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  1. I thought State of Origin was being played on neutral territory tonight. As a Mexican I'm glad the Exocet missiles are not passing over my place. We in Melbourne may be able to go bush within our state next week. I hope we can all soon resume being Australians again with freedom to move around our country.
  2. Could be a busy day on Melbourne's roads on November 9th as locals head off into regional Victoria to enjoy the country and support businesses there. It is true you don't fully appreciate things until you can't have them. We all really appreciate the moral support from around Oz. Hopefully interstate borders will soon be removed and we can all enjoy this great country again.
  3. I would of thought so if the funds had been credited back into your FCC account and you had a balance owing on the third cruise. Worth a call to Princess though, logic does not always follow.
  4. It would be interesting to know the impact expiring FCCs have on Princess 2022 prices. Ours expire 5/22 and we have booked cruises early that year as am hesitant about cruising occurring earlier. Prices for 2021 are generally less expensive reflecting uncertainty as to departure as generally evidenced by bookings. Potential scaling of occupancy limits plus FCC usage and pent up demand is likely to inflate 2022 prices IMHO.
  5. These teams have met twice before in a GF in 1931 and 1967 for one win each - first Geelong then Richmond. My grandkids follow the Cats so will be following them. Contrasting styles of play - Richmond a chaotic movement of the ball forward in a swarm whereas Geelong play a more structured precision game. A real toss up as to the result but hope you enjoy and the rain stays away.
  6. A few years ago our ship and another were denied entry to Ushuaia because we visited Stanley in the Falklands.Prior to that they were protesting over the Malvinas in Argentina. Sadly, the locals were deprived of tourist income. We filled in the day exploring some great Chilean fjords.
  7. Pleased for you. Took Option 1 on Sun P also March 21. Also got FCC but awaiting refunds. Maybe soon !
  8. Am not sure this is correct. I booked a future cruise the cost of which was more than covered by FCCs held. The FCCs were applied against the cost leaving only the taxes, fees etc as a final payment. Am still awaiting refunds for taxes, fees etc from previously cancelled cruises. My understanding was they would be refunded not held in a holding account.
  9. Thanks for that info- good news. We were due to leave the same day on the Sun for 15 days to PNG. Was that your cruise too and did you book direct through Princess or through a TA ? We have received FCC due but no refund yet. Booked through a TA.
  10. Those were the days. In 2001 with QFF points we traveled around Australia economy each for 9000 points. Melbourne-Cairns-Darwin-Broome-Perth-Melbourne. Ansett collapsed shortly thereafter just before the terrible 9/11 disaster.
  11. Don't believe propping up Virgin with subsidies without a detailed financial examination is the answer. Agree the outcome can not be predetermined but I don't accept that the only winners can be those looking to pick selected assets cheaply. A restructure involving all relevant parties is the only prudent way forward.
  12. Best to let the administrator establish the true position in this mess and propose a restructure first. Government/s and stakeholders are then in a better position to assess the way forward. Believe a solution will be found but only after extensive examination/ negotiation.
  13. Yes, we are very fortunate living in this country. Despite all the difficulties I believe our leaders are doing a great job.
  14. Would agree the 1989 GF was one of the best ever. Believe I saw the best game of football by a player that day in Gary Ablett Snr. He kicked 9 goals in a losing GF.
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