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  1. Thanks I’ll do that. I am using CTW SGG. I set it up months ago. They like lots of lead time to set up the tour itinerary.
  2. We have arranged to have a local guide for one day in Tokyo. This is a free service, other than to pay for his transportation, entrance fees, and lunch. How do we thank our guide. Do we tip him or bring him a gift? We don’t want to offend him. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Thank you all. Just a little confused as to what card to get. We will have 3 full days in Singapore. Should we purchase the Ez-link or the Tourist Pass?
  4. Thank you all. You confirmed my thoughts about doing Singapore on our own. We can’t wait to get there!
  5. We are two full days in Singapore prior to our cruise. Our hotel is the Oasia downtown which is very near an mrt station. This forum has really helped us too know what there is to see and do. Would we be best to book a tour or two, or just see the sights on our own. Any tour suggestions?
  6. Thank you all, you have made my decision very easy!
  7. cruising in

    Osaka or Kyoto

    We will be stopping at Osaka with Diamond Princess. They have excursions to Kyoto from this port. This is our first visit to Japan and are wondering which city to visit. Any comments or suggestions?
  8. Thanks for your help. So looking forward to our trip, but a little intimidated by Tokyo’s transportation system.
  9. I have read to walk to Nihon-Odori Station, then what would be the best route and ticket or pass should we purchase to get to our hotel in Shinjuku?
  10. Thanks everyone. Great information. I did book the Downtown Oasia Singapore.
  11. Thanks. So glad to hear that.
  12. We will be cruising out of Singapore on Feb 2/19 and wondering if anyone has used Eva airlines. We will fly Business class on points from Vancouver to Ho Chi Min on Eva, then Singapore air from there. Any problems with either airlines?Also, looking at staying at the Oasia Downtown Singapore hotel. Anyone stayed here?
  13. Thank you for all your help. We’ll take your advise and visit Bangkok, it sounds well worth it!
  14. We are cruising from Singapore Feb./2019 and trying to decide whether to spend a couple of days pre-cruise in Thailand. If so, where? Bangkok or south, maybe Phuket? Any Suggestions - experiences you may have.
  15. We are planning two cruises out of Singapore. Our first cruise is with RC Voyager of the Seas, which returns on Feb. 2/19. We then plan on cruising with Diamond Princess leaving the same day, Feb. 2. Is there any problem going from one ship to the other? Will they be docked near to each other?
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