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  1. Everything seems to be in a state of flux ...maybe all lines are like it thanks to Covid
  2. Thats all very well but the pick up times are late meaning you get to the port late so by time you actually get on board its time for dinner ...sure hope the actual cruise is better than pre cruise experience so far
  3. Sadly Viking organisation is rather lacking ....aware that Covid has caused a massive headache for entire travel industry but there are quite a few areas of their system which seems to need massive shake up
  4. We have a choice of 705 706 859 943 945 Normally we would choose fwd rather than nearer aft on most ships and have been on all the other Regent ships and as the aft ones on Navigator are under Prime 7 i think thats still best choice
  5. We have done Silver Seas, Seabourne and Regent Regent remains firm favourite for very many reasons however itinery is the key especially when you have been lucky enough to travel extensively and for 2022 we are on SS around Japan purely because no one else does the same ports which would allow me to see Kenroykan Gardens ...
  6. Much prefer to do my own laundry any day especially the smalls as Ship laundrys always wreck the elastic ....anyone know if the self service option is a permanant removal
  7. So bit by bit all the beanies we have long earnt as loyal patrons and days cruised are given away to all? Same as Internet is now free to all when originally you had to do the days Its a shame Regent feel the need to do this
  8. Chucktown We have cruised pretty much most of the lines inc Azamara , Oceania, Silver Sea,Seabourne And for us its Regent every time ...theres just so much thats included and it really does not matter which cabin Yes the 2 new ships are beautiful but the quality and service right across all 5 ships us immaculate Seabourne comes up a good 2nd but it does depend on the deal
  9. Frontline NHS staff at 63 may well have had 1st Covid jab but many over 75s in the country sure have not ....all are being told 12 to 14 weeks for 2nd jab so add on another 3 weeks for the immunuty to build from that 2nd jab ...dont forget alcohol interferes with producing antibodies ...i cannot see how anyone who hoped to go on a cruise in May or June can possibly do it
  10. Those itineries do not include Kanazawa which is the port fir the most famous and beutiful garden in Japan ....the Kenrokuan Garden ...its just a DIY bus ride from the port We were booked on Cunard for April 2021 but they cancelled ...we switched to Princess and now they have cancelled and so far no one in 2022 is doing the same itineries nor are they going to Kanazawa which is frustrating Silver Seas and Azamara are doing similar itineries but unless things have changed Silver Seas smoking policy stinks and the Azamara ship is not my favourite and the package is pretty poor too
  11. I feel desperately sorry for the 1000s of cruise staff who have been laid off and may well nit be re-employed but equally Covid has destroyed the hopes and dreams of so many travellers and the fortunes of cruise lines too I was so looking fwd to this cruise having had Cunard cancel an equal one we were booked on ...tired of having to reclaim deposits etc
  12. Yikes ...daughters holiday in Aus this year already pushed back to 2021 ...looks like she will loose a fortune if they wont allow any travel .....plus theres 2 relatives wont be allowed to come to a wedding in UK May 2021 which has been moved from june 2020 .....
  13. Do not recomend going out in the evening in Durban ...enjoy dinner on the ship is by far the best option
  14. Virtually all the ports on Voyager Nov 2nd cruise are high risk Covid
  15. Precisely thats what normally happens in the UK and our Gov has effectively banned cruising for over 70s so cant see Nov 2nd Voyager being on the cards
  16. I am guessing they hope all who are booked on Nov 2nd out of Barcelona will simply use the 15 day cancel option ...this means Regent have had use of their money for nearly a year by the time refunds get processed The fact that many were on a B2 B on the previous leg which was indeed cancelled and they were clearly told by " Charles at Regent UK customer services )" that Nov 2nd would be too just adds to the frustration I feel exceptionally sorry for entire travel and tourism industry but those who love to cruuse and who are in their Golden years the loss of at least 12 months of cruising is devastating especially since at 80 travel insurance is a nightmare
  17. Nov 2nd Voyager cruise all its ports are in Europe in countries with serious Covid restrictions and theres no way anyone from UK will be allowed to fly in and if they did get on that cruise they will have to self isolate for 2 weeks on the return from Lisbon
  18. Regent sure needs to sort things PDQ because Nov 2nd sailing on Voyager is just 30 days and air tickets need to be booked or cancelled they wont wait
  19. Does anyone see Nov 2nd Voyager cruise Barcelona to Lisbon cruise sailing ? Seems theres been no anouncements from Regent which most expected to happen today
  20. Virtually every port around the Med will not allow tourists in because of Covid spikes so cant see sadly how any of the Nov med cruises can go ahead because you cant enter from a flight either or if you return to the UK its 2 weeks full lockdown at home not even allowed out to buy food
  21. I thought announcements on future sailings were made at end of each month
  22. Have been to St Petersburg twice ...first time was with a Red October tour and 6 if us and an itinery we chose our guide was truly excellent ...Hermitage is mostly Old Masters and theres only so much of them some people can take ...the Gold Room is an add on but its fantastic and theres another objects Gallery in Hermitage i would love to have spent more time in I loved Catherines Palace and Peterhoff and was incredulous at the Malachite columns etc in Church if Spilled Blood or was it Cathedral ? I cannot wait to return and be able to go to the Faberge Museum that would be my No 1 choice instead of Hermitage
  23. Yes another slap in the face for all those who have done the days to earn the various perks of free Wi Fi or free Laundry ....will they increase our other benefits to make up for this ? Sadly i very much doubt it So long as they do not remove the laundry room too ...because actually i tend to prefer to simply do my own washing even though i have had free laundry for quite a long time
  24. Yes another slap in the face for all those who have done the days to earn the various perks of free Wi Fi or free Laundry ....will they increase our other benefits to make up for this ? Sadly i very much doubt it
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