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  1. What a fun thread! Everything you say is so true. Interesting that I loved this show as a kid, even before cruising was a big thing. Who knew I would grow up and get addicted to cruising!

    We love watching the show on the ships and can't believe all the stars that got their start on the Love Boat.

  2. As much as we like Princess, and are planning to go on Regal in Feb, Royal Caribbean can't be beat for their cutting edge activities. We did Quantum in January and loved the Ifly and bumper cars. We also really enjoyed the Dynamic dining. Because of the activities I find the average age a little lower. RCi ships are really beautiful inside.

    We are still a big fan of Princess but find there are so many different options on RCI.

    I still believe Princess does have the best itineraries. It just depends what you are looking for a particular cruise. So we go back and forth between the two.

  3. The first cruise will always be something special. It will never be the same again!

    Next cruises will be great, too if you liked the first one - but there will be something "missing".



    Interesting what you say about the first cruise. Ours was our honeymoon on the Tahitian Princess that only had 650 passengers. We met a couple that cruise that we have been friends with ever since that were on their 20th cruise, and said we started with the best and we'll never beat that.

    I have to say they are wrong. As the ships have got bigger and better with more to do and more dining options, I really think we would be disappointed to go back to one of those smaller ships.

    We had some friends who have been on the Pacific Princess recently and found they really missed all the options on the big ships.

    I really think our last cruise is always the 'special' one and look forward to special memories on all future cruises!

  4. We really enjoyed Wonderland. Our waiter was Marlin and he asked if we had any allergies or foods we didn't like. then he suggested we let him pick the meal. So we did. The only thing I wanted to make sure we received was 'Soil'. The vegetable dish. I wanted to see how they created that because I want to duplicate it for a dinner party.

    I think we had 8 courses or so. Everything was great. Make sure you have the Key Lime lollipops as one of your deserts. We shared 3!

  5. Has anyone sailed to Bermuda in September? My husband took me to Bermuda as a surprise for my 50th birthday a few years ago ;). We had terrible weather. It was in June and it wasn't really warm on the way down and back and we had force 7 winds and rain for the two days we were there. It stopped raining for about 3 hours one day so we took the ferry over to Hamilton. Losers again, it was Victoria day so most of the stores were closed. We watched a bit of the parade and walked around a bit before we hopped on the boat back to the port before the torrential rain came again.

    So, needless to say, we have to do Bermuda again. We already have travel plans for early 2016 but would really like to take Anthem to Bermuda in September.

    Is this a good time to go?

  6. Glad to hear that many people were happy on Plaza Deck. We were recently on the Crown Princess and were in Cabin P332, an outside cabin on Plaza Deck for a 28 day cruise and were kept awake most nights by the loud whirring sound of a hydraulic pump or compressor that kept running all night. We tried to change our room however there was nothing available as the ship was full.



    I have agree with this statement. We did our first inside cabin on the emerald in October for Canada/new England because it was going to be a cold cruise and we didnt' think we'd use the balcony much. The other issue were the fork lifts for the luggage. We heard them all day the first day and the last night when they started moving luggage. We also heard that compressor.

    Although we loved the location for access to IC and restaurants, we would never book again.

  7. How mobile and athletic are you? We did the walk to the train station and did the 1 connection we needed to get to the Airport. The way to the train was marked in blue paint on the ground. It was easy and cheap. Some lady even walked us to the right train on the transfer.

    We had planned to take a taxi but there was a huge line and no taxi's because it was raining that morning. Maybe they were picking up their fares with locals.

  8. We have friends who just got off a B2B and loved it. Only complaint was the missing Viking Crown lounge that they always used for happy hour.


    As for St. Thomas, Magens Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches we have ever been to. It is easy to get a group taxi to and from, and they can drop you off in the town on the way back if you have a hankering for diamonds!

    The beach gets crowded in the area where the taxi's drop you off so walk a little ways down to the left and it will be much quieter and there are washrooms and changerooms down there as well.

  9. Does Lobsters Alive have a beach or is it just a restaurant? I had a look at their menu. It is priced in Bajan $$$. When I convert the cost of the medium lobster to USD it is $66! Is that possible? If so, I think they price in Bajan so people won't realize how expensive it is!

    And, if I remember, Caribbean lobsters only have one big claw! I think I'll stick to East coast lobsters!

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