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  1. We are cruising with friends who are also booked. He said (in our case) this is basically like buying a one year $5000 junk bond with a 14% return. As your cruise is not until March of 22 your rate is a bit lower, but of course with the gift cards you need to find a way to use them! All the best!
  2. Hello 13 cheer! I didn't see anyone actually respond to your post so thought I would jump in. As you have all those funds in gift cards, were I in your shoes I would take advantage of the offer as like you said, you can't spend the gift cards anywhere else! I just did the math on our booking for next August. Assuming the port taxes are not discountable, it would reduce our fare by $564. and receive the additional $200 OBC. So total of $764 in value if the cruise sails. To receive this, I would need to put out $5,384 in cash. Holland America st
  3. The Dutch Cafe is the one reason we might consider a cruise on those ships. Bring on the Poffertjes!
  4. Agree, "Flight Ease" airfare is refunded in cash (credit back to your card). Eventually...
  5. Just this week we used a Princess FCD to book a cruise for August 2021. That is now the only sailing to Greenland next year other than Voyage of the Vikings, which is over our budget (was planning on Rotterdam, but she is now sold...). Sure hope that happens! Figure if they are not sailing by then the cruise lines are likely all bankrupt and we all will have lost any funds they have - this way we didn't need to put out any additional cash. All the best!
  6. I received a response by e-mail from HAL last night. The response I received read "We do show that the remaining refund in question is still pending processing back to the credit card company. It will be issued back to you as soon as we reach it in our que." However, traveling friends (same cruise, same cancelation) received a different response. That one read "The Future Cruise Deposit of $100 per person is included in the future cruise credit you received." As they are still $200 short, needless to say they are following up yet again. This really shouldn't be that
  7. Hello Silver! I called. Got through with no wait. Long story, we will need to send an e-mail to this address: reservations_submit@hollandamerica.com . These FCD’s seem to be falling through the cracks… I am pasting my e-mail (less personal information). You can then just change the needed info for yourself and send one too. I of course, have not yet received a response to the e-mail... After a long wait some time ago we received FCC’s for our canceled sailing on the (ship name & date). These appear to be correct. Last night, a c
  8. Our refund of taxes, fees, and Flight Ease (return from Amsterdam) from our April 6 canceled cruise finally hit our account last night. Like our traveling friends, we are $200 short ($100/pp) which may be the FCD we originally used to book the cruise - but the FCD's have not been returned for us to reuse. Guess a phone call is in order.
  9. Thanks Jacqui! You know, I get it. CCL, like all the cruise lines, is bleeding money with little/no revenue coming in. But American airlines would have already refunded the air to HAL. That's my money that CCL corp is sitting on (and yes, I am also a shareholder). The port taxes and fees were also refunded (or never paid in the first place). This shouldn't be that difficult and as someone who managed a customer service group for decades this is NOT how to retain a life-long customer. I had two Celebrity cruises canceled and did their "Lift and Shift" to
  10. I agree with jelayne above - don't apply the FCC until you are relatively SURE the sailing is really going to happen. Use it on a cruise late next year to be more certain or just wait and see.
  11. We have considered HAL to be our favorite cruise line for many years. I have to tell everyone my patience with HAL is wearing thin. It may not be "All their fault," but I am still waiting for the refund of taxes, port fees, and return air from Amsterdam for our April 6 cruise that was canceled in Mid March. Mid March to July 4 is getting close to FOUR MONTHS. Received the FCC on May 7. We are booked on the Antarctica sailing over the coming holidays. We went with the "Non-refundable deposit (FCD)" as on our end this cruise was going to happen for us no matter what (Pre-Covid o
  12. Thank you for this information Father! We are booked on the holiday cruise to Antarctica but I strongly suspect that is not going to happen. We've had four cruises canceled so far this year. Going with cruising friends to the Smoky Mountains in September as one "Plan B" but we sure miss the gentle rocking of the ship as we get the best sleep ever on board. All the best and hoping for a solution to this soon!
  13. Well, Princess canceled our Greenland cruise (now hoping to go there on Rotterdam next year) and Celebrity canceled our A-B-C Caribbean cruise, so along with our traveling friends we rented a three master suite "Log Cabin" in the Smoky Mountains for a week. No flying, just driving. Lots of chances to hike, white-water rafting, the ladies can shop, etc. We used to vacation there every year when our sons were young. Still hoping for Antarctica over the holidays...
  14. We are not "Booked" but are hoping to board on 10-24-20 for the b2b to FLL. Thanks to the Inside Cabin for starting this more positive thread... Had three canceled so far as this was to be my first retirement year (postponed that too as we can't travel!). Maybe we are crazy but we and traveling friends are thinking the Caribbean may be the first to open up, so we are hoping for a Celebrity Equinox cruise in September. Then the Volendam Oct-Nov. We are booked (booked in May of 19) for the holiday Antarctica sailing on Westerdam. Sure hope that happens. We
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