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  1. Just want to thank the original poster. We used them on Weds and it was simple and wonderful!
  2. We just took the bus. Thanks for all of the info! Our minds were sluggish and kept looking for the booth. Remembered that all we needed to do was get on the bus. I think is was $2.75 a person. Coming home we took one of the old, run-down mini vans. All worked great.
  3. What did you do in Costa Rica? Were you in Limon? Was it safe to wander around?
  4. Exact itinerary we are doing in a week. Is it safe? I have heard both ways. I would love to catch a church service at 9 and then see jungle or sloths or something (idk. Just found church. 1.2 km away) do you think we can catch a tour after 10 and do you think it is safe to walk around? The only port we have ever felt unsafe in was Belize (and we actually had locals turn us around).
  5. Yeah!!! We booked with him after reading everyone’s positive reviews. So excited!!!
  6. Thanks. I like to take a dress for each formal night but my husband went and lost enough weight that none of his suits fit so I guess we won’t be dressing up as much anyway. 😢 always love that part..
  7. Cruised around everywhere and couldn’t seem to find the answer. Thanks.
  8. Hi! We have perused the excursions in Gatun Lake/Panama for hours. We finally booked the Fort Lorenzo tour thinking it took a bus to the Fort and we would be able to see some of the countryside. Now we think it might be a ferry? Can anyone verify? We will be on Holland America Zuirdam on 10/20/19 Thanks!
  9. Further investigation 😉 the star is in the mall. According to my husband, they are building a walk of fame... but so far he is it. He is from San Nicolas and I originally thought something would be there. It looks as if they have amazing murals but not much else (unless we want to go to baby beach).
  10. The bus in Aruba looks so easy! Although I want to go to San Nicolas and my husband wants. Snorkeling tour so we may not have time for both. Is the bus bus in Curaçao so easy? Having a harder time finding info on it. I want to go to shete boka but it seems like it might be too far on the bus? thanks.
  11. We have never rented a car in port. Sounds like you all are pros. How difficult is parking? Driving? I want to go to Shete Boka but not on a tour. It seems like a car might be our best bet and then Kenepa and maybe a couple of other beaches on the way. Anyway, suggestions for car rental?
  12. Okay it is at Paseo Hortencia... so excited! Saw a picture and it just made me excited, but I am a huge Xander fan (and Red Sox). Yeah for baseball!!! And Aruba 😂
  13. Sea-Bos

    Blue Bay Beach

    As a local I hope you can help. We want to go back to Shete Boka. It truly is one of my favorite places anywhere. Can you suggest the best way to get there? Last time we were in Curacao we had a private driver who took us to most of the amazing island. I really want to go to Shete Boka and then some beach. Ideas? Thank you so much!
  14. Thank you so much! I will let my husband peruse it tomorrow. He will be so happy. I had been looking into the San Nicolas area because one of my favorite ball players and all things Aruba is from there (ridiculous I know). I then saw the art and thought it looked amazing. Idk. Going to check into Xander a little more. My husband said that they have a Star (like in Hollywood) for him. Hoping to run into him. Lol... rather see him than any star in Hollywood.
  15. Ok. We are going a year later than you all. On a cruise 10/20/19. 1pm-11pm. Thinking of going to San Nicolas and then Baby beach when we first arrive. Other beaches or things to do? When we went last time the beach was packed! Any ideas for the evening? And not the casino? Haven’t been in port at night since I might my Bostonian husband in a club 😁 in Cozumel
  16. Did you go? We are thinking of going via bus but would love some insight.
  17. Sea-Bos

    Shete Boca

    Ok.... curaçao. Been there before and loved it. I want to go to Shete Boca. Last time we were on a private tour. Trying to determine best way to go this trip: tour? Taxi? Rental car?
  18. Puerto Rico has a free shuttle that runs around the old-town. It is great and you can jump on and off. Love PR.
  19. amber cove is a weird port. It was originally designed as an educational port (? Can’t think of the exact word). This failed and Carnival took over the port. It is created. There are no beaches or much to do outside of the port area. When we were there we stayed in the area and swam. There are zip lines and water slides for a small $$$. We enjoyed it although I was disappointed because I wanted to explore DR (We like to wander the ports not the bars).
  20. Boca Pistol... my absolute favorite thing on the island and probably the Caribbean...last time we took a 10 hour private tour and this was definitely the best. Sorry the picture is sideways
  21. Last time we were there we were lucky enough to have a private tour. Favorite of all time: Boca Pistol. Absolutely amazing. There is Hatu caves and flamingo pans of Jan Thiel. The parking area at Boca Pistol was close. Sorry the pics are sideways
  22. We have the same questions. We don’t do ship excursions so we are trying to find the best places to go
  23. BBC earth? From what we saw it was movies. Are we missing something? A couple of years ago we were on princess and it was amazing. The lights of the ship were turned off for light pollution and we had a specialist point out all of the constellations and the folk lore associated with them. Definitely one of my favorites. Haven’t been on HAL in years and hoping they have something similar.
  24. Actually it depends on the itineraries. That happened on a cheap 4-day out of LA. I usually like it, but we are ready for a change. I am interested to see what HAL is like now. We went 17 years ago and we were way too young to appreciate it and we were awakened every morning by “bingo Pete.” Bingo Pete was the deal breaker.
  25. We usually do Carnival because I like it but we liked this itinerary. The thing I like best: the staff. It sounds as if that is a positive for everyone so that is great! I always learn a few words of Indonesian so I can greet people in their native languages. We are noticing Carnival is going downhill fast. We will miss the steel drums by the pool but not the people walking around with their own music blaring. We have done river cruising Celebrity, Carnival, NCL, Princess and Holland.
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