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  1. WAHMto5

    Little French Key

    Yes, you have to book directly through them. I believe there is another site that you can book through but it is the same price so I recommend directly through their website. I know there is a bunch of controversy around them, though we have been there multiple times and always have had a great visit.
  2. We always bring it home and make mimosas with it. Not bad mixed.
  3. Thanks for the review! Looking forward to the Breakaway in a couple of weeks.
  4. That is great! looking forward to having it at the end of the month on the Breakaway! Thanks for reporting.
  5. Loved our aft balcony on the Bliss! Never had any issues.
  6. We loved both Los Lobos and Q! Both were very good and really enjoyed the live bands at Q.
  7. We normally use ours for upcharge on some special drinks, playing darts/pool, and specialty coffee or treats. What is left we spend at the shops.
  8. Thank you for the review! Heading out on the Bliss next weekend, can’t wait!
  9. Someone just posted a review on the Bliss with photos of their angled balcony. Should be on the first/second page here. We have had 2 angled balconies and love them! We like the extra room and of course the lounger is great to relax in. Have another booked this fall on the Breakaway!
  10. We are sailing the Bliss on the 23rd, so looking forward to your live review! Safe travels!
  11. Thank you for your review! Glad to hear you all enjoyed the Bliss. We are going on the Bliss in a aft balcony next month and can’t wait!
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