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  1. So, I have on board credit from prices falling on my June 19th, Millennium St. Maarten cruise. I received MoveUp offers this week. If I bid on an upgrade and win, will I loose the OBC?
  2. I called back again and asked for the resolution dept. The rep asked for details before she was going to transfer me. After giving details, she said she was sending me to the resolution dept. but about 10 minutes later the same rep came back on the phone. Evidently, she had talked to the "wizard behind the curtain" herself. She said the total is now $660 plus shareholder credit of $100 for grand total of $760.00. Not sure why it is so difficult. Then again after hearing Celebrity is now deciding they need 72 hour PCR tests before boarding in St. Maarten, after saying for the last week no
  3. Thanks to Cruise Critic Forum and some persistence, I was able to get OBC after my cruise fare came down. The first time I called Celebrity, the agent said since I was past final payment they could do nothing for me. Even though I read them what the website said. I then filled out a form and sent it to bestprice @rccl.com. About a week later, $260.00 OBC credit showed up on website. Cruise was $1629 and came down to $1499. So, that made sense. Difference of $130 x 2 = $260.Never got a reply email though. Well, last week the price came down again to 1299. So, I deci
  4. Well, just got off the phone. Was able to get a Booking Confirmation- Guest Copy. Does seem to have a lot more promotion adding and taking away gibberish than what I am use to with all my other cruises. Anyways, since it is past final payment, the agent said she could do nothing for me as far OBC or upgrade.
  5. So we booked our June 19, 2021 St. Maarten when they first opened up online. Booked on Celebrity's website. Never received a receipt or anything showing what I paid for cruise. Is this normal? All my other cruises have been through travel agents. I always get an emailed receipt of what I paid with them. Basically, received one e-mail from CEO saying welcome aboard. Other than that nothing. When I go to website, it does say I have paid in full. Just thought I would get an email with receipt. Also, the price for a balcony has come down about $150 a person. I see t
  6. Has Celebrity stated what capacity Millennium will be at during these cruises? Sorry, if already posted in thread. I have not had time to read all 19 pages.
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