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  1. Where is the link to the fun times? I don't see it. Thanks!
  2. We did this last year too but we set up the room a little differently. Here is my post with pix for comparison
  3. You won't have any issues - just keep it organized and things put away and you won't have any problems at all.
  4. Thank you for the review! We sail on the Breeze in April and I booked a room at this Quality Suites so it was nice to hear that it was clean. Love the pix!
  5. We were on the Ecstasy this past August and ate dinner mostly in the MDR but the last night we ate dinner on Lido buffet and it was fantastic! We plan to eat the buffet more frequently when we go on the Breeze in April.
  6. I just tried too book an ocean cabana for our cruise in April and it appears that Carnival has changed the minimum age for the cabana and the zip line to 14. I booked a cabana there 2 years ago and there was no minimum age then (not sure when it changed). Does anyone know if there is a minimum age now to rent the paddleboards and kayaks at the Amber Cove port? I am probably going to book an excursion outside the port now that I can't get the ocean cabana and my niece can't zip line in port either. She will be 13 & 1/2 when we cruise next year so its a shame we can't stay in port and have fun.
  7. Try this link for the funtimes. The jpg links still work. https://photos.app.goo.gl/1XRK3bi9Utx1aNidA
  8. Let me see if I can figure out why the pics are not showing. Sorry about that.
  9. I use http://www.TripInsuranceStore.com to purchase travel insurance. Not only can you compare rates and plans, if you need to file a claim, they can help with that. When we had to cancel our cruise last year (3 of the 5 of us got the flu), they helped us understand what would be needed to make sure the claim was paid and even reviewed the documentation before we filed. Excellent service! Roz is correct about the medical evacuation. Not all health insurance plans cover it and if they do, they will only get you to the closest domestic city (not all the way home).
  10. I am looking to book the ocean cabana for our Carnival Breeze cruise in April 2019. The description indicates that it includes 2 watersports for 1 hour (kayak, standup paddle or aquaboat). Does that mean 1 hour for each person in the cabana? There will be 5 of us. Just curious if anyone has booked the ocean cabana recently and can answer this for me. Thanks!
  11. Honestly, neither could we at first but we figured for a short 4 day cruise, it was worth a shot to save money. We ended up having no problems at all. Packing and unpacking required coordination and keeping the room organized was essential. But everyone got a drawer in the closet, luggage under the beds, and we kept the pull-down beds down all the time. The only thing that was difficult was there was really nowhere to sit unless it was the trundle bed or you pulled a chair or stool out from under the desk to sit (but then you were in the way if someone needed to walk by). But we were never in the room so really no issues at all.
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