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  1. The Fury is a cat that runs out of Cozumel. Exactly what you are describing. Great Fun!
  2. One catamaran is the Fury. Great excursion! Great fun. Maybe 40-50 people?
  3. Good to know they offer transportation only.
  4. We stayed at St Maarten last May, went to Pinel, and have been several times in the past. I've read multiple threads about reliable transportation return from Pinel. Had a rental car so no problems. Last year and this past spring, we returned from Pinel via ferry around 3pm. We did notice there was no one on the ferry dock that could have called us a taxi if we had needed one. 2 seperate times, not a soul, just returning patrons of the ferry. We looked towards the kayak hut and didn't see anyone there either. Just an observation. Pinel is SO WORTH going, but I'd sure be uneasy returning on that ferry with no guaranteed means of transportation. Car rental isn't all that much at the cruise ship pier, something like $60 for the day. Just my .O2
  5. We use a Kyss Bag. Big enough to tote your stuff, yet lockable and safe.
  6. After watching them set up multiple days, this was not our observation. Heck anything is possible I guess.
  7. The nearby Condo renters/owners grab the front ranks of beds, before the T'erds arrive. Not so sure that's accurate. We stay at the Atrium and watch them set up the lounge chairs in the morning when the cruise ships are in town. The are set up for the tour guests. Yes, first come first serve. About 4 rows deep. There are separate lounges for Atrium patrons, and there are lounges by the Buccaneer Bar.
  8. There is a Honeymoon Beach at St John. Access via Red Hook ferry and open air taxi. There is a Honeymoon Beach at Water Island, which has 2 beachside (as in "on the beach") grills/crude bars. Great hamburgers and drinks I might add! Nice quiet beach until the tour boats arrive with a zillion people. They don't stay too long tho. Access via local (20 person) ferry that runs every hour from Tickles Restaurant /dock in Crown Bay. Then either walk up and over a good size hill or sometimes you can catch a free ride from one of the restaurant vehicles.
  9. We were at Pinel last week. Pinel is gorgeous, a must seer in my opinion. Drive time is accurate - about 30 minutes in the morning. The ferry runs every 1/2 hour. Cost is $12 pp r/t. I believe the 1st ferry is @ 9:30, last ferry back is 4pm. Kayaking is a good option. It is in a pretty remote area. At the ferry dock, there is no one to ask to call a taxi. I'd want some assurance that my taxi would be there to get me to the ship. Another option would be to rent a car for the day. Very easy to do, and not that much money. That way you'd have your own wheels. You really don't want to miss Pinel. You will never forget it.
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