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  1. The spinach/mushroom salad is extra! I also love the shrimp and fennel dish. DH and I go there on many mornings for a breakfast sandwich. What's nice about the IC (for us anyway) is we can have a good meal and not overindulge too much. The buffet has so many choices that we end up overeating.
  2. We received one free upgrade on our first cruise back in 2009. It was (if memory serves) from a balcony midship to a mini-suite aft. DH and I were so green that I didn't figure it out until after the cruise was over. We now mark our cruise as do not upgrade, because we look for a specific area of the ship (mid, as I have seasickness issues otherwise) and don't want to have it messed with. We've also gotten those emails saying we can upgrade to a mini-suite for $100/day. We ignore them. The one time we kicked ourselves was when we had a booked the Diamond for a trip to Asia, which must have been overbooked. We received a call asking us if we would downgrade to an oceanview from a balcony, and if we agreed we would get what we paid as a credit towards another cruise. DH and I said no, then realized how stupid that was right afterwards (but it was too late). If I could turn back time...
  3. I recall a murder mystery on Princess also (different from the Escape Room). The reason I remember (or at least think I remember) was because the poster mentioned JOE KENDA gives you your mission. (Yes, I'm a little obsessed with Homicide Hunter).
  4. sure. Send your address to me at lynndotmcmilleratyahoo.com and I'll mail them to you.
  5. LOL. Maybe you can sew a patch of your old jeans on your new ones for the vow renewal! 😊 If it makes you feel better, I think I could probably get one leg into my wedding dress, but that's about it. Darn detergent keeps shrinking all my clothes.
  6. IMO, above is fantastic advice! I can only add that you should remember to have fun and enjoy yourselves. Ruby is a beautiful ship. I've sailed the itinerary you are going on and it's a great cruise.
  7. sure, would love to! We are Stew and Lynn from Fort Mill, SC. 😊
  8. I want to play this game even more because Joe Kenda is involved!!! Homicide Hunters is on ID Discovery channel and I can listen to him all day.
  9. that was really nice of you! 😀 We are not cruising until December so ours will expire before hand.
  10. I guess I don't remember completely what happened at this point? But I recall that it was super busy getting into the terminal, and somehow we ended up paying more. I stand corrected, without the need for "????" after a sentence. 😉
  11. We went straight from the ship to the airport and took the Princess bus transport. The trip to the airport was pretty easy, but if I remember correctly, we had to do a fair amount of walking to get inside the terminal, which might be difficult with a small child and luggage. We also found the airport to be really confusing, but it was mobbed when we got there, so it might have just been the amount of people.
  12. We have been on both, but sailed more times (and more recently) on the Regal than the Royal. I don't recall much difference between either ship, but (I think) the Royal is older than the Regal, maybe showing a little wear and tear?
  13. So glad everything worked out! 😀 Please forget all about this, get a glass of red and watch a beautiful sunset on your cruise.
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