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  1. Great news. We will be travelling on the ship's first Trans-Atlantic this November.
  2. It may not be as much of an issue of cruise passengers stopping in Canada and spreading the infection as much as the cruise passengers being at risk if they stop in Canada which may be experiencing a “Fourth Wave.” https://www.wsj.com/articles/covid-19-variant-from-brazil-has-taken-hold-in-canada-11617729538?st=h9sw5fuizctms0z&reflink=article_copyURL_share
  3. Although cruise ships are registered in other countries, we must not forget than many of the workers, including those at the Ports are Americans. They have been hurt and are still being hurt due to the shutdown.
  4. I am old enough to remember when if one wanted to travel to Europe, he or she had to first make a trip to their Family Physician to get the necessary immunizations. Have we become spoiled and complacent.
  5. The Brand New Carnival Terminal is all ready to go at Port Canaveral. It will be the first terminal, I believe, in the U.S. to service LPG Cruise Ships.
  6. This has not been a good week for the CDC. The new Director of the CDC Dr. Rachael Walensky initially said that she is fearful because of the increase in the number of test positive individuals. The next day she stated that she was encouraged by the rapid rate at which vaccinations are being administered in the U.S. She also said that evidence suggests that vaccinated individuals most likely will not transmit the virus, only to walk back the statement the following day. The CDC then said that vaccinated individuals may travel in the U.S., but they shouldn’t Any wonder why individua
  7. Did any government purposely plan this. While one can never rule anything completely out, the evidence seems to point against this. Who to blame....it is, in the end, the virus, which operates in the natural order of things. Viruses live by infecting living organisms. That is what they do. Did countries make mistakes....the answer is yes. But we must remember that it is the government's not the people of any one country.
  8. We decided to switch to Enchanged Princess for it's first Trans-Atlantic, leaving Barcelona in mid-November. In retrospect it seems like a better itinerary. Thinking about it, why doesn't Princess, attempt to have passengers for a trip from Italy to California.
  9. If you could find it, the Wall Street Journal several months ago had a series of investigative reporting on the origins of the Pandemic Crisis in our country. It is worth reading.
  10. Have to disagree. Fauci and the CDC made decisions, initially which were quite wrong, in regards to mass testing not being important, as well as their being no necessity to the wearing of face masks. In regards to hydroxychloroquine the answer is not as simple as suggested. There were several papers which suggested their efficacy. In addition, Fauci stated that Remdesivir was a game changer, only to have to quietly walk it back a short time later.
  11. The problem is that the CDC has been "late getting out of the gate" in respect to their regulations. One can understand why they initially issued a "No-Sail Order" at the start of the Pandemic. But it does appear that getting the cruise industry back has running has been a rather low priority for them. Whether this is the correct decision is another subject for debate.
  12. Have to disagree again with you my friend. Dr. Fauci's job is to provide advice to the elected officials in our country. He has done that for several different administrations. At times he gave rather poor advice to Obama in respect to his management of the H1N1 Flu Pandemic as well as Ebola. It is the responsibility of our elected leaders to make decisions based on his and other's advice. In many cases, Fauci did give incorrect, or frankly wrong information to our last President, such as that face masks were not needed. Compounding this is that Fauci has become a bit of a "Diva
  13. A lot of the so-called Spring Breakers are not College Students.
  14. Have to disagree in that while the CDC did have some excellent protocols for managing Pandemics; h early on they decided not to go with establish protocols. Dr. Fauci, the NIH and the CDC relied too much on the World Health Organization, and the government of China in respect to how serious a risk the Novel Coronavirus posed to the world. In respect to development of an effective test for detection of Coronavirus, wearing face masks early on, and other methods of mitigation they, to be diplomatic, were "late getting out of the gate." Unfortunately, although there are indeed many fine
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