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  1. Try to book early in your cruise as you may find once is not enough.
  2. We did a fantastic tour in Mumbai which is part of a charity which employs youngsters from the slums who act as your guides in return for help through college. They are utterly charming and give an unforgettable insight into Mumbai. http://mumbai-magic.blogspot.com/2012/05/students-who-make-me-proud-photos-from.html It was such a professional organisation I do recommend them. We finished the day with afternoon tea at The Taj Hotel , which of course has it`s own story to tell. Our pre arranged driver picked us up at the allotted time and dropped us back to the port As it was our last port in India as we got out of the car my husband gave the driver the last of our rupees (not more than £15.00 worth)as there was little point in hanging on to them and it is illegal to take them out of the country. Well you would have thought we had given this poor man the world he was almost in tears. It was the last, and possibly the most important, lesson I was taught that day.
  3. I have travelled on both Oceania and Azamara and enjoyed both but I have been back to Azamara several times and for me Oceania just did not have the atmosphere that I found with Azamara. I like the fun vibe on these ships and the friendly atmosphere from both the passengers and the crew. That is the defining difference for me.
  4. We had our best whale watching ever from Hoonah. It was so good that the captain of the small boat said as we left " Please don`t tell anyone about what you saw today or everyone will expect that kind of show!"
  5. An overnight in Bermuda would be a good start.
  6. Would that not mean that we have to go through US immigration TWICE on this cruise?
  7. Wow. It is also on their website. Who in head office thought that customers would be thrilled by that change? Very disappointed.
  8. Having just returned from South America on the Zaandam we had THE best EXC guide who packed the theatre out at every talk. Kevin very well informed and very funny at times and his information was invaluable at some challenging ports of call. He really showed us how to get the best from each place whatever our interests. I said on my survey that these talks set Holland apart from other lines whos only intent is to sell as many excursions as possible and strengthens their claim of in depth port immersion. I do hope they continue.
  9. Charging to dine with the Captain with a sliding scale for the rest of the crew.
  10. Thank you Roy for your great blog. The work you put in and the time it must take to put all this together is much appreciated. I will be on the Zaandam in that part of the world in about 6 weeks time (going the other way round The Horn) and your writing and photos have been so helpful building up excitement for our trip. Keep going Roy and know that we are all hang on to your coat-tails. Chris P.S It seems the penguins have not been idle!
  11. Many thanks for the speedy reply RuthC. What a great scheme and so much easier to keep the accounts straight. I think it is the way to go in future especially on longer cruises,
  12. Could I also ask how do you know how much you have left on the card? Are you given an invoice with each transaction? Forgive me for butting in but I have just bought some of these cards for our next cruise and am interested in how you keep a check on the amount left on the card.
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