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  1. I saw you have eaten at The Grande... did you have the Key Lime pie for dessert? That was one of the best we have ever had! We liked it so much, when we ate at Chic, we asked them to get us Key Lime pie for dessert from the Grande.. and they did!

    The best dessert in American Icon was the Icon Candy Bar. We like that so much we ordered that in Silk and they went and got that for us too!

    Now that's service!

  2. Did you use RCCL transport to Newark or did you make your own arrangements? If you used a car service what time was your pickup, and who did you use? We'll we sailing later this month and are making arrangements for a pickup in Bayonne. Thanks.


    We were going to preorder a taxi, but after asking on CC and the driver we used to get to the port from our Newark hotel, everyone said there would be plenty of taxis. WRONG!!!!!


    I looked off our balcony around 6:15 and there were only a few. We were really worried because we had a 10:30 flight. In normal situations, when you walk off early that's no problem. We got off the ship as soon as they opened the gangway. There were only a couple of 12 pass vans out there. At that time we were the last two to get on one to Newark airport. Everyone else headed back in out of the pouring rain. The guy I was sitting beside said he had been told there would be lots of taxis as well.

    Of course, our 10:30 AM flt was already cancelled and we ended up getting home at 11PM from LaGuardia! (Long story)


    So, in the future, I will order a car service. Better safe than sorry.

  3. Radio you are lucky you got to drive home. Our 10:30 flt was cancelled to Toronto and they rebooked us tomorrow! So we took a chance and drove 2 hours to LGA and are on a flt for 2:30 that is delayed at least an hour.... The first time!

    Like a previous poster, we will not sail out of NJ in the winter again. We did it for the ship. We loved the ship so it was worth it, but don't like losing 4 days of cool or cold weather. Back to FLL for us.




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  4. Greetings all,


    At the risk of being a "Debbie Downer" (and there's much about this cruise that I am enjoying), I wanted to post a few "bones to pick" to see if others on this same cruise are having the same problems.


    (1) Wifi. I realize that they made wifi free for everyone to use, but the net effect of this decision is that everyone is using it, all the time. RCCL seems to be giving QoS priority to UDP packets (Skype/Facetime/Youtube/Netflix etc.) so that I'm walking past people video-chatting home and I can't even get into email or get a web page to load. Also, the quality of wifi you get seems to be a function of your proximity to the access points - if you have a room close to one, you lucked out. I'm here typing this on an iMac in the library because my connection speeds on wifi wouldn't allow decent navigation through Cruise Critic.

    (2) Cabin views from Deck 7. We booked our cabin back in 2013 (we were on Allure at the time) and were told our view was not obstructed. Welp, those lifeboat davits block every shot off the balcony (unless I raise the tripod to max height, and even then it's not a sure thing) and when I was on the dock at Sint Maarten yesterday, trying to take a photo of my wife, I had to shoot between them as well. Quick advice: if you're going to book a cabin on 7, make sure it's not on the "indented" part of the ship, because your view will be these two big yellow posts. All I can think of is, "WOW, what an incredible design flaw!"

    (3) The motion of the ocean. The only other RCCL ship I've been on was Allure, and she was rock solid compared to Quantum. I get it, there was a storm when we left, but then it seems that the Captain threw both Azipods to redline (and pulled in the stabilizers) to get us down to St. Thomas, so we bounced around like crazy for the rest of the way. Even now, returning home at (what I assume is) a normal clip in (relatively) steady seas, Quantum is bucking like a spooked colt.


    My full review will contain both these negatives and a lot of positives (the food at certain restaurants, Flowrider, iFly, North Star, the ports) but I just wanted to vent and see if other people's experiences were similar. Thanks!



    We are on the ship and have had no problem with the wifi, both access and speed. The fact that it is free should give you No reason to complain. Do you really need that much access on vacation?


    Also, never been on a spooked colt but I think the ship is pretty stable. Pretty calm for the 9 ft seas the Captain reported at noon.





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  5. Radio, it was nice to meet you today.

    We are on Quantum now and really enjoying it. Had an excellent dinner last night at Jamie's. Try the truffle pasta. It was awesome! We had a great waiter, Cosmo, he ran over to Vintages to get us a bottle of wine and then back to get us the big wine glasses. Great service and food.

    Off to American Icon tonight.



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  6. RCCL want you to show up at the defined time, but we were early and no problems with boarding early.

    We were Group B - boarding 12:15 - we did arrive 11 and the group didn't mean anything - no signs of groups. We did wait few minutes for an agent and we were at the ship before noon. Very smooth boarding process.



    How was traffic getting to port and the left turn from the North? Just wondering how far ahead we need to order our taxi to make our 11:45 boarding time.

  7. Since Quantum has arrival times, I need to know how long it takes to get into the drop off area.

    When we sailed on Explorer 4 years ago, it took forever to turn left into the port area and then it was stop and go all the way to the ship.

    Is this still the case? If so we will leave our Airport hotel early so we can make our boarding time.

  8. No; but we just finished a 12 day on the Ruby and I have never seen so many walkers and Rollators in one place in my life.


    I think the length of the cruise plays a large part.




    I think I was on that cruise too! Never seen so many walkers or scooters.

    You will see an older crowd on the longer cruises. Princess may be older than Royal Caribbean, but not as old as Holland America!

  9. Ok, question.... If you watched the 1 hour video about the Smart ship, the CEO said there would be 10 minutes from curb to ship. He never said anything about boarding appointments. Are they trying the 'staggered boarding ' approach that Princess uses in some ports ?



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