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  1. Thanks JB! I think it's best to do it the easy way with a private transfer. We'll likely be tired from the long flight and less hassle is welcomed.
  2. Does anyone know if it's easy to take the National Express from LHR to Southampton? Our Virgin Atlantic flight gets in to Terminal 3 at 10:40 a.m. DH has difficulty walking long distances, and we'll be each pulling our luggage. If we take the coach, can we safely make a 1 p.m. departure? What stop in Southampton is closest to the Southampton Harbour Hotel? Thanks to all!
  3. That's one of the reasons why I decided to go with the private tour with 2 other couples. Easier to get 6 people organized than to corral 12+ people! And while I don't expect to see everything, I want to make the most of the opportunity and time in port.
  4. Thank you all for your thoughts! DH and I are going with a private tour. We have another couple that's joining us and are waiting for two more people to complete our small group. This is likely our only chance to visit the D-Day sites as there are many other places on our bucket list. We don't want to have any regrets.
  5. I can't say that it's personally meaningful, but I don't want to get stuck in a very large group where it's difficult to hear the guide and the tour quality is poor.
  6. I'm posting this topic on the main Royal Caribbean page to seek a wider audience. DH and I are cruising on the Anthem of the Seas in late May, calling on Le Havre the day before the annual D-Day observance. The timing is bad, because many independent tour guides to the D-Day sites are fully booked already. The ship offers several shore excursions, but they are probably going to be large in size. The tours are called, "D-Day Landing Beaches", "D-Day Beaches and Bayeux Tapestry". and "The Beaches of Normandy". All are purportedly full day tours. The small group size tour offer
  7. Several of my friends are fans of Delta, but for this trip we have to go with American Airlines instead. The flights and times work for us. I'm waiting to see if our seat selection that I made through A2S will carry over to the reservation on the AA website. So far it hasn't. I hope this is not another bump in the road.' Thanks for your help Meg!
  8. I did a booking with all Delta flights today. Air2Sea was only able to offer Comfort + seats as the Premium Economy option. When I tried to upgrade the seats to Premuim Select with Delta, it indicated the cost would be $1100+ total for the two of us on each leg of the overseas flights. For that amount of money, I might as well pony up a little more and fly business class! I'll have to look at other options and rebook. Disappointing!
  9. Hi Waterbug, Thanks for responding with so much info! I simply have no clue about the differences between booking codes and upgrade strategies. Your advice is golden! I'm looking at Delta 1700 and 32 going to LHR from SMF on May 27, 2020. On the return, it'll be DL 4404 operated by Virgin Atlantic from LHR to LAX, where I'll take Delta 3917 from LAX to SMF on June 6th. I'm not exactly sure if Virgin Atlantic is a travel partner of Delta. It doesn't show as a travel partner when I look it up. I'm a member of Skymiles, though I have only 28,000 points.
  10. I'm strongly considering using Air2Sea for my flights from the west coast to London in the spring for our cruise aboard the Anthem of the Seas. I've never used Air2Sea, but the airfares are less costly than going through the airlines. My flight options with Delta Airlines seem to be the best choice for duration, times, and connecting cities. We would like to fly Premium Economy. Delta Airlines has two categories of better than standard economy (coach) seating: Comfort Plus and Premium Select. Basically, Comfort Plus only provides a little more legroom and pitch than the stand
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