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  1. Lucky you! Thats where I am stuck at now. Trying to find a decent airfare price.
  2. I thought (I could be wrong) reading somewhere here on CC that the website would offer it between the 60-90 day window and the person who mentioned it had to call NCL directly and have it manually added.
  3. In the Terms & Conditions of the current promotions: https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions
  4. From the Terms and Conditions: Promotional Air OfferReservation must be made more than 90 days prior to sailing to qualify; with the exception of the following ships/sailings which have 60 days prior: Gem 8/9/21-10/17/21; Jade 7/20/21-11/7/21 and Joy 8/1/21-10/16/21. The Gem is exempt from the 90 days cutoff and the BOGO air is good up until Final Payment
  5. Very true. I have done that too, but I still feel that NCL should provide them, just like they provide sample menus for most of the specialty restaurants. In my next cruise case, there probably won't be any Freestyle Dailies posted here until just a couple of days before my cruise departs. This is because there is only 2 sailings before mine. But then again, if it is reduced capacity, I shouldn't have issues getting any reservations or changing them!
  6. Personally, I am not a big fan of the Pre-Cruise reservation system. While it is very convenient to make sure you get to eat where you want to eat, its not practical. For me, I enjoy the on board activities and shows and without knowing when those shows are happening makes it very difficult to decide when to go to dinner. That is a reason I do like the Freestyle cruising, at least with the MDR. If I were to change anything, I would make the Schedule part of the Freestyle Daily available about 30 days out so that guests, like myself, can make an informed decision on when to eat in r
  7. Haven't sailed since 2017, but I will say my last experience on an NCL Ship, Pride of America, we were not impressed with the specialty restaurants (over-cooked steak in Cagney's, terrible service in the MDR[they brought my wife food but never brought me mine], Teppanyaki had no flavor and show wasn't very good, Moderno was very salty). But that could be because it is the Pride of America and I felt the whole cruise was different than any of the other cruises we have been on. We did like La Cucina on POA, to the point we ate there twice. We are sailing on the Encore and after look
  8. Me and my wife also use CPAPs. Do they no longer provide the extension cord? I know on previous cruises they have. What about distilled water?
  9. I hope it sails too. The biggest thing that concerns me is the fact that they have not received CDC approval yet.
  10. How does the 08/21 sailing look? Final Payment is coming up in a couple of days
  11. Personally, I was looking forward to not having self-serve buffets and having a crew member serve me. I got Noro on the Carnival Dream in 2010 (I didn't know it was Noro until I got home) and it was not fun. Luckily it only impacted the last two days of the cruise. On the other hand, if anyone is going to spread the virus on board I feel it is the crew members. They will be interacting with 1000+ or more different people every week. Much bigger chance for exposure to them.
  12. My cancelation wasn't there fault. I changed my 12/26/21 to 8/21/21 and booked a new 12/26/21 on a different ship. If I was going to go to Alaska on the Encore, I didn't want to do the Encore a second time.
  13. Yup and there are no exceptions. I had it on my 12/26 Encore sailing, but when I switched to the 8/21 Alaska Encore, I lost it because of the 90 day requirement. Now I am in search of flights from Albany to Seattle (not having much luck finding anything under like $600pp without more than one stop). I do have the promo on my 12/26 Breakaway cruise.
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