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  1. Like you, we have a flight after midnight, two weeks before your trip. We are booked on the "Train to the volcanoes." http://trenecuador.com/en/day-trips/train-of-the-volcanoes/ We saw a you-tube about this trip and it looks fabulous. They have an extra cost coach which is what we booked (still way under $100/pp).
  2. ABSOLUTELY AGREE! We are in the vanished room next to yours!
  3. We don't sail under Nov 23 (Nov 21 in Quito) but today received the "Move up" e-mails. No thanks, we will not be looking to pay more than we already have!
  4. My wife has a number of food allergies, including gluten. None are life-threatening, but all serious enough to cause a good amount of discomfort (at best) for days, so we do notify HAL ahead of time when booking. I really don't know how much good that does. What really helps is I bring a number of copies of her allergy list. Always see the dining room host as soon as we board the ship to go over the list. Always try to get a fixed table (even in open dining). Always give the Pinnacle staff the same list (and we preorder). DW preorders every dinner, and lunch when in the MDR. Our assigned waiter and assist dining room manager always takes great care of her. Often they are working the lido at lunch and will (without our asking) make sure she gets food that meets her needs. The staff is great! Enjoy HAL!
  5. Dave, thank you so much for the reports and photos! We are also considering the April 2021 cruise mentioned above. Maybe we will meet there! Safe trip back home! All the best!
  6. I have had the same thing happen. I now only contact that specific agency when I really think I might do better with them. They have sometimes gotten me "Incredible" airfares that I could not get myself or thru the cruise lines... One time though they did a 'hold' without my asking and when I booked with another agent for a short time I had two bookings on my Mariner account for the same cruise. It took a week or so before the 'hold' one vanished.
  7. We are also sailing with others (Miltonplane88) on Nov. 23. Loved reading recent reports on the Xperience and would certainly take that option if offered. Of course, being part of just 48 on the Xpedition would be rather neat as well, so long as all four of us stay onboard. Not sure about the Xploration; being that small raises some concerns for us (the boat's stability and food choices). We have enough leeway in our travel schedule that switching to Fiora would work. We would need to juggle a "Train to the Volcanos" trip from the day after the cruise to the Friday before.
  8. Hi Jacqui! We have another one to add please: April 6, 2020 Rotterdam 16 days - Azores & Normandy Expedition This cruise ends in Rotterdam so we are sailing the Rotterdam TO Rotterdam. It also ends at the height of Holland's "Tulip season" so we are staying 4 days post-cruise in Leiden to take in Kuekenhof gardens, Amsterdam, and Haarlem all aglow with the best of spring colors! Would love to have you join us! Arie
  9. Our T/A successfully obtained the free gratuities for our Rotterdam cruise next April with no other changes to our booking. That is a big deal on a 16 night trans-Atlantic and we are very happy with this one! Friends are going on the same cruise with the Explore 4 and they also had the free gratuities added with no other changes. We both just booked last week.
  10. I wish there was an 'easy way' to determine if this offer applies to a cruise we are booked on (Rotterdam 4-6-20). I have a message in to our TA but I know they are very busy with their "Labor day sale."
  11. Both the Rotterdam and Veendam spring 2020 T/A's are very similar to sailings Prinsendam has done in the past. We are booked on Rotterdam. Overall I agree with HIMSELF but find Rotterdam also has some very Prinsendam-like sailings.
  12. Welcome back! So happy you had a wonderful trip. Our countdown is on and we are now at 89 days until our departure. Thank you for your reports!
  13. THANK YOU for taking time on your vacation to keep those waiting in the loop. Love those photos too! Been waiting for this trip for well over a year (like many) and as planners we hate not knowing what is going on.
  14. Our 7 day Christmas cruise last year from Tampa became an 8 day cruise as we couldn't get back into the bay due to fog. Not bad for us as we had two days in Tampa planned before flying home. While bobbing around in the Gulf it was a beautiful sunny day and it was a shame our swim suits were packed in our luggage which of course had been taken away the evening before. I agree with others - the Tampa airport is great, almost as close to the port as FLL is to Port Everglades, and the Tampa port terminal is nice and modern. BUT, not real excited about cruising from there again. One would think with modern technology the "Fog" would not need to stop all ship traffic. If you book a Tampa cruise and are flying - make sure to use Choice Air so you are covered for any flight revisions!
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