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  1. This is extremely helpful. I think the overlord tour in Le Havre you mention will be perfect for us. We have discussed staying one or two nights in Paris and then heading over to Le Havre one or two days before the cruise departs. In Paris, we've been told everything is pretty easy to get to via metro (assuming there is no strike), so we might just hit an AirBnB for a few days and get ourselves around that way. Thank you!! 😀
  2. On the Sky, you used your medallion to bring up your digital pictures on a computer. There were no rows of pictures to go through. Hopefully they will launch that fleet wide someday.
  3. I have not seen anything indicating there have been layoffs, especially considering they are building new ships non-stop. Of course I don't want to see anyone get laid off. However, I would not have said what I said if I didn't believe it, but way to take a fun thread and make it into something it didn't need to be.
  4. On my last cruise a man in a wheelchair and his wife were waiting for an elevator and TWO times a bunch of people got in front of him (they all arrived later) and jumped on. I had more than a few cuss words for them but I kept them on the inside. I know not exactly what we are talking about the "elevator rushers" made me think about it. I guess I can do without rude selfish people who think a vacation is an excuse to stop being a human being. Ok. Rant over!! 😀
  5. Happy wife, happy life (just ask DH!!)
  6. Hi everyone! DH and I just booked a cruise leaving Le Havre and sailing the UK. Since we are flying into Charles DeGaulle in Paris (or at least I assume so, I think Orly is only a domestic airport?), we would like to stay one or two nights in Paris to see: Eiffel Tower L'arc de Triomphe Louvre (just the building from outside is ok - we are not huge art people) your recommendation - we love being active and doing stuff - We thought it might be best to hire a tour guide. Can anyone recommend someone for 2 people that is not astronomical? we love to walk and bike ride, but would hate being on a bus for a long period of time. - Also looks like we will be there on the weekend, are these places closed? (haven't looked on line yet) - On traveling to Le Havre, would you recommend taking the train? How easy is it to get to the WWII sites in Normandy from there? (and does anyone know if you can actually walk on the beach in Normandy?) - A good restaurant (we like everything except Mexican and Indian) in Paris? Thanks to all!!!!!! Lynn + Stew 😀
  7. no, they would have a job at the fitness center/photography center/spa handling customers who actually came to them. It's once out of a hundred times I actually see a person talking to them or taking advantage of what they are offering.
  8. also, how about getting rid of making the poor employees stand for hours by the elevators, stairwells, etc. trolling for "free" mini- massages, pictures, tests on how good your feet are, etc? I feel bad for these people, but it also irks me that the up-sell is everywhere.
  9. We just disembarked the Sky after a 12-19 - 1-4 sailing and we were in the MDR. Throughout the cruise, some people (on smart casual nights) were arriving in shorts, jeans, sweatpants, and tshirts and were being admitted
  10. We renewed our vows on the Sky and got two towel animals shaped like swans facing each other (so like a heart). That's the first time we've gotten one and a really nice surprise. I think paper inserts were less on this cruise as well, but still too many. Off topic, but the hijacking half the menu in the main dining room for upcharge items you could order from the Crown Grill was a HUGE turnoff for me. I could live without that.
  11. We bring a small bag of Tide Pods and a ziploc bag of dryer sheets.
  12. Do you mean at lunch time when you first board? If I recall correctly, they have a pretty diverse menu of hot and cold. But its also crazy busy. DH and I have had more fun sitting down at having a bite at the IC instead.
  13. We are super picky about our coffee and bring our own sugar (agave nectar) and half and half on board. It's not a problem.
  14. we always request the biggest table available. Once, we had requested a table of 8 and found out we were at a table for 2, and we asked to be switched! The Maitre'd laughed about it because usually its in reverse. We love sitting with people and hearing about their experiences. Most of the people we met with were lovely. We did have one couple that spoke pretty vehemently about politics (not something I care to discuss on vacation, and especially with table mates on a cruise ship), and eventually figured out that everyone else at the table was on the other side of the aisle. They switched tables afterwards. Oh well.
  15. This is very nice of you. I always like seeing OP's posts where they show kindness and respect for people who are working very hard to make sure you have a good time. Bravo. If I may make a suggestion, instead of thank you cards, fill out the staff appreciation cards that will be available towards the end of the cruise. I've had several cruise employees tell me that in some ways, those cards are just as important (if not more so) than their tips. Regarding cash tips, we do the auto gratuities and usually leave a cash tip for the room steward and our main and assistant waiter at the MDR. For the room steward, we generally tip about $40 US, $15-20 for the main waiter and $5 - 10 for the assistant waiter. There have been times when we have not tipped extra at all for sub-par service. There have also been times where we've tipped other staff because their service was so darn excellent - a super friendly bartender, for example. Regarding bringing cash, I would definitely bring some with you. Even though we generally use our credit card while in port, there are times when having a little cash is good, e.g., tipping at a restaurant in port, or buying something at a cash only (yes they still exist!) location.
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