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  1. We just got off the island and loved her. I was fearful before we got on board her as well. Honestly I was stunned at how overly exaggerated the complaints are. I believe you will love her. Please don’t let all the complaints discourage you. We would go on her again in a minute.
  2. We just got off the Island Princess yesterday. We loved our cruise to the Panama Canal! What a wonderful cruise. I was rather scared hearing all the negative comments prior to boarding, however that was quickly dispelled. We would cruise on the Island Princess again in a minute. Lovely ship, wonderful service. Great shows and the food was very good. Many nice people aboard.
  3. I have checked under specialty dining on my cruise reservation and cannot find anything about Ultimate Balcony Dining. Does anyone know if the Island has this available?
  4. Thank you kindly for all your responses! Now to convince my husband that we will be just fine without the vaccine! I am not sure where our local travel medical folks got their info. but it was quite an extensive interview.
  5. We are cruising to the Panama Canal in October 2019. I just consulted with our local travel medicine experts and because we had scheduled an excursion to see the Embera Indian Village outside of the canal, and because of our ages, I would need to be immunized for Yellow Fever, but my husband would be unable to because of his age. The immunization is hard to obtain, I would need to drive 4 hours to get it. It has severe side effects listed. Because of this, we opted not to do this excursion. I am disappointed. However, I would really like to hear from others who have done excursions on the 10-day round trip partial transit Panama Canal Cruise. We are interested in the locks and history. I do not want to sit on a bus or train for long periods of time. Thanks for your input.
  6. Curious as to how luggage works with EZ Air with say AA? Is carry on luggage allowed? If not what is the price for checked bags?
  7. Thank you for your report. So good to know.
  8. I am concerned also. I would rather not stop there.
  9. I am concerned as well. It looks like Americans are being targeted. I think I will wait to hear about all the FBI findings before making my decision about staying in Amber Cove vs. venturing out...
  10. I admire you. I love cruising with my husband, and, would like to travel solo on a cruise. I am enjoying your journey. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Thanks for your insight.
  12. Thanks for your reply. I did not create the date format. Am I able to fix it?
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