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  1. No need to take a cab. There is a tram from P. Roma to the port. Cost 1-2 €. Some ships will have a shuttle from the port entrance to the ship. See Tom’s Port Guides or Italy for visitors/Venice for greater detail.
  2. Of the 3 you listed, only Oceania fills the bill. We were there on Marina. 2 days isn SPB and ending in Stockholm. Highly recommended. If you haven't been to Stockholm before, consider ending there and spend a few extra days. It is the jewel of the Scandinavian cities. You cannot see enough of Stockholm in 1 day.
  3. You didnt tell us which ship or cruise line. It looks like Nautica to me
  4. The BnB would qualify as 'stuff" I said US$ would be acceptable for tips
  5. You would want the 257 express bus. Runs every 30 minutes. Takes 30 minutes to Horseshoe Bay Stops on the corner next to the hotel and 2 minutes from the ferry. Cost 3$. Your hotel will have complete information.
  6. I imagine £,$, and € are interchangeable among the staff
  7. better to post on the Western Europe board. Google both cities Under the explore heading, you will get a taste of what’s available
  8. In Canada buy ‘stuff’ with a credit card. Tourist industry staff will happily accept tips in US$.. Especially since they represent a 30% premium over Can$. Money is fungible.
  9. https://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attraction_Review-g298507-d1873615-Reviews-or130-ULKOtours-St_Petersburg_Northwestern_District.html
  10. We had a private 2 day tour with Ulko for 6 people 2 years ago. Highly recommended.
  11. Don’t forget the Terrace Cafe. Wonderful food on your schedule.
  12. the alilaguna blue line operates every 30 minutes from the port to SAN Marco. You would miss the Grand Canal which is half the fun. If mobility is a serious problem, you should consider a water taxi ride from the port to SAN Marco via the Grand Canal. Expensive but maybe worth it. For all your options, google Tom’s port guides and Europe for visitors/Venice .
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