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  1. Thank you for this information Father! We are booked on the holiday cruise to Antarctica but I strongly suspect that is not going to happen. We've had four cruises canceled so far this year. Going with cruising friends to the Smoky Mountains in September as one "Plan B" but we sure miss the gentle rocking of the ship as we get the best sleep ever on board. All the best and hoping for a solution to this soon!
  2. Well, Princess canceled our Greenland cruise (now hoping to go there on Rotterdam next year) and Celebrity canceled our A-B-C Caribbean cruise, so along with our traveling friends we rented a three master suite "Log Cabin" in the Smoky Mountains for a week. No flying, just driving. Lots of chances to hike, white-water rafting, the ladies can shop, etc. We used to vacation there every year when our sons were young. Still hoping for Antarctica over the holidays...
  3. We are not "Booked" but are hoping to board on 10-24-20 for the b2b to FLL. Thanks to the Inside Cabin for starting this more positive thread... Had three canceled so far as this was to be my first retirement year (postponed that too as we can't travel!). Maybe we are crazy but we and traveling friends are thinking the Caribbean may be the first to open up, so we are hoping for a Celebrity Equinox cruise in September. Then the Volendam Oct-Nov. We are booked (booked in May of 19) for the holiday Antarctica sailing on Westerdam. Sure hope that happens. We are also booked on Celebrity Summit for next May - 10 days including three in Bermuda (rescheduled from June 2020). Hoping to take the Rotterdam to Greenland August 29 of '21.
  4. The OP said they had a non-refundable deposit. In that case I would wait to cancel. Chances are in the next few months HAL will extend their cancelation program so that at least the deposit will be turned into an FCC. Cancel it now and that is lost! But of course, don't make that final payment.
  5. Nieuw Amsterdam is currently anchored in the Bahamas. I doubt it will cross to Europe this year barring a dramatic change in the situation. If you booked through a T/A you might want to contact them. I was able to update my December booking this week quite promptly and I know they needed to 'talk' to someone at HAL to get that done. Perhaps the T/A can obtain an extension to use your 'expiring' FCC? Hope this helps!
  6. OP: Everyone needs to make their own decision. You may want to not make final payment on the cruise, and just adopt a wait and see... I assume you bought the air separately and not thru flight-ease. If things get much better, and ships are sailing, chances are excellent you would be able to rebook at a lower fare. If things don't get better, the airline may cancel the flight allowing you to get a refund. Or at least, you may be able to cancel your flight closer to the date and get a voucher for future (2021) travel. Or of course, your other thought for a land trip from Seattle merits consideration. Lots to see from there - Olympic and Mt. Rainer national parks, the islands, take a ferry to Victoria... Good luck to you and all of us. May the summer sunshine at least slow down the virus so we can enjoy our summer!
  7. We were also to board Rotterdam today. This really hit me yesterday morning when instead of flying Southwest to FLL we were doing "Palm Sunday" via cyber-church. Been planning this one for nine months. Had 13 weeks of trips planned this year. Will any of them happen?
  8. Hi Ken & Phyllis! I assume deposit means final payment... If so, if I were you, I would cancel and get your deposit back. You can continue to plan for the cruise (but not make any deposits or non-cancelable plans) and if things go extremely well and the ship is actually sailing by July, you can always rebook (at what will likely be a lower cost). Being over 70 and not knowing what the future holds with that crazy letter, you don't want to pay only to end up with FCC that you may never be able to use! Hope this helps!
  9. Father, the RCL group of cruise companies have canceled all Alaska cruises before July 1. Suspect all others will follow. Will July happen? Only the Lord really knows!
  10. I agree with gwenmarie. Figure the cruise is not going to happen but don't cancel. Wait for HAL to cancel (as they surely will - no chance things are cleared up by then!) and you will have more options.
  11. Hi Jacqui! Regretfully we have had to cancel our April 6 cruise on Rotterdam. Thanks for all you do! Arie & Cheryl
  12. We have two cruises coming up: April 6 on Rotterdam "TO" Rotterdam. June 6 on Celebrity Summit. We FULLY intend to sail on these, and both are paid in full. But one never knows what will happen... So as of right now, if we wanted to, we can cancel the Summit sailing and get everything back in a FCC with Celebrity. But if we wanted to cancel the Rotterdam we are out of luck. Sure makes HAL look bad... Agree with comments above about them being followers and not leaders.
  13. ABSOLUTELY! We do still try to be on board early, but mostly because we need to meet with the dining room host about DW's special dietary needs. We often cruise with friends (who we have met on cruises) and as we dine together we do usually enjoy the dining room. Enjoy cruising!
  14. Glad this worked for you. While we don't often take ship's excursions we have booked them in advance using OBC with both Azamara and Celebrity. Absolutely seamless as Caribbean Chris reports above. We also booked two Celebrity tours that we would NOT have booked through the ship except for the ability to book in advance using OBC. Making it easy and painless is a great way to boost revenue!
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