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  1. Sorry, we usually sail RC but are looking to try Celebrity Edge or Apex next year in a SKY suite. So the Magic Carpet doesn't move with people on it? if you want to go on it, you have to go through the lounge/restaurant it is parked at? So if in one of the sky suites it ia attached to, there is no one on it? Thanks!
  2. Good then he’s inhaling his own smoke & not me!!!
  3. Yes on Oasis class private all 3 meals in the Coastal Kitchen, sit down off menu or in suite lounge light meals.
  4. I am not sure if it’s different but on Oasis class ships, Grand Suite & above, we got free internet. Captain’s party & then on HOTS, helipad special sail away from Honduras.
  5. I actually lost mine on HOTS. The band came undone so probably won’t even take it out of cabin next cruise.
  6. I lost mine on HOTS August 2019. But I prefer using a lanyard.
  7. That’s going to be a rough weekend to be at Disney
  8. We park right at port! We like the convience (sorry I can’t spell tonight) we use a porter when leaving as well!
  9. So way back in the day, this was a Marriott.
  10. Thanks for your input. I really don’t consider my CPAP bag such a big bag. I have never been questioned by TSA. In fact you no longer even have to take it out of the bag.
  11. We got refreshment package, Coco Beach Club & digital prints! For HOTS September 2020. We are in a Grand Suite so no internet needed & are given 2 speciality meals from TA. And we eat in CK a lot!!!
  12. Purchasing for Sept 2020 on HOTS. Anxious to read reviews. We loved the suite private area on Labadee. Wish there was suite area on Coco Cay.
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