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  1. Thanks for review. We sail soon! Slightly different ....we go to icy strait instead of skagway. Anyway, how did you get around in victoria BC? We were debating between hop on hop off trolley and bike rentals.
  2. Anyone do the Big bus, hop on hop off, while in Victoria BC Canada? We will be there end of june, and trying to decide between that and bike rentals. Any input appreciated. Thanks!
  3. What a horrific experience! Glad you are here today!
  4. perhaps it depends on the cruise line. Lucky for you!!
  5. makes no sense to me either, but when I called the cruise line there was a change fee.
  6. A couple years ago my son couldn't go because he got a summer job as a seasonal police officer. It was kind of heartbreakingm but it would have cost additional money to take someone in his place. It happens, and you owe nobody onboard an explanation. Just simply say, "unfortunately, he is not sailing afterall". At the main dining room, they always said all of our names. A reminder that we were missing one! 😞
  7. do you happen to remember if The Local pub was open or embarkation day? (I'm home sick all week, hence the numerous posts!) ☠️
  8. Just a thought..You can do self assist and carry your bags off. We've done this before and it was nice to just get off the ship very quickly. I'd consider it if we had an early flight. Quite the contrary, we have a 10pm flight and we are going to try out the valet service because we want to sight see without having luggage!
  9. do you happen to have any copies of MDR menus?
  10. anyone have any menus from MDR NCL Joy? (alaskan itinerary)
  11. Provided on another thread by recent cruiser: "Best inside viewing area would be the observation lounge (deck 15, forward, crowded). But to really experience it go outside. There were several calvings while we were there and they are thunderous! It was cold and rainy, but worth it. Best outside viewing is on deck 6 all the way forward (enter the long hallway near District Brewhouse toward the bow of the ship) or, as we did, go to deck 8 all the way forward. Here you can get great views from the railing on both sides of the ship. The captain does a great job of pivoting the ship back and forth so both sides of the ship get good views. The crew also setup Irish Coffee stations for us on deck 8." 🙂
  12. Hello, as of right now we do not have a balcony (though we have a bid on one). So, what is the best area for glacier viewing specifically on the JOY. I've read the observation deck is great but can get crowded. Is there a good spot outside if weather permits? I heard that it is great to hear the glaciers breaking off etc. Thanks in advance!
  13. thought of another question,,,,best area for glacier viewing (we cruise through glacier bay)? I've read about observation deck is good (but can get crowded). Is it best/possible to view outside (I heard there is a lot to hear too)? We bid on a balcony, but that's yet to be seen.
  14. 10pm for us too!! seems like they leave very early or very late! How was that flight? Get any sleep?
  15. will def try since we have the drink package!!
  16. so you had luggage tags and boarding passes delivered to stateroom?what time approx? thx!
  17. I certainly hope they work this out before I sail mid june. Sorry you had to wait in that line! Thanks for the clarification. Did they give any explanation to why this happened?
  18. hmm, yeah I'd be curious to know why they had to go to guest services too! I cannot lug bags around Seattle all day though 😥
  19. Thanks for the info. We have a really late flight on the way back to the East Coast and would like to sight-see before departing the area. I read somewhere that offer luggage valet at the pier back to the airport terminal. Did you see any info in your stateroom regarding this/use this service? Thanks
  20. Also, only have about 1.5 hours
  21. Taking a ship excursion that includes Mendenhall glacier area and Mount Roberts tramway. Any suggestions for best hiking trails near glacier visitor center for best glacier viewing?
  22. that's so crazy, that's my name, Melinda!
  23. Anyone do any hiking in ketchikan? Looking at rainbird trail,deer mountain trail, or something near cruise terminal. thanks!
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