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  1. Brandi39

    Tours Plaza?

    Had a great day in Cozumel with Sergio! Very easy to find after getting off the ship, great driver and very friendly. Would not hesitate to book with Tour Plaza again!
  2. Brandi39

    Aruba Restaurant Recommendation

    Passions on the Beach at Amsterdam Manor. You need reservations which you can find on their website.
  3. Brandi39

    Change in Carnival Loyalty Program

    Any other perks on the Vista sailing that you noticed? Heard the Vista is where they are "testing the waters"
  4. Brandi39

    Change in Carnival Loyalty Program

    Not sure if there is anything else. I also do traditional.
  5. Brandi39

    Change in Carnival Loyalty Program

    [quote name='rocketship']I dont know about most people who are platinum, but I can tell you that the single reason I wanted to become platinum was for the Priority statuses. I could care less what my card color is, I wanted to be able to skip long lines. When I first started cruising Carnival, it was all about the low price point to get on the ship. Now that I am older, more financially stable and platinum status, Carnival is always my first choice to try and take a vacation away. If they take priority away from Platinum, I will still consider Carnival, but they wont be my only choice at that point. At the end of the day, taking priority embarkation/debarkation away from current Platinum members, will put a nasty taste in a very loyal fan base. If there is a such a problem at embarkation or debarkation and they are worrying about it growing, then I would add a level in between Platinum and Diamond and grandfather current platinum guests to that level. Another option would be if current embarkation starts at lets say 11:00am, make it so that from only 11:00 am to 12:00pm, platinum/diamond guests board with priority, then move directly into your standard staggered times.[/QUOTE] Fairly certain the up and coming "new perk" for plat/diamond is no waiting for anytime dining.
  6. Brandi39

    Mr. Sanchos OR Explor/Xcaret?

    Been to Xcaret.. Lovely place but didn't feel like we had enough time to really enjoy the park. It was many years ago but very crowed and most of the signs were in Spanish so it was a little Confusing finding your way around, may be different these days.
  7. Brandi39

    Splitting an Onboard Credit

    Sometimes the OBC is already divided. If not, you can go to the guest service and they can adjust your accounts.
  8. Brandi39

    West side tours at pier?

  9. Brandi39

    Craft Markets in Curacao.

    There is a big handicraft market we passed by on a tour. Otherwise right near the pier there is a lot of locals selling some nice handcrafted items.
  10. Brandi39

    West side tours at pier?

    Any ideas what the cost would be for a west or east/ west tour at the pier? There will only be 2 of us. Prefer something inside a vehicle with AC.
  11. Brandi39

    Early Saver Does Rate get Cheaper

    If you booked thru a travel agent then you need to call them and they will have to submit the paperwork. If you booked directly thru Carnival then you fill out the form yourself. http://www.carnival.com/cms/requestforms/CCLEarlySaverForm.htm
  12. Brandi39

    Park N Go Parking?

    I used them this past September and would recommend them highly. Very close to the port and great service!
  13. Brandi39

    passport question

    Make that link [url]www.travel.state.gov[/url]
  14. Brandi39

    Early Saver Does Rate get Cheaper

    If the rates have dropped, you should call your TA. You can get the better rate every time it drops. It's not a one time thing. :D
  15. Brandi39

    passport question

    You birth certificate should arrive in the next few days. They send the passport priority mail and the birth certificate first class. To do the correction, you will have to send the passport, the birth certificate and new photos. The form you need is a DS-5504. You can access the form at [URL="http://www.travelstate.gov"]www.travelstate.gov[/URL] website. It takes about 2-3 weeks to get the new one. There is no charge because it is their error. If you don't have that much time, I would take the birth certificate to use as the primary (and the passport) Good luck to you!