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  1. Hey guys I don’t know what happened up here in British Columbia as far as weather is concerned. We are on a 14 day stretch with no rain only sunny sky’s. temperatures in the 18-22 degrees Celsius. It’s been so so beautiful like spring with no winter in sight. But it’s all going to end the day we leave, it’s calling for rain on Wednesday.
  2. That picture was from a few years ago..... my boys are 13 and 11, I also have a 22 yr old step daughter who will be coming.
  3. We are a hockey family as well, Both boys play hockey, at the the rink 7 days a week..... this weekend we have 7 games in total plus my older son refs now and he has 6 games to ref this weekend. Love hockey. We are from the West Coast, Beautiful "British Columbia" (Vancouver). We sail the harmony next Saturday we leave for Florida on Wednesday, it's getting so real. Vicky
  4. I finally can post...... trying to figure out my password. Anyways we sailing her next week.......... Can't wait
  5. We are sailing on the Harmony, would we have Dasani water? We are from the West Coast, Vancouver, British Columbia and we are so lucky to have the water that we have. Just don’t like the taste of any other water. The only water that comes close is Aquafina and Dasani. We might have a problem😂 we drink a lot of water.
  6. Just a quick question, on our up coming cruise in October we have the deluxe beverage package, refreshment package and 3 soda packages for our family of 5. We tend to only drink Aquafina or Dasani water when we travel. In the past we just stuck a luggage tag and brought on a couple of cases of water. Now that it’s not allowed what are our options. We will not be able to carry on that much water and I don’t like the taste of the ships water 😩. What if any water is included in our packages, what brand? Thanks
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