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  1. Hi all, I received the "penalty assessment" refund amount on my credit card statement today. I paid $2,023.20 for the cruise and the refund was $1,276. This was processed by a Carnival rep who called me on 4/2 to make sure I knew my 4/16 cruise was canceled. Since I did not receive a full refund I called Carnival and the rep answered immediately. The representative was rude right out of the gate the second I said the word refund and did not want to even hear my question. She kept talking over me like I was an idiot and trying to tell me I had received a full refund (was still due back ano
  2. Hi all, just looking for some guidance before I attempt to call Carnival. I received a refund posted to my credit card today for a portion of my 4/16 cruise but I cannot determine what the total represents. On 4/2 a Carnival rep called me to make sure I knew my cruise was canceled and to process a refund. I had already submitted the form online too. The amount that is showing on the cancellation letter of 4/2 was reduced for the cancellation fee but the representative told me not to worry about that since I would get the full reimbursement. The cancellation letter does not say how much th
  3. Maybe the longer they wait, the closer they are to the 3/31 quarter end for financials and it helps them "cook the books" a little longer so they don't look so bad to creditors having to give all these refunds back.
  4. LOL! I meant sunlight! What is really funny is that there do not seem to be any cancellations opening up. In fact two of the balcony rooms I was eyeballing are now gone from availability. Doesn't seem like there is a mass exodus for my cruise in mid-April.
  5. So just curious - if you are quarantined in your cabin, and you booked interior, are you stuck in that box for days on end with no light or fresh air?
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