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  1. Yes, you can use the promo on both cards sine it is offered on both cards. We also have one account, but each of our cards have different numbers. I forget if AE considers that a joint account or if one of us is an "authorized user". But, if AE offers it on both cards, then I feel you should use it on both cards. :) I have doubled up on both HAL/CLIA and Celebrity promotions like this.
  2. I think "it depends". Our most recent card on Koningsdam was not punched, but the previous card on Nieuw Statendam was punched. I assume it was punched by default, as I don't recall ever getting mine punched, as I don't use a lanyard. Both cards are RFID, so the punch has to be done properly. If your card is not punched when you receive it, I think the best bet is to go to the casino host and ask them to punch it. But maybe the front desk can do it, but they often have longer lines on embark day.
  3. I only have experience with Verizon, on my company phone. It works well. It may depend upon your billing plan, but I have learned to turn data roaming off overnight while sailing. Verizon bills me $10 for each county I visit and when sailing overnight I may "visit" an island (and get a $10 daily charge) that we didn't actually stop at. Me, and my company, don't mind paying for the daytime connection, but it is silly to pay for a full day when you are only close enough for an hour of data.
  4. It depends upon the cruise line & ship, but many cruise lines have an app that features on-ship messaging between passengers. Often at no-charge and no need for a ship WiFi plan. Walkie Talkies don't work very well being inside all that metal. And they annoy those around you.
  5. It depends upon which grandstand and how far you are comfortable going. You probably CAN walk, but hard to tell if you SHOULD walk. Google maps will show you the distance and the routes. Last time I was in NOLA, it appeared that taxis were easy enough to get. you can also seek advice in the roll call thread. I assume this mights be yours. We did it last year.
  6. If I recall correctly, downloaded google maps "expire" or need refreshing after some point in time. I found maps.me so much easier to load and unload countries of interest on MY timetable.
  7. https://www.*****/cruise/ship-schedule/ wow, I guess I cannot say vinow dot come here 😞 Jan. 21st – Tuesday Carnival Conquest – 2,984 Passengers WICO (11:00 AM – 7:00 PM) Celebrity Equinox – 2,852 Passengers CB (8:00 AM – 6:00 PM) Indep. of the Seas – 4,370 Passengers CB (10:30 AM – 6:00 PM) WICO is also known as Havensight. It is possible to tender in St Thomas. http://www.wico-ltd.com/cruise-ship-dock/ship-schedule-port-availability
  8. FYI, according to this website, there are no tugs in Cozumel so any ship has to dock on their own, or abort. http://m.puertamaya.com/port-information/port-specifications.aspx based upon Wikipedia, Glory has 2 traditional props. Are there other sources that say Glory has pods or stern thrusters? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carnival_Glory
  9. It might have something to do with the troubled Nieuw Amsterdam and HAL wanting to keep as many options open as possible until the last minute? Possibly moving folks from NA to Zuiderdam?
  10. I suspect you can get the perk by buying OBC on your paid for cruise. There is a WLCL thread in HAL forum
  11. I know we were able to double up (wife & I) on the perk when we used it "properly" as a cruise payment in 2018. I just don't know if the OBC perk would be any different. But as long as the OBC is refundable (if cruise is cancelled or if not used fully) then I don't see that I am taking much risk to try. Our two HAL cruises are already fully paid, so OBC seems to be our only option. I know that we cannot both use this on both HAL cruises as Amex says "limit of 1 statement credit per card member". I now see that Celebrity is offering a similar $150 for $500 perk that expires on 12/31/19. Our Celebrity cruise is not fully paid, so I will likely just make a "proper" payment. There is discussion about if the OBC "workaround" works for Celebrity in their forum.
  12. I have used the Amex perk before, but the timing matched our final payment. I have never purchased OBC before, so I appreciate any advice. Do I just purchase 5 x $100 Shipboard Credits? I assume it all shows up as a single $500 charge to Amex? Does it matter if I purchase the OBC under my name or my wife's name? We share all billing on board. Is this type of OBC refunded if we cancel the cruise? My wife and I each have Amex cards (but one actual account), so I assume we can double up on this. I have already added the perk to each of our cards.
  13. In addition to cruisett, I also use cruisecal. I have found cruisett to be less than 100% accurate for Caribbean ports lately, but what do you expect for free? :) It seems that cruisett doesn't include Aida, P&O & other Euro based lines. You can use the "Itinerary Lookup" section on cruisecal for free. http://www.cruisecal.com/portal/ItineraryLookup/tabid/2918/Default.aspx Cruisett gives the portload as a nice obvious number, but cruisecal will certainly give you an idea of port activity. I use both sites for a "belt AND suspenders" approach. And neither site is particularly good for last minute ship redeployments or itinerary changes. YMMV
  14. As of late 2018, they delivered both our ship-shop, and on-shore, purchased booze to our cabin the night before turn-around day. My understanding is the the ship's passenger liquor locker has to be empty for turn-around day. Yup, the B2B still has a working loophole. :) Yes, my understanding is that the "in-transit" ticket is basically a "skip-the-line" pass, but we didn't get off the ship on our B2B, so I defer to the more experienced. I have seen many "all aboard" times for most cruise lines depending upon where you see it (so inconsistent), so I would ask the front desk during your first segment what the current/local policy is. It might be documented in your turnaround letter, but maybe not.
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