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  1. We booked a flat on Airbnb. It was located in the Jewish Ghetto which was pretty cool and only a couple of blocks from the Pantheon. It was a great location. If you’d like the info I can post it for you. The hosts name was Francesca. We stayed at two of her properties in Rome. One precruise and then this one after the cruise. Both were great. She also arranged transportation for us to and from the cruise ship port. That was a huge bonus.
  2. So sorry I forgot to come back and update you. We were upgraded just two days before our cruise. It was a great experience! Enjoy your cruise!
  3. They're color coded correct? Ours were blue if I remember correctly showing the location as starboard/front which on Divina is in the YC Which ship are you on?
  4. Not that I don't believe you but once you're in that area of the ship you have access to TSL and as I said not ever were we asked to show our room key. By day two they addressed us by name and knew what we drank Our butler escorted us to Muse the first night and introduced us to the maitre d from that night on we dined there for every meal but one (we had breakfast on deck 18 outside) We were never made to feel like we didn't belong there or that we didn't pay for the yc experience Maybe this is a ship by ship situation I can only speak of Divina and how we were treated so well by every single person we encountered.
  5. Nikkiw60...For them to tell you that you don’t have any of the benefits is really not even possible and here’s why. Your room key is needed to access the area of the ship that the YC rooms are located. Once in this area you have access to the Top Sail Lounge and the YC pool deck on the 18th deck. Not one time did a waiter ask to see our card when we ordered a drink in the YC lounge, dining room (Muse) or pool area. Also we used drinks and snacks from the little fridge in our room and we weren’t charged for any of that. When we arrived at the port we had a private transfer from Rome. When our driver pulled up in front of the entrance to the port there was a butler waiting for us when we got out of the car. (The driver had to stop at the entrance to the port and give our name and ship so I guess this is how the butler knew we were coming) From that point on we didn’t touch our bags or have to go in line to check in. The butler took our tickets and passports and escorted us over to the YC waiting area while he checked us in. My husband and I kept thinking “this has to be a mistake” 🤗 We were offered a drink and they had pastries and fruit out as well. The butler that took our passports came back and said our room was ready to please follow me. We were on the ship by 11:15. He escorted us and 2 other couples to concierge on deck 15 and showed us how to use our room keys to enter the private section of the ship and also on the elevator to override and get to our floor ahead of others. (Only did that once during the cruise and was given some pretty dirty looks by others whose decks we bypassed to get to the 15th lol) Once on our deck the concierge welcomed us and explained to all of us the benefits of being in the YC etc. Nobody knew who booked the YC or who was upgraded to it...we were all treated the same. We had room 15008 which was directly across the hall from the concierge desk and a few doors down from the Top Sail Lounge. Great location. Once in our room our keys were on our bed and Lova our private butler told us that all drinks were included with the YC experience as well as the private DR, Lounge and pool area. As I’ve said before I’m not sure what we did to deserve this great gift that we received but we are eternally grateful to MSC and every one of the crew that helped to make this the best cruise we’ve ever been on. When you get to the port Nikkiw60 I would go to the YC check in if your room is in the YC area. Be sure to print out your new tickets and luggage tags and they’ll spot those tags a mile away I promise you. Get ready for a great experience you’ll love it I’m sure! (I plan on writing a full review but since we returned home I’ve had strep throat and am just now feeling up to it so that review will be coming as soon as I have enough time to write a thorough one!)
  6. We found out when our butler took us to our stateroom and explained what was included. This was a game changer for us. With dozens of cruises under our belt none of them can compare to the level of service we received in the YC. Never having to deal with the MDR or the buffet on a ship this size was phenomenal. We pretty much spent all of our time in the YC areas of the ship except for the main shows that we went to. Our lounge had entertainment at night so no need to fight for a seat in one of the public lounges. We we will book the YC in the future so If MSC upgraded us with the hope of reeling us in....it worked. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. Divina. Just got off yesterday. It was an amazing cruise. MSC won us over for sure. Nothing negative to report I will write a full review once we get home. We’re in Rome now.
  8. I took a picture of the drink menu for you but this is the one in the Top Sail Lounge in the Yacht Club area so I’m not sure if all of the bars offer the same.
  9. It said the new room number, deluxe suite, yacht club but I didn’t believe it til we got on board and it was confirmed that we did indeed have the yacht club experience. We feel like we hit the lottery! lol
  10. Thank you! Absolutely will book with MSC again. This has been such a great experience from the crew to the food and drink to the ports and of course the beautiful ship! They’ve won us over! We don’t want to leave tomorrow!
  11. We’re on Divina now and we were upgraded from an aft balcony room to a deluxe suite in the Yacht Club. Our “experience” was also upgraded so we use the YC’s lounge, pool and restaurant and all drinks are included when we use these spaces. Needles to say cruising below this level will never be the same for us. Like you, they changed our room 2 days before we were to embark but this has been such a positive experience MSC has won us over! Just the fact that we don’t have to deal with the main dining rooms and buffets has made this cruise so special. Yacht Club is the way so to go!
  12. Sure will do. I haven’t seen the Galaxy restaurant yet. Does Divina have one of those? The ship is huge we’re getting lost still and it’s our 4th day on board. lol I will take some restaurant pics for you!
  13. Tiverton is beautiful! One of my favorite restaurants is there it’s called the The Boat House! I will ask about Sherry!
  14. Yes it appears to be. We haven’t eaten there yet but we saw people in there last night. You’re welcome...I will try to get the other menus tonight! So far we’re loving our first MSC cruise! Staff is phenomenal!
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