient to Harbor Shops.
  6. When we stayed this past March we gave them our Hyatt membership number even though we did not book direct with them. We did have free breakfast .....but the meal was maybe a 5 out of 10.
  7. Yes you can relax on a cruise ship. That's what we usually do. We go for the sunshine and warm weather, hang out at the pool, have a couple of beverages, go to the different music venues, have very good food and visit some of the ports for a bit. It's all low key stuff so no stress. Of course my perception of relaxing may be different than yours and don't forget you are asking a question on a cruise site so opinions will slant that way! Try a cruise and see if you like it or not.
  8. Don't know if they have changed anything but they've always offered stays year round. We were staying at HP this past March and I think it may have been sometime in Dec 18 that we saw a rate posted by VT. By then I had already booked thru a different booking site. I believe if I had waited to use VT I would have saved about $40 per nite. There were a lot of information on CC regarding VT prior to our trip and it was mostly cautionary. Most posts said follow up with phone calls if you do reserve using VT. Do a search on this site and you will see.
  9. Don't know if this guy gave any lessons but probably not. He never looked us in the eyes while working on the computer. Jolly fellow....NOT. Maybe just having a bad day as there were others with connection problems in line. The IT office was located on the deck below the concierge area (NS).
  10. Yes, I believe that is what happened to us. We went back to the tech guy on board to set it back to the surf setting and he wasn't very happy about helping us. He was the only person we actually complained about because of his attitude. Typically HAL staff helps out with smiles and apologies for anything that goes wrong but this guy was sullen and not friendly.
  11. We did a 7 day cruise in March and ordered the 'surf' package on board. It cost $99.00. Don't think it's any less ordering beforehand. Anyone?
  12. We found that HAL cruises don't offer much in entertainment other than a couple of music venues, a dance group and usually a couple of comic acts.
  13. That was not the intent of my post. I never inferred that ALL people who purchase the SBP are fall down drunkards but perhaps some of those that were in a brawl may have had too much to drink. My comment was said in jest and I think your are taking it way too much to heart. Enjoy your evening.
  14. I bet a lot of those brawlers had the Signature Beverage Package! It occurs after 15 drinks!
  15. Hopefully you are correct about not costing anything but my lifelong learning experience is that nothing in life is really free. I would be interested in seeing the price of the cruise before and after. Just like all the other promos they do prices seem to go up and down.
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