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  1. We have “Pearl” on our boarding pass also and have never gambled in the casinos onboard other than the slots a few times. When we do, we always use cash, so I don’t think they would even know who we are, let alone give us Pearl status. Go figure!
  2. Here we go again! After a full day of being able to get on the boards, I am getting the same old same old. This is really getting old!!!
  3. When you fill out the Luggage Valet form for the cruise ship, it asks how many bags you are checking, and that amount is charged to your cruise account. If you are exempt from baggage fees, such as fees are included in your fare class, you just explain why, and no baggage fees are charged. We used this service in October and were extremely satisfied.
  4. No formal nights. They are now “Evening Chic.” If you do a search, you will find numerous posts on this topic. Below is from Celebrity’s website: The dress code for Evening Chic is as follows: Women should feel comfortable wearing: A cocktail dress Skirt, pants, or designer jeans with an elegant top Men should feel comfortable wearing: Pants or designer jeans with a dress shirt, button-down shirt, or sweater Optional sport coat or blazer This leaves lots of opportunities for you to show off your personal style, whether that’s designer denim and a blazer or a cocktail dress and heels. Depending on the length of your cruise you’ll likely have up to two Evening Chic nights.
  5. Love not having formal nights anymore. My husband particularly likes not having to wear a suit for dinner and just wear a nice shirt and pants.
  6. I’m getting claustrophobia just looking at this balcony!
  7. Working fine this morning, but server error again tonight. I can access some of the boards, but, of course, not the one I really wanted to see!
  8. Kind of like “Gold Chains by the Inch!”. And probably just as expensive!
  9. CardRock, if you are thinking of doing Maya Chan, book asap, as they only take a limited number of people and fill up very fast.
  10. We, too, go back and forth between Royal and Celebrity, having done more cruises on Royal. We are increasingly finding, however, that X appeals to us more. The rock walls, Flow Rider, belly flop contests really don’t appeal to us, and as others have said X is much more laid back and relaxing. We also like the Elite perks on Celebrity over Royal’s. We sailed on the Allure in October and enjoyed it, but found ourselves missing certain things on X. That’ s why our next cruise is with X. With either line, we can always enjoy ourselves, but the edge goes to Celebrity!
  11. Makes you wonder if any of these genius designers and PR people have ever cruised???
  12. Haven’t been able to access the Celebrity board or many of the other boards for a couple of days and it was hit or miss before that. Never had any problems with the old boards! 🤔
  13. From all of the reviews of the IV rooms, my husband and I feel we will stick to the S/M class ships. We love the balcony cabins and spend a lot of time on them. From the pictures we’ve seen, we think the IV’s look like over priced ocean views! Could be wrong, but not willing to spend a lot of money to find out!
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