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  1. Indianatraveler5

    Cocoa Beach Trolley at Port Canaveral

    How do you get to the buses if you are at Terminal 10? We are on the NCL Breakaway and I am a bit confused from all that I have read. NCL wants $15 and there are 7 of us, so I want to do this the cheapest way but I don't want to waste any time either.
  2. Indianatraveler5


    I'm so glad to read this post! This will make it so much easier to keep track of 5 teenagers :cool: We have not cruised for 3 years, and they did not have this then. This will save so much time.
  3. Indianatraveler5

    Spirit Reflections - A Week Later

    I'm glad to hear your comments. I have been on Disney and do love them! However, when considering another family cruise a few years later, we opted for the NCL Dawn. My family was hooked on freestyle after that. The last thing my husband wants to do on a vacation is dress up and be on a schedule!!! This Spring Break we knew wanted the same experience. We are looking forward to the Spirit in two weeks!
  4. Indianatraveler5

    Fridges in Spirit Cabins?

    I called about a month ago and I'm sorry I don't remember which number I used. I booked directly with NCL and I believe it was a number on my receipt. (which is at work at the moment). There were at least 5 others on my roll call that also reserved them and got the same response. (free but medical reasons get priority). I doubt they all booked direct. I would just call whatever number you may have on your edocs.
  5. Indianatraveler5


    It was not a choice for early reservations on the Spirit for our 4/01 cruise either. We are hoping to sign up first thing when we get in the ship!
  6. Indianatraveler5

    Fridges in Spirit Cabins?

    I called and requested one for our 4/01 cruise. She asked if it was medical and I said no. She said ok, no charge. But it is based on availability and medical reasons come first. We'll see in two weeks if I receive it. It comes in handy for drinks, but if others need it for medical reasons, it wont bother me not to have it.
  7. Indianatraveler5


    The kids pool on the Spirit looks to be for kids under 10. I will be on board next month and have an 11 and 12 yr. I imagine they will be with us at the main pool. I sure wish it was adult only, but that really wouldn't be fair for preteens and teenagers that are too big for the other pool. When we were on the Disney Magic we TOTALLY enjoyed their adult only pool!!!
  8. Indianatraveler5

    Hilton or Atlantis Beach?

    [quote name='tankersbabe']$4 per person cab ride from Pier to Atlantis. We did most of the day at Hilton, hopped a cab to Atlantis, blundered around about an hour, and rode back.[/quote] Sounds perfect. Although after thinking about it, we may do it the other way around. After sitting in the sun for several hours, we may not feel like walking around Atlantis. Thanks for your help.
  9. Indianatraveler5

    Hilton or Atlantis Beach?

    I will be in Nassau on the NCL Star on May 22nd. I am sold on the Hilton. However, we would also like to look around Atlantis, since we have never been there before. We dont have to see everything, but just a few areas would be nice. Just wondering if we should do the beach at Atlantis instead. NCL has a beach excursion for $89. I know that is quite a bit more, but I am more interested in maximizing our day than saving. I like the thought of the Hilton b/c we could swim in the pool and we could not at Atlantis. However, it would be nice to stay at one location. Does anyone know the rough price of a cab ride from the Hilton to Atlantis? Which should we do first?
  10. Indianatraveler5

    Soda card for the kids?

    My kids are 9 and 10 and we were on a 9 night cruise. We just brought the pop on the ship. This was fine for lunch in the buffet or by the pool. I also bought one teen passport (they never asked my kids age) as soon as we walked on the ship. This worked out well for us. There were 20 coupons ($34.)They could use these for pop (or kiddie cocktails) at dinner or my husband would get them smoothies before the shows in the theater. We actually ended up with a few extra coupons. We would not have gotten our moneys worth with the soda cards. We were at port for 5 days and so that only left the night time for them to have a drink.
  11. Indianatraveler5

    Great Stirrup Cay - Hippo Waterslide

    I am glad I read this thread. I will be on the Sky (and GSC) with friends in May. I happened to see a nice adult snorkle set (with flippers) on clearance for $29 this weekend and bought it. I didn't think about having a vest. I guess I will have to look for that too. I will also be on the Dawn in March so I am hoping I get my moneys worth of the set.
  12. Sounds like you had a great time. I will be on the Sky in May with my two best friends (neither of them have cruised before) and I cannot wait! But first is my trip on the Dawn in March...
  13. Indianatraveler5

    NCL Star - Food Pics!!

    Those are great. Thanks!
  14. Indianatraveler5

    New Tax ?

    Lower by $30 pp.(we have 4 people) Really I just think they forgot somewhere along the line to add it into my price. I had always noticed that my price was lower than what was online and on ncl site. I am new to this, so I didn't know if that was normal or not. (just thought I was getting a better deal)
  15. Indianatraveler5

    New Years Review - SKY

    Thanks for all your details. My friends and I are thinking about taking this trip in May. This is a great review for them to read.