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  1. We live in California and had booked a Baltic cruise in May, 2021. We cancelled it mainly because we are not going to fly anywhere in the foreseeable future. We also have a 12 day Sea of Cortez booked for October this year, but no flying involved and the ports are mostly small. We shall wait until final payment or see what Holland and Mexico does in the meantime.
  2. Thanks for all the great suggestions. I have bought the Rick Steve’s book and it should be delivered tonight. The video sounds good too!
  3. Are the walls metal? Could we use magnets on the extra wall space for hanging things? We always need extra hangers for jackets and hats.
  4. We have never been to Europe, but are 4 star mariners and cruise mainly to areas like South America, Alaska and Mexico. Recently booked a 12 night Baltic Sea Cruise In 2021, and would like to know any information on ports and what to do. Where to look for information? Etc. It’s going to be a completely different experience for us. And very expensive. Thanks!
  5. We were on the Oosterdam in Jan. They had a big promotion going on for certain Europe sailings in 2021. I think it goes to the end of February. $800 pp air credit, OBC credit, signature drink package, free gratuities and suites get free internet and more OBC. We booked it and I got a bump out veranda cabin. The trip is 14 days Jewels of the Baltic starting and ending in Amsterdam on May 9, 2021. I wanted to go up the Amazon, but couldn’t pass this up. We have never been to Europe, but are 4 star mariners.
  6. Thank you for posting pictures of the room. It was very helpful. We spend a lot of time in the room and the extra room and balcony will be a plus for us.
  7. As of Jan 11, they were still all over the Oosterdam.
  8. Thank you for the pictures. I didn’t know what to expect with the angled walls. Looks like nice extra room. Plus the veranda looks bigger.
  9. We were on the same ship the cruise before you. The interior of the ship was so cold that everyone wore jackets. The Crows Nest was so cold that you could only stay there about 30 minutes, and that is my favorite place on the ship. I hope they turned on the heat👍😎
  10. We are 68 and 71. We love the new boardwalk of music. Online thing is they start too late for us now. They still have the Lincoln Stage for those who like classical music.
  11. The Maasdam is now considered a EXC ship. Meaning it is smaller, doesn’t have regular entertainment but more lectures and sea related things going on. A smaller quiet ship more interested in the real experience instead of bells and whistles. You will find more lectures from naturalist. Please note! It will cost more than the larger ships as it goes to destinations other ships don’t.
  12. A few years ago, we went from Buenos Aires to Santiago Chile, but went on a Celebrity ship. We are 4 stars on Holland. We love South America! The Straits of Magellan are nothing like you see in Alaska. Much more dramatic landscape. We have cruised to South America for a total of over 70 days on 3 cruises. I love SA
  13. I was told if you want seats, you had to prepay your air. That would not be the cruise final payment. Now I’m confused? Can I get seats and upgrade just by booking? Not making payment until cruise final payment time?
  14. Booked a bump out room and would like any information on these. The room will be bigger 230sq. Ft. Anyone have a picture? I can’t find any. Thanks
  15. We were on Oosterdam last week and was told that 2021 South America should come out around April.
  16. We do the same thing and pay early so we can pick our seats or upgrade. You can’t get seats until air is paid and I want to know well in advance!
  17. We got back yesterday from a 7 day Mexico on the Oosterdam and booked a 14 day Baltic on the Neiuw STATENDAM for May 2021. My husband really wants to see St Petersburg. Booking on the ship, we should get Up To $800.00 ea. Air credit, gratitudes, drinks, $400.00 ea. OBC plus we are shareholders. Main reason is we pick our room! Got a V bump out room. ,230 sq. Ft. in just the room, plus balcony. I WILL keep checking prices and promotions and can always cancel and rebook. Isn’t that the good thing about booking on the ship? Also the deposit is only $100.00 p.p. And it’s over a year away. This promotion was only for certain European cruises in 2021. The promotion if I understand right, last through February.
  18. We booked V7131. Looks like the room is bigger. How do I find pictures of that room, please.
  19. Just booked a bump out room on deck 7. Anyone have information on those rooms? Pictures? I can’t find any, but it is supposed to be a bigger room and balcony.
  20. Just remember there is not much for kids to do on Holland. It is mostly older people and very few children.
  21. Sounds like you are going on the Maasdam? We did a tour to the pearl farm a couple of years ago. It was very interesting. Not much else to do in Guaymus but fishing, beach stuff. We will be on the October cruise. This will be our third time up the Sea.
  22. If you are thinking of the Sea of Cortez cruise, I would book early. The ship sells out fast and the prices don’t go down. We booked for the Oct 2020 last week with Holland’s sale and will have over $1000.00 OBC including our Shareholder credit.
  23. Being a 4 star mariner, my favorite things are the balcony cabins with a sofa since I have a bad back. Also, this summer we to a competitors ship and the forward area like the Crows Nest was not open during the day. The Crows Nest is my favorite place to read and watch the water. I’m sticking to Hal!
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