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  1. I'm confused, I was wondering why they had to be tested in the first place if they showed proof of being vaccinated. Is it they went on a shore excursion and had to be tested when they came back? If it is, is this going to be the normal procedure everytime you get of the ship?
  2. Looking to book cabin 1838 or 1868 on Explorer for Sep 2022. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  3. We are booked on the Joy for Oct 30 out of Miami, have not received anything about being canceled.
  4. Looking to book cabin #9256 on Brillance of the se. Was wondering if anyone has any information on this cabin, such as location, noise or obstructed view?
  5. My husband & I are booked in a sky suite for next Aug (hopefully) for a 12 day cruise. We have been several times in a Haven on NCL. We would've stayed with NCL, however the cost was the same for seven days on NCL versus 12 for Celebrity. I'm wondering if any one can tell me how much of a difference between the sky suite & Haven suite?
  6. I was a little hasty in posting this. I just received my refund in my credit card account. Thank you for the response. Will take your advise on canceling reservation before I have to cancel another cruise again.
  7. I had to cancel my Carnival cruise for Dec. I did not book with Carnival, but a travel agent. I did however reserve & paid for dinner reservation on Carnival web site. My question is how do I receive a refund for those reservations? Do I call them about this situation?
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