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  1. Why do we like Club Class and for that matter Aqua Class. It has to do with the shows. How does one get to dine, and see the shows, especially in Princess when the theaters fill up very quickly. We have found that the absence of waiting for a table, either dining before, or after the show is a lot easy if you can just walk into the dining room without a wait. That made a big big difference for us. In addition, we did feel that the level of service as well as the fact that we usually got to be seated next to a window was something we enjoyed.
  2. One of the most spectacular areas of the Royal Class are the Horizon Bistro and Horizon Court. But... people started to have reservations eating in the buffet areas, starting with the Noro Virus, and this is now greatly complicated by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Will Princess modify or even do away with these buffets? I believe that RCCL has announced the closing of the traditional buffet. If so what changes can we expect to see.
  3. We are book on the November, Trans-Atlantic. I read several weeks ago that the Fincantieri Shipyard has reopened and starting back construction. I really can’t see the ship being cancelled, although I guess it might be a possibility. There would be significant penalties involved. I do feel that if there is a delay, the individuals who have booked will get the option of rebooking with the same cabins for the same cruise....at a later date. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  4. Booked Discover Princess, Rome to Fort Lauderdale, November, 2021. Club Class. Looking forward to it. We think it it worth the wait.
  5. I am a physician, when I see a patient over the age of 60 I can usually count on him to have some degree of either diabetes, hypertension, obesity, or hyperlipidemia. Is Princess or some other cruise line would not permit these individuals, who usually have the money to pay for more exotic cruises, they would not to stay (forgive the pun) afloat. Encouraging young families would not be a better solution. Children are usually prone to carry respiratory and G.I. Infections, which, being young, they usually remain asymptomatic, but could certainly give it to other cruisers.
  6. The problem with this is that all diabetes is not the same. If an individual has Type II diabetes which may just require an oral or injectable hypoglycemic chances of complications are much much less than a Type I which requires daily use of insulin.
  7. Off of Cocoa Beach many of the cruise ships usually using Port Canaveral due to the Port being closed have been parked about one mile off shore. They rotate a day into the port to pick up supplies for the crew. At night they light themselves up. I believe it will be the only time that we Will see three Disney and 4 Carnival Ships together offshore.
  8. I am now forced to agree. We have cancelled our Trans-Atlantic Cruise for this coming November. Have decided to wait and see if both Europe and Asia can recover from the virus this year.
  9. I think that the chances are fairly good. I expect the "crisis" to go on for another 2-4 weeks. I am hopeful that things should get back to normal by late Spring. Certainly would consider a Summer Cruise. I would however, avoid Europe and Asia at this time.
  10. If one looks several months out, one can see that most of the ships, especially the Royal Class have maintained their bookings. It does not appear that people are cancelling...yet. I do hope that by June, things will be back to normal.
  11. Just cancelled my cruise on the Caribbean Princess for this May. WE are taking our credit and booking on the Discovery Princess for New Years, 2021. By the way, I am 70 and also a physician. Still working quite hard seeing my patients, many of them are ill with Influenza.
  12. We were booked on Caribbean Princess to cruise this May. Over the weekend made a decision to cancel this cruise. Will be using our credit to book an 8 day cruise on the new Discovery Princess when it comes out.
  13. The major risk, if one considers that is not from COVID-19, but from Influenza (many people do not take an Influenza Vaccine, and Norovirus. When we cruise, we try to eat in the dining room.
  14. At this time, it would disastrous for Princess and the other cruise lines to let individuals cancel. We must remember that as of today, there are only 17 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the United States. The best thing to do is to keep calm, and keep informed.
  15. We were on the Regal Princess and they did try to keep a separate entrace for Club Class.
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