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  1. Happened because last weeks sailing had 9(? Roughly) people test positive and I believe they were all vaccinated. Implemented within 12 hours or so. Don’t know how to test just why.
  2. My guess is that many of the passengers testing positive have been vaccinated (on other ships as well). Vaccinated people can still get sick, just not nearly as sick. We sail at the end of September but may cancel. Many of the ports have restrictions and I am sure as Delta Spurs an increase in cases, restrictions will also increase, most through the ports. As it currently stands, we won’t be able to go to shore unless with an X excursion in Barbados, St Lucia and St Kitts (I think). I know that Aruba has also instituted stronger regulations but I don’t know how that will effect cruise travelers. 🤞🏻 And I am grateful for the 48-hour cancellation policy.
  3. We almost booked the ABC but then we ran across the 12-night itinerary and booked that in September. Favorite ports ever....1) Curaçao. 2) Aruba. If you choose off the beaten path we have done some cool things....
  4. LOL at the longevity of this thread! 😊 I hope your Sept. cruise is a go!! Since my last comment above (in Nov. 2019), we returned to Antigua for a second visit (on another transit of the Panama Canal). I just want to mention the fabulous local place, Rincon Tipico, where we had lunch (recommended on the CC thread below). It's not really a tourist spot (at least it wasn't in early 2020), so I was happy to have read about it. Here's the thread with the info: I guess Nov 2019 is really that long ago. We did partial transit in October. Thank you for the recommendation. We prefer to go away from everything tourist. This cruise we are going to 7 ports we haven’t visited: Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada. St Kitts, St Croix and St Lucia. Any recommendations for those ports would be great!!!
  5. And I am reading this 2 years later (hope that is 👌) yeah! We go sept 2021 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  6. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻12 days in September 😁
  7. Makes me excited anyway. We are 12 day on Equinox on 9/26🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  8. Idk🤷🏼‍♀️ Just felt with loyalty it should have been the original offer. Not the$ just the principal. Hadn’t read every single line on it. It’s all good because we are opting to wait which is the better option for us. The 5-day Cruise was our “trial” to see how the new experience will be. Instead, we will see how it is for everyone and go on a cruise we really want, not a “trial.”
  9. Thank you. I didn’t know who to talk to and was frustrated. Everyone I spoke with said “I agree, but I can’t do anything about it.” I will keep you posted! I think our last Carnival Cruise was Nov 2018 (?) We went to the Panama Canal last fall on Holland. We had a young, healthy crowd for Holland. 😉
  10. Was it Carnival? Just annoyed and going to wait. This was just a “trial cruise.” Prefer the Caribbean and if we wait we can see how it shakes out.
  11. Thank you all. Part warning, part whining. Talked to 2 agents. Going to try and talk my husband into a train trip. We have awhile to decide and I really want to see how things transpire. Train 🤷🏼‍♀️ New experience and we can do it now.
  12. We had a 7-day booked for July. Cancellation= $600 On board credit. We then booked a 5-day. It was cancelled and our OBC for our next, 7-day cruise is $300 based on previous cruise (which I may not book). So, we have lost $300 in OBC. IDK. Makes me a little hesitant to book again. Opinions? (It isn't the money but the principal.)
  13. We had a 7-day booked for July. Cancellation= $600 On board credit. We then booked a 5-day. It was cancelled and our OBC for our next, 7-day cruise is $300 based on previous cruise (which may not be booked). So, we have lost $300 in OBC. IDK. Makes me a little hesitant to book again.
  14. SO, we are looking into booking our 3rd cruise on Carnival during the pandemic. The first canceled cruise was a 7-day Caribbean and we were offered a $600 on board credit. We then booked a 5-day going to Cabo (I am not thrilled to cruise but my husband is going crazy). It was canceled. We are re-booking a 7-day cruise and only have $300 on-board credit so we essentially lost $300 in credit. I feel like canceling and going on different line. Anyone have this problem? Am I on the wrong board?
  15. Sea-Bos

    Shete Boca

    Thank you! I don’t know if we are supposed to take down posts (or how). We rented a car from Advance. $75 Met us at the cruise terminal and we were off! Also met us at the terminal when we were done with the car. Spent about 3 hours at Shete Boka (it was too hot to hike anywhere). Honestly one of my favorite places on earth! We went snorkeling at one of the smaller, more local beaches. (Little knip?). No entrance fee and it wasn’t crowded. Snorkeled first a solid hour and I have never been able to snorkel in the past. have a wonderful time in curaçao if you haven’t been before. At Advance, we worked with a guy named Celestino. Doubt it matters. Here is his phone # +599 9 566 2220
  16. Just want to thank the original poster. We used them on Weds and it was simple and wonderful!
  17. We just took the bus. Thanks for all of the info! Our minds were sluggish and kept looking for the booth. Remembered that all we needed to do was get on the bus. I think is was $2.75 a person. Coming home we took one of the old, run-down mini vans. All worked great.
  18. What did you do in Costa Rica? Were you in Limon? Was it safe to wander around?
  19. Exact itinerary we are doing in a week. Is it safe? I have heard both ways. I would love to catch a church service at 9 and then see jungle or sloths or something (idk. Just found church. 1.2 km away) do you think we can catch a tour after 10 and do you think it is safe to walk around? The only port we have ever felt unsafe in was Belize (and we actually had locals turn us around).
  20. Yeah!!! We booked with him after reading everyone’s positive reviews. So excited!!!
  21. Thanks. I like to take a dress for each formal night but my husband went and lost enough weight that none of his suits fit so I guess we won’t be dressing up as much anyway. 😢 always love that part..
  22. Cruised around everywhere and couldn’t seem to find the answer. Thanks.
  23. Hi! We have perused the excursions in Gatun Lake/Panama for hours. We finally booked the Fort Lorenzo tour thinking it took a bus to the Fort and we would be able to see some of the countryside. Now we think it might be a ferry? Can anyone verify? We will be on Holland America Zuirdam on 10/20/19 Thanks!
  24. Further investigation 😉 the star is in the mall. According to my husband, they are building a walk of fame... but so far he is it. He is from San Nicolas and I originally thought something would be there. It looks as if they have amazing murals but not much else (unless we want to go to baby beach).
  25. The bus in Aruba looks so easy! Although I want to go to San Nicolas and my husband wants. Snorkeling tour so we may not have time for both. Is the bus bus in Curaçao so easy? Having a harder time finding info on it. I want to go to shete boka but it seems like it might be too far on the bus? thanks.
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