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  1. The Encore sailings were the Bliss sailings. The Encore was substituted for the Bliss and those who booked the Bliss ended up sailing on the Encore. On 06/07/2021 they announced the change officially: https://www.ncl.com/newsroom/norwegian-cruise-line-announces-additional-voyages-restarting-from-the-us/ After 06/07/2021, you could not book the Bliss for Alaska.
  2. I don't delete e-mails. I have e-mails going back to 2006 on my computer! So after they said the sailing wasn't included I responded back to them with this exact e-mail. Pretty clearly Alaska sailings are advertised right? Well that was on September 29th and guess what? They stopped communicating at that point and I haven't heard anything else back. After the experience we had on the cruise my wife NEVER wants to book NCL again and she has said this just makes her feelings even stronger. I already cancelled our December sailing with NCL and it actually worked out for us. We got a sailing on Anthem of the Seas for about 1/3 the cost of the NCL cruise for almost the exact same dates. I guess the actions of NCL were a blessing in disguise.
  3. The last response that they sent me was a list of "eligible" cruises for the promo. Below is the chart of Encore cruises they say are the ONLY ones in 2021 that are eligible. As you can see they claim that the first Encore to allow double/triple points isn't until the 11/21/2021 sailing out of Miami. So what Joelle Brito (JBrito@ncl.com if anyone would like to talk with her) is saying is that NONE of the Alaska sailings on the Encore were eligible for bonus points. I really don't think I'll ever cruise with NCL again, just out of principal. They come up with one story and then when I show proof otherwise they have a new story. I guess NCL just doesn't care about their customers.
  4. On the Encore in August, we asked for towels at the towel station and were just handed 2 without them asking even for our room numbers.
  5. That's exactly how my wife is and that is my attitude. I just don't give a crap! My thinking: You're rude by hogging the chairs so I have no problem being rude and moving your ship issued towel! My wife would say I enjoy confrontation . . . not always, but sometimes it could be fun!
  6. I know when I did my check in 24-hours before my flight on United to Seattle in August, the check-in process did ask COVID questions. As for our horrid American flight back home, I don't know as PortValet did the check-in for us.
  7. No Sailaway. An MC Club Balcony Suite. Would agree, the offer I received was for all 2021 sailings and the ad in it even referred to Summer Alaska sailings. I thought August was still summer . . . I wasn't in a sailaway cabin. I personally like to choose my own cabin and get the additional perks so I always choose a specific category. I have only done sailaway once, on my first cruise; a 3-day in an Inside Cabin on the Carnival Sensation.
  8. Not quite true. Back last September or October, my wife was quarantined because she was a close contact to someone who tested positive. She was actually served (including others from her classroom where the exposure took place) with a Court order that stated she could not leave the house for 14 days. She also had to check in daily with someone to verify that she had not left the residence.
  9. Personally, if I saw only a Towel on a chair and it was there for a long time and no one came by, I would remove it and sit my fat you know what down. Done it before and would do it again! Or, I would just go grab my own lounger off the pile of unused ones. People are very inconsiderate, selfish and rude and I have no problem telling them that!
  10. I finally got a response back from Jolle Brito, Senior Director Guest Relations, that now says that the sailing wasn't eligible. Neither the Terms and Conditions or the Offer e-mail says this. It actually says 2021 Sailings and does not list any exclusions. Plus I know of individuals on my sailing that DID get the bonus points. I am just blown away by excuse after excuse that they keep coming up with not to honor it. I prove one assertion wrong, then they come back with a different reason . . . Everyday more and more I feel I made the right decision to cancel my December 2021 Breakaway sailing . . .
  11. Did the luggage appear to be wrapped in plastic?
  12. They told us that the booking wasn't made until 07/01/2021, the day after the promotion ended. I have an invoice showing it was created on 06/14/2021, but have yet to hear back since we provided it. Booked every NCL cruise I have ever done with this agency and they have both mine and my wife's latitudes number and it was on the invoice for both of us.
  13. I might have been the one the OP is referring to. My TA contacted the Latitudes Department when we got back and only the regular 1 point was applied and they simply said that it wasn't eligible. My TA then wrote back showing proof that it was and they never had the decency to respond back to him or me. I know that I am not the only one from my sailing that had this happen to them. NCL's shoreside customer service is absolutely terrible. This issue with the points was the icing on the cake for cancelling my December cruise with NCL and selecting a different cruise line. We had a very bad experience on Encore as well. I will say that this doesn't feel like the NCL that I have sailed on in the past. Del Rio needs to stop worrying about nickel and diming their guests and worry more about making sure they have a good time and do what's right for them.
  14. Is that the case on all ships, or just Oasis Class
  15. I am new to RCCL, so from what I gather from reading is that they will provide them for CPAP machines? Both me and my wife use CPAPs so will they provide 2? I know on NCL, they tell you to bring your own. If you bring one and they take it, will it be returned to you at the end of the cruise?
  16. I know in Alaska on NCL, they told us that we had to wear a mask while in port but no one ever enforced it. Even when someone wasn't wearing a mask, when leaving or entering the ship, no one said anything to them and port security never said anything to anyone. Lots of people not wearing masks in port when we were there and no one batted an eye.
  17. I know when I booked my Encore sailing, my TA was offering with NCL a special promotion that offered an additional $50 per excursion credit. I did not receive it until I got on the ship as a credit. It showed up on the last day or second to last day on my onboard account.
  18. OP asked about Health Insurance reimbursement, not the IRS. IRS doesn't reimburse anything. They can use the cost as a medical expense under the tax deduction for medical expenses (if they itemize their deductions and meet a certain threshold). As for your insurance, I would be surprised if they would, especially if it is for travel. Every insurance carrier will be different so you would need to reach out to them to ask. What my insurance company may do, could be very different than what yours may do. Call the number on the back of your Insurance card.
  19. I use TravelGuard and like @thepla it covers COVID. I thought if you followed all of the Sail Safe policies, that NCL footed the bill for anything COVID related. Did they change something?
  20. Imagine being quarantined in a tiny crew cabin for at least 10 days . . . That has got to suck!
  21. Very true! There is a sensor in the door and the whole HVAC system is computerized (Maintenance uses an iPad-like tablet). They can see if that is the issue. I did ask and was told that was not the problem. I was told initially that they set the AC to only go to 22 Celsius (71.6 F) at Max AC. That's pretty hot to be honest. They eventually put it down to 18 and while better, it wasn't really 18 (62.6 F).
  22. Again, you're right, Antigen is okay. But I doubt they'll accept a self-administered one that isn't proctored.
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