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  1. If you purchased the coffee plan, unless you want a special coffeee which has to be brewed individually, I cannot see that you would have any problems with them filling up your Yeti.
  2. My family recently cruised the Western Caribbean on the Diseny Fantasy 9/14-9/21/2019. After leaving Jamaica we ran into a series of thunderstorms. My son, Justin, who is an avid photographer and studies meteorology sighted a waterspout forming off the starboard bow. He was lucky enough to get several pictures. This was the first time I ever saw a waterspout.
  3. We always check off that we are Florida Residents. Not sure if this affects their price. We live in Orlando, and have cruised out of Port Canaveral, Ft Lauderdale, and Miami. We enjoy being able to drive to the cruise port, not having to fly.
  4. We are booked on both Oceania and Princess. Both lines are different, and we enjoy them in different ways.
  5. Just finished a cruise on Disney. They permitted my steamer, but they did confiscate, and did return a small Swiss Army Knife.
  6. Just got back from a week’s cruise on Disney Fantasy. Our ship made three attempts but the currents were too strong and we had to spend a day at sea in place of Castaway Cay.
  7. Just got back from our Disney Cruise. They did not “confiscate” our steamer, but they did take a small Swiss Army Knife that we have taken in the past to cut labels on clothing and luggage.
  8. Was watching Crown Weather, and it appears that a low pressure area near the Bahamas is scheduled to pass through South Florida this weekend, possibly becoming a tropical depression and then entering the gulf as a tropical storm. Wonder if this will affect the Disney Cruises out of Port Canaveral, especially the ones that are scheduled to go into the Gulf. Would not be suprised if they decide to do the Eastern Caribbean instead.
  9. I was just looking at the deck plans on Caribbean Princess. I noticed that the ship still has the Skywalker’s Nightclub at the stern on located on Deck 18. I thought that Princess had elected to remove the rear structure from the Grand Princess and other ships of the class. Why did they decide to keep it on the Caribbean Princess.
  10. My wife and I care considering a cruise on the Caribbean Princess. We do know that this ship is one of the older of the Princess Ships. Any news on when the ship was last dry-docked, and what changes were made?
  11. Just read that Castaway Cay will reopen September 12: Castaway Cay: Disney Cruise Line has confirmed that Castaway Cay will reopen on Thursday September 12. A statement reads: "The process of cleaning up areas of the island and making repairs related to the tropical storm conditions experienced last week. We anticipate re-opening the island on Thursday, September 12, as long as all necessary work is completed. Guests going ashore will see signs of the recent storm's passing and some experiences on the island may be unavailable."
  12. We are well aware that one cannot bring on board a travel iron, but what about a travel steamer? In addition, what about a multi-plug for a computer which has in it a surge protector. Some lines permit them, some don't. If Disney decides that you are bringing aboard an unapproved item, will they store it for you, or destroy it.
  13. I heard the Castaway Cay was operational. In fact individual did remain on the island, they did evacuate to a hurricane proof building. There were tropical, but no hurricane force winds.
  14. If an individual wants, can they purchase or rent a costume on Disney for the Costume Party?
  15. That is your definition. Remember the discussion started in respect to the question of whether certain individuals will find it easier to get a table for two in one of the alternative restaurants on Oceania, and that was an example of how Oceania had classes and Azamara didn''t.
  16. Did not confuse them at all. In fact I did mentioned that the the range of "perks" can vary from Cunard which has completely separate classes with different areas to dine, and restricted areas of the ship, to Carnival which is totally one class except that they may give return passengers a small gift. Princess has moved in the area of separate dining areas in one dining room, and Celebrity has moved in the direction of a completely different dining area and menu (Blu). For all practical purposes Azamara is one class, except that certain Veranda Cabins, and the Suites may get some additional perks. Can be very confusing. Hope that helps.
  17. By unlimited, I meant, as you have said, that there is no additional up charge to dine in these restaurants, and if one wishes they may indeed dine in them every evening. As I have said in my previous post, the concept of different classes can mean different things to different people. In respect to the cruise line it can vary from complete separate sections of the ships as in Cunard, MSC, and NCL, to being provided with a pin and thermos by Carnival. Azamara is starting to offer more perks to individuals who are willing to pay more for their cabins. When Azamara first started that offered Butler Service to virtually every cabin, now it is limited to those who book suites. It all comes down to a matter of choice. That is one of the great things about cruising.
  18. It is all in the definition of what one defines as a Class System. If one means a specific class where the individuals who book it have a separate dining room and separate areas of the ship which are not open to others, than one most consider MSC with it Yacht Club, NCL with its Haven Class, or Cunard which has Princess Class and even higher. Princess offers Club Class in which individuals can eat in a separate area of the main dining room, Celebrity offers Aqua Class with the Blu Dining Room. But other lines will offer perks by the number of cruises you have sailed with them in the past, or by the type of room that you have booked such as a Suite. This may include a dedicated lounge, and preferential boarding and departure. In one way, both Azamara and Oceania are one class ships, but they do offer specific perks for individuals that book more expensive cabins. Both lines offer a Butler and for their suites, and Azamara offers unlimited ability to dine in their alternative restaurants for suite holders. One sees this in hotels, when if you are a frequent user of a specific grand you may get upgraded to a concierge floor. On the airlines, if you frequently travel, one is often upgraded to business class. The only cruise lines that we have traveled in which the number of perks given for past cruisers or purchases of suites is held to an absolute minimum is Carnival. In several cases, a cruise line with give an individual an upgrade to a better room with more perks in a means to entice them to come back and use their line again. One couple that I know, received an upgrade on their first cruise on NCL to their Haven Class. In the scheme of things, such perks are really no big deal either way. Some cruisers will decide it is worth the expense, others won’t.
  19. Azamara does have it, thought probably much less than other cruise lines such as NCL, Cunard, and MCS. I believe that Azamara has made a step in that direction with the Veranda Plus Category. As I mentioned the only cruise line that has a minimum of class perks or benefits is Carnival. If you are an elite member they usually reward you with a pin. Some people will be bothered by it, others will pay no notice and just concentrate on having a great time. We have been cruising for well over 20 years, and it has never bothered us in the past.
  20. The bottom line is that the Cruise Industry will cater to what the passenger wants, what sells and doesn't. We first noted separate classes on Cunard. It didn't really make a difference to us. Azamara does provide certain perks for individuals who book suites. That is an incentive for individuals to be willing to pay considerably more for essentially a bigger room. In fact, my travel agent has informed me that Azamara now has now offers "Veranda Plus" in that certain balcony cabins get more "perks" for an additional sum Bottom Line: There are enough ships and enough choices to satisfy most people who elect to travel by see.
  21. Sorry if you still don't get it Phil. Perhaps the problem is with you and not the cruiseline. I do see from time to time individuals that don't take well to other individuals who for some reason get "perks" while they themselves do not and become overly defensive about it. Whether one stays at an hote and gets a Concierge Floorl, travels on a specific airline and is upgraded to business class, or on a cruiseline, depending on the type of cabin once purchases, or of even more importance how many cruises they have taken in the past, one individual may get certain perks that another may not. This is one of the ways the Cruiseline attracts repeat customers. Even Azamara does it, in that they do indeed reward past cruisers with additional perks for traveling on Azamara on even on Celebrity. There is indeed a move to go away from the previous system of only one class on a cruise ship, to move towards a system of a cruise ship within a cruise ship which we see on MSC and NCL. On Princess Lines and on Celebrity there have been a lot of complaints about Club Class and Aqua Class, usually from those that don't purchase the upgrade. Interestingly, one line that has tried to avoid different classes is Carnival. However, as to my initial comment, Oceania in fact advertises that if one books Concierge Class, or a Suite they will get priority reservations in their alternative restaurants.
  22. Sorry you have such a thin skin Phil. To help you better understand was pointing out that in regards to being able to get a table for two at one of the optional restaurants while cruising on Oceania, may depend, at least partially, on the type of cabin one books, suite as compared to concierge as compared to standard. However, Azamara does the same thing in its own way with added perks depending on the type of cabin or suite that one books. I hope that gives you a better understanding of my comments and how it fits in with the discussion as to why some individuals have found an easier time getting a smaller table in the dining room.
  23. It is a matter numbers. If the cruise line can accommodate one with a separate table they will do it. If they find that they do not have a sufficient number of smaller tables, than they will ask individuals to share a table. In addition, those individuals that pay more for the cruise will always have preference. When we were on Azamara we had a private dinner with the Captain in the Ships Library, as well as several private functions with the Captain and Crew. We had these "perks" because we were in one of the larger corner suites. We have decided to try Oceania this time, because their newer ships have more space, especially in respect to cabin size. I am sure that there will be some things which are nicer than Azamara, and some others in which we would have preferred Azamara.
  24. I really do not think that the fact that Azamara is doing away with their Casino's will be a major factor as to whether the ship misses or does not miss a port. Wondering if the cruise ships have had to cancel their port visits to Hong Kong.
  25. We will have our first cruise on Oceania next year. We have previously cruised on Azamara, as well as many many times on the more main stream lines. What we have found, and I am sure that most will agree, is that there is no cruise and no cruise line that is perfect in all aspects and in fact, perfect for every one. All of the lines have strengths and weaknesses. Why did we choose Oceania this time. My wife summed it up stating, "...we have never cruised this line before". The cruise (Trans-Atlantic) had a great itinerary and this was also one of the major factors. Looking forward to giving Oceania a try.
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