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  1. Just insert your card as normal and it will print out a receipt and the cashier will then verify your signature with the one on your card. Depends where you are shopping. In shops or touristy places they are used to this, in other places just say it's an overseas card if they say anything. Sometimes the cashier may be surprised or apologise thinking they keyed something in wrong when the receipt starts to print and says "accepted with signature" on the card terminal. Aussies can't use a pin but the machines can still accept signatures...
  2. thanks! so no more 3 drink limit/tickets during elite hour in other bars?
  3. on solstice this month there were three coupons loaded on the card for any bar (apart from dining venues) during the elite cocktail hours or you could go to the sky lounge where they had a small section roped off and the servers didn't ask for the card so it was unlimited technically... (you show the card to get into this roped area).
  4. Correct. If an Australian books via an American travel agent in USD, tips will show up on the daily charges. If they book in AUD with an Aussie based agent, the cruise fare price is a little bit more expensive to include the tips so that it evens out in the end... On Celebrity there is a chart that shows the exact breakdown of where the tip goes down to the cent, and is for the servers, etc on that ship, not shared fleetwide as another poster said Princess does. Not sure about other lines. I always leave the gratuity in place if booking overseas and also give a few more $ at the end to anyone I feel deserves it. Even if it isn't our culture here it seems to be part of general cruise culture.
  5. has anyone been on both lines who have kids? thoughts? thanks!
  6. It also depends where you are, and where you are eating. In a 5 * hotel with a lot of international clientele I would tip the porter personally. In Sydney if eating in a nice restaurant most Sydney-siders do tip about 10%. In a cafe you don't have to tip, but if you had good service or go there a lot you can leave a couple dollars or round up the bill. Minimum wage is very high here so most servers earn a living wage. Cabs you can round up if paying cash if you want but they don't expect it (for instance If they get out and help with bags vs just driving). if you use a credit card they just tap it in a cab. Aussies don't tip in hair salons, nail salons, massage places, porters who call a cab in a hotel, hotel maid etc. Have seen some Americans tip tour guides who do take it with a smile, but the Aussies on the tour don't tip
  7. Just off solstice and there are only books on deck 10 now. the shelves on deck 11 are empty. Also not as many books as previously as so many people read on e-readers and don't leave books on board anymore
  8. there was a limit on the number of kids when we were on golden last October. You had to run up there right when it opened and sign your child up. After a certain number they didn't allow any more in. If you missed out you got priority for the next kids club session, but it was disappointing to miss out when the kids were excited.
  9. I asked onboard last week and they said they don't really have promos for the transpacific and transatlantic crossings. They may offer a tiny discount or a bit of OBC but they never offer the perks as everyone is on the ship for multiple days and will drink they dry... 😉
  10. Do you have to check out towels on Royal? They don't have them around the pool? thanks
  11. I was wondering as well. When it says unlimited internet for 2 does this mean two devices (each person) or is it unlimited wifi with one log in? thanks
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