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  1. I do all my own research call up my Carnival PVP which we've had for 8 years? and book through her. I like to be in control. I stay with the PVP cause she is very responsive even on her days off. I know there may be a few small perks with a TA but just not worth it for me.
  2. Wow, I don’t recall the pub lunch. We will definitely look for that! Great tip.
  3. Yes. You read that right! Longest cruise to date has been 8 days. Carnival is great when we have the younger kids but wow, Princess just fits us. We really enjoyed both cruises we did on Princess. We also did the vow renewal on Princess. What an experience!!!!
  4. Wow, great responses. Thanks all! We booked the Enchanted Princess 10 day southern carib. on January 9th.
  5. Sorry if this seems like a dumb question but we have never done a 10 day cruise. We’ve been on many cruises but only 2 Princess cruises and both 7 days. BTW, love Princess Cruises! Besides the obvious (number of days) What other things may we see differently on 10 day versus 7? How are the shows? More variety?
  6. We're scheduled for 9/25/2021, I give that 40/60 chance. That would be 40% sailing and 60% not. Maybe it's just me but having a cruise booked just gives me a warm feeling.
  7. We sailed on the Pride out of Tampa in Feb of 2015. Great ship!
  8. What the heck is the name of that popcorn desert thing? So good!
  9. Yep, we're booked Jan 10, 2021 and if the ship is sailing, I'll be on it. We're not reckless but as someone said earlier, time to get on with life.
  10. Hand raised, we will. I feel bad for those of you waiting refunds. We had a weeding planned for our daughter on Carnival for Sept 5 this year. Paid for the wedding on board up front, a suite, and a balcony room. After they cancelled, we had our refund in about 2 weeks. We have a cruise booked on Princess Jan 10. We hope that works out.
  11. Hi Cruise Friends, I don't have any cruises booked since my Sept 5 cruise was cancelled but I truly believe that October cruises WILL happen. Hope you all October cruisers have a great time!
  12. I was big fan of Conquest class but once I was on the Dream Class, that was it. We have done Dream, Magic, and Breeze.The breeze gets my vote.
  13. I did see some in the back that had 14 but looked tight. This was late dining in the blush dining room.We had a large group and had 2 round tables next to each other (12 seats each).
  14. We're in the Tampa area and have sailed/driven to every Fla port except Jacksonville. No problem driving the day of however we have stayed over the night before only to extend the vacation.
  15. We did Magic in Jan 2018, i don't recall any smells but sometimes you get that brief smell on any ship. We really liked the Magic, great time!
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