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  1. Quote""Anyhow, yep I did Wonderland on night #3. I'll have pics and a review of Wonderland later on. It was very cool experience and one of our faves on the ship. Ask for a waiter named Vinko if you can... totally entertaining and a great server. He has a deep voice like Vincent Price and a great demeaner so he added to the whimsical atmosphere of the place and the food as he described everything. Also, we started to ask him about the menu and what to order, and he said "let me take care of you. I'll bring out the courses for you and make your dinner special"... we did not order anything.... he just brought out all the courses of the most interesting and popular choices as we went. It was fabulous. :D




    This is the best way to do Wonderland! We love that restaurant!

  2. We would miss the Pub lunch. I can't imagine that it costs Princess that much to serve this compared to the amount of food someone would consume in the buffet. We usually don't have booze with lunch but we always have a Guinness with our Pub lunch so I bet they pick up some extra booze revenue those lunches to help offset the cost.

  3. For those of you who have done the taxi tours, how much will our tour be impacted by things being closed, especially in St. George?

    Or are we mostly seeing scenery and history?

    We can always take a ferry to Hamilton or St. George the second day.

    Or should we take our tour the second day instead?

  4. There is some great info here. Thanks everyone!

    It will be our second trip to Bermuda but the first time was a wash out. It rained the whole time except for 2 hours where we jumped on the ferry to Hamilton, only to find everything closed because it was Victoria Day! At least we saw a parade.

    That was a surprise cruise for my 50th. This time I am taking my husband on a surprise for his 60th. so lets hope for great weather. Regardless, this time we are going to see the island come hell or high water!

    I am going to start emailing some of the Private tour guides that people have liked. Hopefully we can still get a tour for early Sept. this time we are going to be there Labour day. Crap I'll bet everything is closed again! Maybe we'll have to plan for the tour the second day. I'll let you know how I make out!

  5. So, here's the crazy thing we found embarking in Barcelona. We were sailing on Celebrity and if I recall, you weren't allowed to take anything on board.


    We went through security, got our ship cards etc, and then started to walk toward the ship. You are routed through a building that has a bunch of stores, and would you believe a liquor store!!!!!

    We bought as much wine as we could carry, my Dad bought vodka and off we went to the ship. Civilized.


    I don't know if this still exists since it was a few years ago. Maybe someone else can verify if this is still the case.

  6. OP, thanks for the review!




    I am honestly so bothered by this. And this isn't the first I've heard it. I'm upset at both Royal and the passengers. The Grande is literally the ONLY venue on the entire ship that requires a little dressing up. It should be enforced, and people should adhere. C'mon. If someone does not want to dress, why in the hell do they need to make a reservation at the Grande, the designated formal venue?! And to anyone who wants to ask me why I care what others are wearing...I don't. But there are rules for a reason, and I shouldn't have to worry about casual dressers in a formal venue. After all, wasn't this a key point in the whole introduction of DD? Shame on Royal for their lack of enforcement. :mad:


    Sorry...rant over.


    Thanks again for the review.


    Here! Here! I couldn't agree more with everything you said. We love to dress up when cruising and have been disappointed at the disappearance of formal night on all cruise lines. We thought this was a great compromise. Now they need to enforce it for those of us who still enjoy it!

  7. Is there anything to see around the port in St. Lucia? the first time we went we did a full day tour with a bus and then returned in a catamaran. We want to do something different this time and didn't have time to look around the town

    Is there anything to see? Are there any beaches close to the port?

  8. 'Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit pleaded for international aid, saying the damage pushed Dominica back by two decades, and he warned of more rain in upcoming days. He met Saturday with members of a newly created committee charged with helping rebuild an island devastated by floods and landslides.'


    I would expect that Princess and the other cruise lines that stop there will probably send some aid like RCI did for Haiti years ago.

    That is one hilly island. I'll bet most of it is impassable by car. They sure do need the tourist $$$ now.

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