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  1. You can simply get on a bus and go yourself ...no need for a tour
  2. Thatis indeed a very sad experience and certainly not the fantastic service we have always enjoyed on Regent Rather sounds like a lot of their experienced and very loyal brilliant staff have gone to other lines i wonder why ?
  3. Upset and very disapointed with Regent is a mild response from me ....we had looked forward to meeting old friends again for 2 days in Bermuda and feel extremely shortchanged .Its clear that passengers are a total inconvenience to Regent now
  4. The sheer cost of all the Artwork favoured by Del Rio is what makes "most expensive cruise ship "
  5. I think you will find Port charges for a day in San Juan will dwarf those of 2 days in Bermuda
  6. Likewise i am no huge fan of Jane Macdonald but i agree that neither the 4 part series or this Christmas one show Regent in the best light ...we have loved everything about Regent and recomended them but the debacle over the inaugural Splendor cruise and these TV programmes which highlight a small specific section of Regent Passengers does not present Regent in its best light ..add on reports of training issues and lots of new staff is very puzzling because Regent has a core of truly brilliant staff and they normally only pick and employ the best so i wonder what is going on
  7. I bet Regent wont be refunding Port Charges for the removal of 2 days in Bermuda either They just expect passengers to put up and shut up with another day at sea which will have staff stir crazy
  8. On every single cruise line there will always be some passenger who cannot be bothered to return in 48 mins or whatever to retrieve their clothes and who go balistic when someone quite correctly removes them from a machine and puts them in a basket ...thats assuming such passengers are not hogging the baskets in their rooms No cruise line will back up such rude inconsiderate and downright selfish passengers either ...just call security
  9. Are they free and do you need to buy /bring detergent or is it part of the machine system as on some other ships
  10. Since also it seems to be bridge playing room its hardly very considerate or convenient
  11. I was told that on QM the full World Cruise passengers have a dedicated lounge ...anyone know where this is ?
  12. We have always enjoyed Cunard and were on QM earlier in 2019 ...40 days start of World Cruise this year with little cause to grumbled However relatives have just on 7th Sept got off Baltic QE and having been on QV 2 years ago they were very disapointed indeed by the drop in quality of food generally especially meat and desert dishes in the dining room and sadly service too.plus apparently both sides of the buffet were closed at same time and when one of them was particularily seasick on afternoon of 6th with rough seas the only bread roll the buffet mid section could conjour up was rock hard . Has Carnival cost cutting reached such depths ? Because we had planned /reserved the 2022 World Cruise but maybe we need to rethink
  13. We and family members have used Cruisepark tanners way Southampton many yimes .fantastic service every yime by dedicated husbsnd and wife team not a single mark on our car ..immaculate service its so hard to find today .
  14. PS CRUISE PARK Our daughter plus 2 adults 4 cases and a wheelchair parked there today for 14 nights cost £119 ....exemplorary service as always from this husband and wife team ....taxi waiting as they arrived and whisked off to the port
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