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  1. We have decided to get our money back for the May 14 cruise, which right now is only the deposit. The dust is going to settle a whole lot before we book something.
  2. Yes, I received written confirmation of my negative test about 3 days after the test. Had it done at CVS.
  3. Just called Celebrity and will be getting a full refund for my deposit and will be getting a new Future Cruise Credit, as they had applied our previous FCC to this cruise. Since nobody knows how long this pandemic will last, we decided to just wait it out and book something then. Having to wear a mask anytime we’re out of the cabin and taking only X sponsored shore excursions wasn’t appealing to us.
  4. Just got an email from Celebrity stating our May 14th 9-night cruise to the ABC islands has been cancelled! Not really surprised, but disappointed. Hope the cruise lines will survive this pandemic and will be around when we plan our next cruise!
  5. No, definitely not! Everyday I wonder if I will even want to go on our May, 2021 cruise. It will depend on a number of factors, such as having to wear a mask, whether we can stop at some of the ports, a safe and effective vaccine, etc.
  6. I, too, thoroughly enjoy planning for a cruise, from continually researching airfare, hotels, ports, restaurants, it’s all enjoyable! We have a May, 2021, cruise planned, which is very questionable right now; but if we’re unable to go, I’ll just start over again with the planning!
  7. I don’t see how this is any different than the required immunizations for school now; i.e., DPT, MMR, Polio, and other required shots.
  8. Just like everything else, the rules don’t apply to them! Good call, MSC!
  9. We’re booked in mid-May on the Equinox. Really happy to have something to look forward to during this trying time. Just hope and pray for a vaccine soon so we can all get back to cruising!
  10. Another thing I don’t miss are the port talks, a.k.a., shopping talks, directing you to Diamonds International and other cruise line sanctioned businesses.
  11. I really miss the photographers in your face when you’re trying to eat dinner!
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