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  1. The main point was the second part, unlike Celebrity, Princess allows you to bring additional bottles by paying $15 each. We took six on our last cruise, the two free ones we had in the room, the ones with pre-paid corkage fee, we took to dinner.
  2. I wish they would go to Princess’s policy; two bottles free but you can’t drink them in the DR without paying a $15 corkage fee. However many more bottles you want to bring along are charged the corkage fee on embarkation, and you can bring them to the DR at no additional charge. (They put stickers on the ones you prepaid)
  3. The last hurricane to make landfall in the Hawaiian Islands was over 25 years ago.
  4. If you cancel, taxes/fees should be refunded to you. Nor sure if that happens for no shows.
  5. One of my favorites was the lady standing at the end of a row in the theater saving some unknown number of seats on the aisle. Two elderly Japanese couples, who apparently spoke no English, casually strolled in from the other end of the row and sat down. She was telling them the seats were saved, and they were doing a lot of bowing and smiling, but not moving. She told them three or four times, each time getting louder, presumably thinking more volume would make them understand English. It didn’t, and eventually she moved to a different row.
  6. You’re right about it not just being cruises, my BIL sent me this picture of a resort they were at that had a no chair saving policy.
  7. True, if the infant is under six months old, or under a year old on cruises with three or more consecutive sea days.
  8. I’d pay it today if I could. Things can happen and a day or two buffer is always nice.
  9. Silversea sometimes does that also, up to 10% in some cases.
  10. I can understand having to go through US customs to get on the ship in Vancouver, but why would have to do it to get off the ship there?
  11. Can you go into Michael’s Club in the evening and order three drinks at once. 😀
  12. Well, it can but it would have to stop somewhere like Kiribati on the way.
  13. Celebrity used to advertise a staff/passenger ratio of 2 to 1, now they advertise a ratio of nearly 2 to 1, so I’d say, yes, they are diminishing.
  14. I don’t think shore excursions or shopping can be overpriced if you use OBC you’re just trying to use up to get them.
  15. The 350 nights wouldn’t have had much value if the alternative was insolvency before you reached it. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  16. For the first time ever, in 15-20 cruises, we’re flying in the day of embarkation. I did book the flights through Princess, for whatever good that may do. Anyway, I think I’ll take the good advice of everyone and go get the wine before checking in. Now, I just have to decide whether to get 2 bottles or get more and pay the $15 per. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  17. It would be nice if my 132 Crown and Anchor points translated to 132 Venetian Society days. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  18. Vancouver, I assume Canada Place. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  19. At embarkation can I check in, drop off my bags, etc. in the cabin, leave the ship, and go to a store to buy some wine to bring on board? Or do I have to have it with me when I first check in? TIA Sent from my iPad using Forums
  20. The flight we want leaves at 8:17pm, its like $200/pp more the next night and we’d have to sit around all day. I was hoping dinner would be a voucher like other nights, but it doesn’t sound like it. I think the Riverboat gets back around 5:30, we should be to do that if we’re packed and ready to go. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  21. We’re on a post cruise tour that ends in Fairbanks, and we’d like to leave the last evening, but Princess EZair won’t allow bookings before 4:55am the next day. If we book our own air is there any problem with doing this, and if not, do we have to notify them ahead of time or can we just tell them when we’re in Fairbanks. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  22. Those are openings not holes. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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