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  1. Got the original cruise for roughly £400pp... Inside for our L&S is ~£1500 with balcony coming in at ~£1550. Was hoping to pay £50pp to upgrade 🤣 I guess not
  2. Quick question - we had an inside room booked and completed L&S to Symphony for April 2022. Can we now upgrade our room? TIA
  3. Nice! We do go cheap when we cruise in terms of rooms...we had planned to do a balcony in 2020 but that would have been a first and MSC were doing a balcony for the price of an interior...apart from that we always do interior. Very pleased though!
  4. Yeah it's tough trying to balance everything up... For me, there's very little between the ships. We just get an internal room so it's down to entertainment and I think Harmony doesn't have a pool in the solarium which is a wee bit of a downside. I like visiting the most ports I can ...Symphony had 4 whilst the others had 3. I've never done Western Caribbean but loved places like San Juan on Eastern. ...on a sidenote anyone got anything to say about East v West? We're visiting Cozumel, Costa Maya, Roatan and Cococay....I like some sightseeing on cruises rather than beaches (I mu
  5. Yeah, we got a phenomenal price for Allure this year (probs because they had to get money in quick) so really delighted with the price we got it all for.
  6. I put them in an order of preference for the following reasons... 1st - Symphony (the Saturday sailing definitely played a big big part... it means we can have another day at the end rather than going straight to the airport) 2nd - Oasis (nice itinerary with San Juan etc) 3rd - Harmony (the age of the ship put us off - completely aware Oasis is older but it has been revamped)
  7. aAgreed...its small differences! We wanted Symphony for the newness of the ship and that it sailed on the Saturday Oasis because its been revamped Harmony because it sailed from Canaverel...just trying to pick what should come first!
  8. Here's the real reason behind my post..I was due on Allure in April and had to L&S til next year. I plan a week in Orlando then the cruise and I have 3 options... Symphony (newest ship but Western Caribbean itinerary (we prefer Eastern) but this has 4 port calls and leaves a day earlier than others which suits us better for getting back in time from school holidays) Oasis (just been amped, Eastern Caribbean which is all good news but leaves on the Sunday so leaves it a wee bit tight for getting home and only has 3 stops) Harmony (oldest ship, Eastern Caribbean, only 3 stops,
  9. Hello! Lets stay away from Covid for a while 😁 Here goes.... Order of preference of the following.... 1. Oasis of the Seas (original) 2. Harmony of the Seas 3. Allure of the Seas 4. Symphony of the Seas 5. Oasis of the Seas (Amped) Order of preference...and if possible, the reasons why...
  10. Hello! We booked Allure for 4th April 2021 from Miami. This is looking rather bleak now (I'm from the UK and doesn't look likely). I see people talking about lift and shift as if it's the customer who initiates it (i.e. I'm thinking of lifting and shifting my May cruise til next April)..... I thought it was RCI who initiates it instead of a refund after they've cancelled your cruise? We got quite a fantastic rate (£430pp for 7 nights during school holidays) so really don't want to give it up unless I have to. So.... The questions are... 1. Is L&am
  11. I'm booked to go on Allure in April. Who knows whether it'll happen or not? However....I got it for (what I think is) an absolute bargain of £450pp including $150obc. I keep an eye on the prices incase they drop but they're now sitting at £1400-1500pp....wow that is some rise! Is this because they want to put people off booking so they don't have tons of refunds to do? Or have they realised that this will go ahead and so have returned to normal prices for holiday time?
  12. Hi all, Trying to find information on the main shows that where on Allure before lockdown. Not looking for every show but the main acts? TIA
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